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Wedding trends 2023: Sustainability, comfort and fantasy are the new accents for wedding celebrations

Of all the things to plan, weddings are by far one of the most elaborate, celebratory, and Pinterest-inspired events that will be remembered for years to come. Wedding trends come and go, but there are a few solid details that won’t change anytime soon: a white (or cream) dress, a good suit, lots of dancing, and lots of photos. But to find out which wedding trends to look out for in 2023, check out this article.

Color trends for weddings 2023

More than ever, brides and grooms are creating unique color combinations to bring their wedding day to life

Creating a wedding color palette is part of preparing for your wedding day. More than ever, brides and grooms are creating unique color combinations to bring their wedding day to life.

Pink color palette for a romantic ceremony

Pink is often associated with romance, making it perfect for weddings

Pink is often associated with romance, making it perfect for weddings. It is one of those wedding colors that most brides love. If you are looking for something bright and cheerful for your big day, pink is a great choice. You can also incorporate this color into the cake, dresses or venue decorations.

Styling tips: You can decorate your cake, dress or shoes with pink sequins or glitter. Or add a touch of pink to your bouquet or corsage.

Wedding trends 2023 – Dark color scheme is on the rise

Wedding trends 2023 - Dark color palettes are on the rise

Once known only as a moody color palette for weddings, dark colors are taking over Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds everywhere. These color themes are on the rise, not because couples want to shade their big day, but because they are rich and complex. This makes them the perfect look for couples who want to plan a fall and winter wedding without sticking to traditional hues.

Blue gives off an airy feel

Blue is one of the preferred wedding colors and always looks great

Whether you’re going for something formal or casual, blue is one of the preferred wedding colors and always looks great. Blue gives off an airy feel that is perfect for summer weddings, but is also a great choice for winter weddings.

Styling Tips: You can make your venue pop with blue by accenting the walls with shades of coral or turquoise. Then decorate with cool weather flowers (such as hydrangeas) or lanterns.

Wedding trends 2023 – dresses for brides and bridesmaids

Wedding trends 2023 - Sustainability, flexibility & creativity are the new accents in wedding celebrations

If you are a traditionalist, then you probably dream of being dressed in white on your big day. The traditional dress is expected to take on a new look in 2023. Plain styles are taking a back seat in favor of textured details (think feathers, fringe, bows and 3D appliqués) and bold silhouettes like ball gowns and long trains are hitting the runways. Colorful and printed dresses are also on the rise as brides opt for a truly unique look.

Wedding trends 2023 - Embellished veils are very fashionable

Oh, and if you think the fashion statement ends with the wedding dress, you’re wrong. Accessories are also a feature: ornate veils, wedding capes and bridal gloves take ensembles to a whole new level.

Mismatched styles, whether color or silhouette, are trending for bridesmaid dresses

Wedding Trends 2023 – The Bridesmaid Dresses: Although bridesmaid dresses are a personal preference (and also what looks good with your partner’s bridal party), there are some trends worth keeping on your radar. Focus on neutral colors (champagne, ivory, white) as well as luxurious fabrics like satin, silk and velvet. Mismatched styles – whether color or silhouette – continue to be on trend for bridesmaid dresses.

Of all the features, wearability is a must, with a trend towards simple silhouettes that can be worn again.

Fashion for the groom and groomsmen

Traditional tuxedos are becoming more popular for grooms and groomsmen

Gentlemen show up – and dress to impress. Traditional tuxedos or eye-catching jackets (such as those in velvet and jacquard fabrics and jewel tones) are becoming more popular. More traditional feminine details such as lapel pins, beaded jewelry and ruffled shirts are on the rise.

Suits in shades of blue and green are very fashionable for a groom in 2023

For those opting for a more casual ensemble, suits in all shades of blue and green are in.

Wedding trends 2023 – brides and grooms choose sustainability

Wedding trends 2023 - bridal couples choose sustainability and vegetarian dishes

Sustainable wedding trends are becoming increasingly popular, and you should consider them when planning your big day. These sustainable trends are eco-friendly practices, and there are many ways to incorporate sustainability into your wedding.

Opt for invitations made from recycled paper or cardboard. They are more environmentally friendly and cost less. If you’re hosting an outdoor ceremony or reception, make sure no plastic cups or disposable plates are used during the event.

Regardless of dietary restrictions, more and more couples are requesting vegan and vegetarian dishes for their wedding. Couples are also hiring private chefs to personalize their tasting menus for a memorable and intimate experience.

Gender-neutral salutations and playful design in invitations.

Gender neutral salutation and playful design for wedding invitations in 2023

One thing we know for sure is that invitations will always have a place at weddings. With witty wording and playful designs, wedding invitations will be saturated with elements from different cultures and bright colors. In addition, couples will use gender-neutral salutations in wedding invitations.

Tendencies in wedding photography – between tradition and progress.

Wedding photography trends - between tradition and progress

A wedding celebration usually lasts only a few hours, but your photos will last a lifetime. Social media has brought us flash photography. This type of photo shoot allows couples to show their personalities, especially when the flash captures a spontaneous reaction. Film photography will also continue to exist. This form of shooting is classic and has stood the test of time, making it a great choice for weddings.

How to have a sustainable wedding – tips for an ecological low waste celebration can be found here !