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Winter decoration 2023: With these ideas you can make the living room cozy even after the holidays

Christmas is already over and we have come into a new year again! Have you already put away the Christmas decorations? If not, then you already have a task on the to-do list for the coming days. The question now is, do you really have to take everything down and pack or can you leave a few things for decorating after the holidays? You can find the answer here! We give some great ideas for winter decoration 2023, which will make your living room winter beautiful.

Winter decor for living room 2023: Beautiful ideas with winter charm

Cozy winter decoration 2023 for living room - tray decorating for coffee table

Seasonal decoration is becoming increasingly popular. Decorating the apartment appropriately for each season can positively affect the atmosphere in the interior throughout the year. Just like any other season, winter has its own charms. Nature-inspired color palettes, cozy fabrics and twinkling lights are just a small part of the decorative elements that characterize the cold season.

Although Christmas trees and Santas just don’t fit after the holidays, there are plenty of other decorating ideas you can implement in January and February. Let our ideas inspire you!

Decorate the coffee table in a winter way

Winter table wreath with candles in snowy look

Actually, you can use a lot of the Christmas decorations as winter decorations as well. The trick is to leave out the Christmas motifs and, among other things, the red. The neutral colors, country style and natural materials are just as good for Christmas and for the winter months after. So, if you have Christmas decorations without Christmas characters and red accents, maybe it can stay in January.

Such is the case, for example, with this opulent table wreath for the coffee table, which combines green fir branches in snowy look with white berries, candles and other “frosty” elements.

A minimalist decoration always looks stylish

Living room decoration after Christmas with pine cones wood and dried flowers

You do not need much for living room decoration after Christmas. Even a wooden bowl with cones and a vase with dried branches cotton will make it cozy and beautiful in the living room.

Arrange the decorations in a tray made of rattan.

Minimalist decor for living room in January woven tray with candles and cones

The coffee table is the perfect place for an unobtrusive winter decoration in the living room. Place a tray made of rattan and decorate it with log candles and pine cones to give it a winter flair.

Fabrics and textiles bring warmth and winter coziness in the living room.

Making a living room cozy after Christmas with decorations and fabrics

It may not surprise you, but with cozy blankets, faux fur rugs and fluffy pillows, you can quickly turn the living room into a feel-good place. The special look of these fabrics and textiles invites us to sit down and snuggle up in the warm blankets.

Decorate sofa in winter with fabrics

So, we would recommend that you put away the cozy blankets and sweater pillows only in March.

Winter decorations for living room with fireplace

Living room winter decoration ideas for the fireplace

If your living room has a working or non-functioning fireplace, use it as a focal point. It can make small living rooms even cozier and brings warmth to a larger space.

Living room decoration in front of the fireplace with fabrics and natural elements

Stage the fireplace to make it feel like you’re warming yourself by a roaring fire – even when it’s not in use, it’s more about the emotional element. Rethink the arrangement of your furniture to make the fireplace the focal point. Use a variety of decorative objects to add a wintry touch to the area around and above the fireplace. A few ideas follow.

Tip: You can also arrange candles and lanterns in a non-working fireplace to mimic a crackling fire.

DIY fabric garland for all craft enthusiasts.

DIY winter decoration 2023 after Christmas star garland craft from fabric

Decorate your mantel with a star garland that will make your home shine all winter long. Cut star shapes out of sweater fabric or felt for this homemade garland and glue thick fleece to the backs, cutting as needed. Hot glue the shapes to a piece of yarn and hang. Use fabric in a color that matches your color scheme, avoiding the classic Christmas colors.

For more craft ideas for January decorations, you can also check out this article.

A fragrant basket with natural materials for the area in front of the fireplace

Natural winter decoration for living room - basket with fragrant pine cones

Although decorations and accessories can add a lot to the coziness, it is important to fill the house with seasonal scents as well. A bowl of winter-scented potpourri, such as fir branches or evergreens, or a basket of cinnamon-scented pine cones will instantly fill your home with seasonal cheer. Place the arrangement prominently in front of the fireplace or as a casual winter table arrangement.

Evergreen garlands on the mantel can stay in January

Mantelpiece decoration after the holidays with evergreen garland gold accents and candles

If you decorated your mantel with garlands of natural materials for Christmas this year, they may stay during the other winter months. Evergreen branches immediately freshen up a room and combine wonderfully with white winter decor elements and candles.

Decoration from natural materials for the console table

Beautiful winter decoration after the holidays with candles and green wreath

One of the popular places for decoration in the living room is the console table. It does not have such an important function as the dining table, so it can be decorated as you like. In addition to various winter figurines, natural materials are also a popular choice for console table decorations.

For example, place a few birch log candles in front of a green wreath to create a beautiful ensemble for your winter decor.

Evergreen branches in vases with water as natural materials decoration for console table in living room

Or cut a few sprigs of fir greenery and place them in glass vases with water. The fir will fill your home with a beautiful fragrance and the branches will take root at the same time, so you can plant them directly in the garden in the spring. Don’t forget to change the water weekly.

Rustic living room decor for winter 2023

You can also add a rustic chalkboard to your console table decor to leave various little messages for your family and friends. Home decor is, after all, a very personal thing, among other things.

Lights for winter decoration in the living room after Christmas.

Fairy lights and candles for a cozy living room in winter

Who said that fairy lights only go with Christmas? As long as it’s not about the colorful Christmas lights, the lights may stay for the winter decoration in January and February. They conjure up a cozy atmosphere and come in many different shapes. Combine the fairy lights with a few candles to create a dreamy winter decoration for the living room.