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What gift for the first day of school for girls? These are the best ideas!

The first day of school is considered the beginning of an exciting time for every child. Both the little one and his parents are looking forward to what is coming and often share this day with friends and relatives. Whether there is a big celebration, or the enrollment is celebrated in the closest circle at home, gifts simply can not be missing. You are currently looking for a suitable gift for the first day of school for girls? Take a look at our article where we have listed the best ideas.

The feelings before starting school are not the same for all children. While some children look forward to it hugely, there are also those who are rather uncertain about it. A great gift for starting school can help make the start of school even more exciting for the child.

What can you give a girl for her first day at school?

What gifts are suitable for girls on the first day of school

For your little girl, the first day of school is soon on the calendar? Then perhaps grandparents, godparents and friends ask what kind of gift they can present. Often, parents themselves also think about what gift would bring joy to their child. Among the most popular gifts for starting school, suitable for both girls and boys, are the school utensils necessary for the start of school. Other meaningful gifts like books and educational toys also come on top of the list. For girls, jewelry is also suitable, such as a beautiful bracelet that marks the new stage of life. Of course, the gift should not be without a suitable card, in which you can write a nice saying.

Who gives the school cone?

Who gives the school bag for school enrollment

On the very first day of school, as well as at enrollment in high school or secondary school, every child receives a school cone as a gift. In the past, the godparents gave the school cone, but today this is more likely to be done by the parents or grandparents. Other guests at the school enrollment party can also bring a smaller bag to complement the gift.

The best gifts for school enrollment for girls

Best ideas for school enrollment gift for girls

You are just thinking about what to give the child for the start of school? Here is an overview of the best gift ideas. Most of the ideas are meaningful gifts for starting school, which will make the start of school even more exciting. Let yourself be inspired and make the newcomer to school happy!

Useful tip: If grandparents, godparents or friends want to present useful gifts for starting school, they should first ask the parents what school utensils the child already has and what he still needs. In this way, incorrect purchases can be avoided.

1. the school satchel for the first grader

Idea for gift for enrollment in high school for girls from parents or grandparents school satchel

If you are just looking for meaningful gifts for the first day of school, you can not go wrong with school utensils. The school bag is the first and perhaps the most important item that a first-year school girl would need. However, the child usually gets it as a gift from parents. Before godparents or grandparents buy a school bag, they need to discuss this with the parents.

2. a cute alarm clock as a gift for the first day of school

Enrollment gift for girls alarm clock with motif

You have to get up early for school. Therefore, an alarm clock is a practical gift for school enrollment that is also thematic. Although parents are responsible for getting up first thing in the morning, having an alarm clock on the bedside table will make the child feel even more grown up. In this, you can choose a cute design that fits well with the children’s room decor.

3. wall clock as a gift for school enrollment for girls.

Wall clock as a gift for school enrollment learn to read clock

Many children learn to read the clock only in school. Therefore, a beautiful wall clock for children’s room can be the perfect gift. For girls, the clock can be classic pink with popular motifs such as unicorns and princesses. But neutral colors and motifs that match the decor of the children’s room are also ideal.

4. furnishings for the desk

Meaningful gifts for school enrollment desk furniture and accessories

If you want to present a really useful gift, just ask the parents of the first grader what else she needs for her desk. Be it the desk itself, a comfortable children’s swivel chair or a matching desk lamp, these gifts will serve the child well for several years to come.

5. personalized lunch box

Back to school gift for girls personalized lunch box

The gift for starting school for girls does not necessarily have to be something big. Personalized gifts are always well received here and are also super for school. In this way, the child can not mix up his items. The personalized lunch box is a great way for the girl to always remember you when lunch time comes. Such a gift will surely come in handy.

6. pencil case for girls

Personalized gifts for first grader pencil case for girls

Just like the lunch box, you can also personalize a pencil case. But even a colorful pencil case that is not personalized can be a great gift. Just make sure that children are often given this accessory as a gift in a complete school bag set.

7. kids umbrella with girly design.

School enrollment gift for girls grandchild umbrella

For example, how about a colorful children’s umbrella? This one will surely come in handy during rainy days in autumn and winter. Choose a cute motif for girls, but also customize it according to the child’s preferences.

8. books for first readers

Book as a gift for school enrollment for girls godchild

For ABC shooters, books make wonderful gifts for starting school. Many of the first graders are just getting acquainted with reading at school and can use these books to practice what they have learned at home. For this, rather rely on funny stories that arouse the interest of the little ones.

9. great gift for the first day of school: children’s globe with lighting

Children's globe as a meaningful gift for starting school

Every child should have a globe. In this way, it can playfully discover the continents and countries. Today there are so many different models that make the globe even more interesting for the little ones. An illuminated globe, for example, is not only an educational tool for school, but also a beautiful decorative element in the children’s room. In addition to countries, seas and oceans, the illuminated globe also shows and names different constellations when you turn on the lights.

10. chalkboard with accessories

Chalkboard for first grader gift idea

The chalkboard in the nursery is loved by children of all ages. While toddlers and kindergarten children draw colorful pictures on it, school children can use it for learning and practicing. If the child’s parents do not allow chalk dust at home, you can simply present a whiteboard with pens as a gift for school enrollment.

11. for fun after school: give inline skates as a gift.

Great gift ideas for school enrollment for girls inline skates

The fact that a child starts school does not mean that he can no longer have fun. With a gift for enrollment that is intended for leisure, you will certainly make the newcomer to school happy. For example, opt for inline skates or classic roller skates, then the fun afternoons with lots of exercise in the fresh air are guaranteed.

Gift for enrollment in secondary school for girls.

School enrollment girl in the 5th grade high school

If you are looking for a suitable gift for enrollment in high school, in addition to the ideas already mentioned, there are a few more options. For retraining to the 5th grade, the gift does not have to be big at all. Even small school supplies or something personal can bring joy to the fifth grader.

12. useful things for school

Gift for enrollment in elementary school student calendar

For school, children need many things. However, girls are really excited about beautiful notebooks, stickers and pencil cases. You can make a gift box with school supplies and fill it with useful things. There are no limits to what you can do. For example, how about a colorful school calendar? On it, the girl can note down everything important about school. Pencils or fountain pens with name engraving can make the useful gift for retraining more personal.

13. beautiful wristwatch

Gift for girls for starting school in high school wrist watch smartwatch

The wristwatch is a great idea for a gift for the first day of school for girls. Unlike the wall clock, the wristwatch is more personal and is always worn on the wrist. An analog watch is a classic, but at this age kids are more excited about a smartwatch.

14. personalized jewelry

Gift for girls retraining 5 class necklace with engraving

A great gift from grandma and grandpa or from the godparents is the personalized necklace or bracelet. An engraving can refer to the new stage of life or simply include the name of the child. About such a gift is sure to please any young lady.

15. cool cell phone case

Colorful cell phone case as gift for girls enrollment in high school

Children simply love colorful cell phone cases. And change them as often as they like. If you want to present a little something for starting school in the 5th grade, just ask the parents about the brand and model of the phone and surprise the girl with a cell phone case with a great design.

16. friendship book as a gift for school enrollment.

Cute gift for girls enrollment in 5th grade friendship book

A new school usually means new friendships. The friendship book offers itself thereby as a sweet gift idea for girls after elementary school. This book full of memories will bring a smile to your face even years after graduation.

Do it yourself gift for school enrollment for girls

Back to school gifts DIY pen holder

Although gifts for school enrollment are usually about new things, you can also make a nice gift yourself with a little crafting skill. There are countless ideas for this. From colorful pencil boxes to simple bookmarks to a calculator chain. These gifts may be small, but they are unique and come from the heart. A few DIY ideas follow.

17. DIY pen holder

Back to school gift for girls craft pencil holder so paper rolls

To DIY a pencil holder for your desk, there are plenty of options. You can use empty cardboard rolls, old cans, milk cartons, canning jars or clay pots for this. Decorate them with paper, glitter, stones, washi tape or whatever you like and the homemade gift is ready.

18. make bookmarks as a gift for school enrollment.

Gifts for girls to start high school make your own bookmarks

School children are just getting acquainted with reading. Along with a book that fits the age of the child, you can also give a homemade bookmark. In this article you will find a few ideas as inspiration that you can easily recreate yourself.

Of course, these are not the only options for a homemade gift. Let your creativity run wild and craft something great for the first day of school.