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What to give for a christening as an aunt or godmother – tips & ideas.

Hardly is the euphoria over the newborn over, comes the next wonderful occasion – the baby is baptized . A special day that requires a lot of attention in every respect, especially if you are a close relative or godmother or godfather. A popular gift idea is still the monetary gifts, but as a special person in the life of the child, you probably want to invest a little more effort and attention in the christening gift. So, what do you give for a christening as an aunt, uncle or godparent? We have some tips and ideas for you!

What to give for baptism as an aunt – Is something concrete needed?

What to give for a christening as an aunt or godmother - agree with parents

First of all, you could ask the parents of the child to be baptized if you could need something concrete. In this way, you will make sure that your baptism gift will be used. Perhaps the parents would already be happy about a car seat for the car or still need something important for the baby or nursery. Especially the gift for baptism from the godmother should be something special and useful. Money gifts are not particularly personal, but possibly the parents prefer exactly that. Therefore, it is worth discussing this with them.

Gift ideas for girls and boys from godmothers and aunts

Otherwise, there are some classics that are often chosen as gifts for the baptism of godmother and godfather or aunt and are always well received. Some of them even remain a memory for life. And precisely because they are so popular, you should also coordinate with the other guests and relatives. After all, it would be a pity if the parents receive a certain idea twice. What to give for a christening as an aunt or godmother? We list some ideas:

Christening necklace as a gift from godmother for baptism.

What to give for a baptism as an aunt - baptismal necklace with pendant or other jewelry as a gift

On the top places for christening gifts is without question the christening necklace, which is suitable for both girls and boys. So, if you ask yourself “what to give for a christening as an aunt or godmother?”, this will give you a classic, beautiful and loving idea. There are beautiful pre-made models, which you can additionally provide with a saying, congratulations or dear words in the form of an engraving. Whether with guardian angel, zodiac sign or even a tiny portrait – at a jeweler you can get advice.

What to give for a baptism as aunt and godmother - rosary suitable for the occasion

Or how about a christening ring on a little chain? This is a good idea if the classic christening chain seems too girly and you are looking for christening gifts for boys from godmother or aunt. Also suitable as a christening gift for boy from godmother or aunt is the rosary, for example, made of precious pearls, and suitable for the Christian theme.

What to give for baptism as aunt – engraved children’s cutlery

What to give for baptism as an aunt - engraved children's cutlery

If the child to be baptized is still a baby, this idea seems a bit premature. In truth, however, this gift idea is extremely popular and after all, the cutlery will be used regularly from a certain point on. With an additional engraving, the christening gift from godmother or aunt only becomes something very special and can one day even be used by the next generation. Truly a gift for life! Suitable is such a christening gift for girls of godmother, but of course also for boys. Children’s tableware is also ideally suited.

Future-oriented value gifts

Christening gifts for girls from godmother of for boys - savings book, pension insurance or piggy bank

Most parents and grandparents open a savings account for their children in the first months of life and regularly deposit certain sums of money in it, which you can then use later on as an adult – be it for exotic vacations, the first car, for furnishing your first own apartment or even for your own property. As a godmother or aunt, why not use this idea? If it seems too impersonal, you can combine the savings book with another little something. If you think about it this way, it sounds like an appropriate idea if you are still wondering “what to give for a christening as an aunt or godmother”, doesn’t it?

Future-oriented baptism gifts such as savings books with a cuddly toy give away

The savings book should, of course, already contain a certain down payment. In the future, you can then either regularly deposit small sums in the form of a standing order or do so on other occasions such as a birthday, enrollment in school, consecration of youth or graduation. A similar idea that is a popular choice these days is a private pension insurance. This is another way to do something good for the baby for later life. You could give this type of christening gift from a godmother or aunt, for example, along with a nice stuffed animal.

What to give for a christening as an aunt – More ideas:

Planting apple tree as gifts from godmother for baptism with religious background

  • a special tooth box for the milk teeth
  • diaries for the first years as an idea for christening gifts as a godmother
  • a beautiful yardstick – specially made of wood, metal or other noble material
  • plant an apple tree (if the parents or grandparents have a garden and space available); you may also take souvenir photos of the planting; you may decorate the tree with small gifts
  • Baptismal cross with baptismal motto (please discuss the motto with the pastor or minister in good time)
  • Children’s prayer cube
  • Children’s bible
  • baptismal album, which you can create with the photographer or with the parents
  • embroidered pillow, which you are welcome to embroider yourself
  • pretty money box with name, baptism date, etc.

What should be the value of the gift for the baptism of the godmother or aunt?

How much should cost the christening gift, respectively, what value should have the gift of money

Of course, the value is not the most important and rather secondary. But as a close relative, you want to spend a little more than you would as a normal guest. And if a monetary gift is expressly desired by the parents, the question naturally arises: how much money do you give for a christening as an aunt or godmother? By and large, close relatives give gifts with a value of around 100 euros. Of course, you can also combine your christening gift as godmother with a gift of money.

We hope we were able to answer your question “what do you give for a christening as an aunt or what do you give as a godmother for a christening” with our ideas and wish you a wonderful christening!