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The bachelor party – mega rush to Corona to expect

Due to the Corona pandemic and the accompanying contact restrictions, most engaged couples decided to postpone their weddings. As a result, there have also been no more bachelor parties, which are normally held in larger groups. However, due to the promising developments in recent weeks, the further course looks very positive. That is why we can expect a high rush in this area soon.

Stag party celebrations in connection with the Corona pandemic

How to celebrate bachelor party to Corona

In the meantime, both vaccinated and recovered persons are exempt from the previously valid contact restrictions. In addition, incidence numbers are steadily declining and showing a hopeful downward trend. Therefore, many couples are reviving their wedding plans and would like to hold a bachelor party each before the wedding ceremony. In most cities, such group gatherings are possible in the foreseeable future if appropriate protective measures are taken. In this regard, already vaccinated or recovered guests can directly participate in the festivities, while the others must present a negative test. Since travel restrictions have also been partially lifted, the bachelor party can take place in a European metropolis or popular vacation destination, for example. These can be the following destinations, among others:

  • Prague
  • Budapest
  • Paris
  • Mallorca
  • Ibiza

Thanks to the exceptional locations, the bachelor party is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

Plan and organize a bachelor party

Bachelorette party decorations with balloons outdoors

In order for everything to go off without a hitch at the bachelor party despite Corona, comprehensive planning and thorough organization are of great importance. If a trip is planned, the organizers must take care of the arrival and departure, including the necessary tests, as well as accommodation. In addition, the desired program with the various events must be booked. Widely used is a tour of various bars and clubs in the city, which is preceded by a dinner together.

Bachelorette party celebrate on boat

Furthermore, there are river tours on party boats in the offer, to start already there with the festivities and the meal. Afterwards, the boat will take the company to the selected locations. Alternatively, the movement with a funny beer bike or an elegant limousine is conceivable. The available budget plays a decisive role in the selection. Usually, this amount is divided by the participants and the bride or groom is invited to the bachelor party.

The equipment for the bachelor party

Bachelor party celebrate to Corona ideas

In the meantime, it has become common practice that the participants in the bachelor party wear the same outfit. Very classic are colorful T-shirts, which are printed with cool or cheeky sayings. However, both the groom and the bride wear a wedding garment, which serves as a salient feature. For the bride, this can be a veil and white lace dress, while the groom wears a top hat with bow tie.


Bachelor party to Corona allowed again

As restrictions on Corona continue to loosen, numerous couples are looking to finally get married. In the run-up, the bachelor parties are quite traditionally on the agenda to say goodbye to single life with a high fun factor as well as with the closest friends.

Ideas for bachelorette party to Corona