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Wedding 2022: These original favors will please your family and friends!

You don’t necessarily have to have guest favors for your wedding. If the budget doesn’t allow it or you just don’t want to put more thought into it, don’t stress. However, if you want to make a small gesture of thanks to your family and friends who have traveled from near and far to celebrate you, a guest gift is a great way to do just that. You can choose something that reflects you as a couple, or a fun item related to your wedding destination or decor. Here are plenty of ideas for your 2022 wedding – these are the most original guest favors!

What guest gifts are original for a wedding?

What guest favors are original for your wedding 2022?

There are many reasons why couples give host gifts – for example, they provide a tangible reminder of your celebration. You can look for guest gift ideas to choose the right surprises for your guests.

  1. Seeded guest favors
  2. The perfect coffee blend
  3. Mini sparkling wine bottles for their wedding 2022
  4. Original guest favors: tea test tubes
  5. Honey jars for your guests
  6. Creative guest favors – lottery tickets or scratch cards
  7. Luggage tags for a destination wedding
  8. Caricatures
  9. Wedding candle in a jar
  10. Useful bottle openers
  11. Magnets

Custom seed guest favors as a good idea for your 2022 wedding

Individual seed guest favors as a good idea for your wedding 2022

Do you love gardening and flowers? Send your guests home with these custom seed packets that they can use to grow flowers at home, complete with cute sayings and packaging. If you want to spice things up, you can add a mini pot to each packet.

Wedding hostess gift idea – perfect coffee mix.

Favors - Wedding 2022 - the perfect blend of coffee

You can put a few scoops of your favorite coffee beans in these personalized coffee bags. They are great to give away on the night of the wedding, but can also be placed in a hotel welcome bag. The bags make an original hostess gift that isn’t that expensive at all.

Mini sparkling wine bottles for your wedding 2022

Mini sparkling wine bottles for your wedding 2022

Are you planning a glamorous wedding ? Here are the perfect fancy guest favors for your guests: miniature bottles of sparkling wine. Save time by ordering online, or head to your local liquor store and stock up. Pair your mini champagne bottles with personalized labels to add a luxurious touch to your party favors.

Beautiful guest gift ideas: tea test tubes.

Original guest gifts - tea test tubes

Regardless of how you feel about the rivalry between coffee and tea drinkers, this take-home tea vial is a creative hostess gift that can double as decor – just imagine how pretty it would look on a guest’s kitchen table. Choose one type of tea for each guest or mix it up by asking for an equal amount of each type. If you want your wedding to be inspired by the Pantone color of 2022, mauve tea is a good tip.

Sweet honey jars for your guests – wedding 2022

Sweet honey jars as guest favors for wedding 2022

Among rustic ideas for hostess gifts, honey from the region is a top contender. Make it extra special with lavender or mint. Use adorable mini jars and add a clever label. On the other side of the label, you can add a recipe with honey. Include a wooden honey spoon to top it off.

Creative hostess gift – lottery tickets or scratch cards.

Gifts for your guests - lottery tickets

This fun idea for a guest gift is not only clever, but affordable. Give each guest a few scratch-off lottery tickets in a bag with sayings like “We wish you riches,” “Richer or poorer,” “Lucky in love,” or “We’ll hit the jackpot.” Who knows, maybe someone will find what they’re looking for. In any case, it’s a fun and lighthearted way to end the wedding festivities without breaking the bank.

The best gifts for guests: luggage tags for a destination wedding.

Luggage tags for a destination wedding - guest gifts ideas wedding 2022

If you’re hosting a destination wedding, luggage tags are a great gift idea. Choose a design that is reminiscent of your wedding location, or opt for tags that coordinate with your color scheme. Luggage tags can be included with invitations for guests to use while traveling to your wedding, or they can serve as escort cards.

Original guest favors for your wedding: caricatures.

Original guest gifts for your wedding - caricatures

Many guests have been to fairs or amusement parks and seen caricaturists, but they probably haven’t stopped to have a caricature done themselves – so why not a custom portrait? Ask an artist at your wedding to draw the guests’ portraits during the wedding. This whimsical option promises to be fun and unique.

Wedding candle in a beautiful glass

Wedding candle in beautiful glass - guest favors

We’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love a good candle, which makes it another perfect and unusual gift idea. This candle is housed in a jar and is a pretty accessory for a rustic celebration, for example. Customize the sticker with your initials and the date or hashtag of your wedding and you’re good to go.

Wedding 2022 ideas: useful bottle openers as a guest gift.

Wedding 2022 ideas - useful bottle openers

Want your guests to remember your wedding even after the day is over? Give them personalized keychains that double as bottle openers or just bottle openers. Most people don’t even know they need this tool until they have it on hand. And thanks to personalization, these practical gifts will always remind your loved ones of you.

Original hostess gifts: magnet

Original gifts for guests - Magnet

If you are celebrating a wedding by the sea or in the mountains, why not incorporate the theme in your guest gifts? The charming magnets will remind your guests of your special day when they go to the fridge for a snack.