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Wedding trends 2022: Sustainability, pearls and street style conjure up an unforgettable day

What are the wedding trends in 2022? In this article, we take a look at them, divided into categories so we can cover everything from fashion to food to the new way couples are using social media in wedding ceremonies.

Wedding trends 2022 in clothing & accessories

Pandemic passed - do something bold at your wedding

Wedding dress with puff sleeves and corset

Wedding dress with puff sleeves and corset is trendy in 2022

Blame Bridgerton for this trend – wedding dresses with puffed sleeves and corsets are very hot for 2022. The show may have started the trend, but dress designers and brides are taking it to a whole new level by giving it a little 80s flair. Pandemic has left us thirsting for something big and bold when it comes to style. And after holding out for so long, puffy sleeves are just what we need: a whimsical element.

Street style meets wedding sneakers

The combination of street style and wedding attire is a trend 2022

What happens when sneakerheads get married? The combination of street style and wedding attire is a trend that’s just damn cool. Plus, it has the added benefit of being comfortable on the day of the wedding.

Pearls are ubiquitous in weddings in 2022

Pearls are ubiquitous at weddings in 2022

With their radiant luster and endless possibilities, pearls are in in 2022. At weddings, pearls are everywhere – and not just in accessories. Think wedding cakes, decorations, capes and veils, dresses, shoes and even manicures. When it comes to jewelry, pearl rings would be great.

Wedding trends 2022 - pearls conjure up an unforgettable day

Wedding trends 2022: sustainability will become even more affordable

Wedding trends 2022 - Sustainability becomes even more affordable

Sustainable weddings are becoming more affordable for everyone. We’re not just talking about biodegradable tableware anymore, but also wedding dresses and engagement rings. It’s easier for everyone to make sustainable choices – good news for nature.

Bridal Trends 2022 in Emerald Green

Emerald green dresses are a chic, trendy choice for brides

Life, health, renewal and energy – the color green is a symbol of all this. It creates a sense of grounding and is associated with the simplicity of nature. It’s no wonder that this color is becoming more and more common in 2022!

As for weddings, green bridesmaid dresses will be very popular in spring and fall, and the popularity of emerald green engagement rings will continue to grow. When it comes to bridal gowns, emerald green dresses are a chic, trendy choice for brides.

Stacked rings are all the rage

Stacked wedding rings are in trend

Stacked rings are all the rage: expect stacked rings to gain popularity this year! Aside from the unique, one-of-a-kind look, stacked rings can also have more meaning. Each ring can represent a moment or a person as your life together changes and your family grows. And here’s another trend: stackable rings made of mixed metals are totally in!

Return to tradition in wedding invitations

Return to tradition in wedding invitations in 2022

This year, simple elements are taking center stage in wedding invitations. Black and white will return in all their classic glory, and sleek lines and a more traditional design will reign supreme – even for non-traditional celebrations.

Wedding trends 2022: colors of the floral palette.

Wedding trends 2022 - colors of the floral palette

More and more couples are opting for the timeless neutral color palette, but accent it with an additional accent in a bold hue. For example, warm terracotta tones or soft, earthy greens and whites with a bright red or other contrasting accent. And how do you know you’ve chosen just the right amount of light tones? Use the 60/30/10 rule: 60% neutral tones, 30% dazzling tones, and 10% bright colors.

Grandma – the alternative flower girl

Grandma - the alternative flower girl at the wedding ceremony

A fun wedding ceremony trend: grandma still knows how to do it! You can’t help but smile when grandma throws petals down the aisle.

Wedding styles in 2022 for food and drinks.

Wedding styles 2022 in food and drinks

Wedding trends for 2022 pass the small plates: What’s new in wedding food in 2022? More and more couples are opting for progressive dining, where EVERYTHING is served on a small plate – from appetizers to main courses to dessert. This style of dining allows you to create specific spaces with different and interesting seating. Low tables with stools, nostalgic bistros, you name it!

Mingle with your long lost college friends at appetizers, family at meals, and new friends at dessert! The food will find you.

Decorated wedding cakes are big in fashion

Ornate cakes are all the rage: Marie Antoinette styles are ubiquitous on Instagram for small celebrations and are becoming increasingly popular at weddings, too. Lots of color, lots of ultra-modern flair, and lots of frosting!

Wedding trends 2022 on social media

Wedding trends 2022 on social media

TikToks + Reels of viral moments: Social media will continue to change the way people share wedding ceremonies. This year, there will be super-fast glimpses of the wedding day in the form of TikTok and Instagram images. Photographers and videographers can bring in assistants or “social shooters” to capture content that can be edited and shared before the end of the day. If social media and sharing are important to you, talk to your planner for ideas.

Create unexpected moments for wedding guests

Unexpected moments for guests: couples want to provide intimate and hospitable moments with welcome greetings, carefully selected gifts or surprise appearances . The goal is for guests to leave feeling cared for and appreciated, and to enjoy those memories for a lifetime. Couples want their family and friends to experience the wedding in a way that promotes their presence in their lives together.