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Prosecco or Champagne Wall: a wedding trend that you will surely love

At many festive events, and especially at weddings, it is clear that there is no better welcome for guests than a glass of champagne. If the classic champagne reception is too old-fashioned for you, we have another idea for you that has become quite popular in recent years. The so-called Champagne Wall is a great wedding trend that will surely amaze your guests. Read more about it in the article!

What is a champagne wall?

Flower decoration for Champagne Wall for wedding

Waiters offering champagne glasses to guests and tables with covers were yesterday. The new trend for champagne reception is called Champagne Wall! It serves as a symbol of the festive occasion and also emphasizes hospitality. And what’s even better – this wall is a real eye-catcher at any wedding!

Champagne Wall for wedding inside

In principle, the Champagne Wall is a vertical construction, suitably decorated and equipped with holders for champagne glasses. For example, it can be made of wood, acrylic or metal and can be dressed up in any way. Especially popular are green walls made of artificial boxwood or grass, which are staged with floral decorations, lettering or playful lighting. Guests can serve themselves there if they feel like something sparkling.

Ideas for wedding champagne wall

But the Champagne or Prosecco Wall is not just a great way to serve guests a glass of bubbly. It’s a visual highlight both inside and out, is perfect as a backdrop for wedding photos, and provides conversation starters. In addition, there is a lot of scope for individual design in the process.

Use a prosecco wall as an usher

Wedding trends champagne reception champagne wall design

If you’re smart and don’t want instructing signs and tables all over the wedding venue, you can also use the Champagne Wall as a seating chart. There are several variations for this. For example, you can put the special tables with the table order on the wall, so that each guest can find his place while serving himself with a glass of prosecco or champagne.

Champagne Wall champagne with fruit gums and plartz cards

Alternatively, you can put a small label on each glass with the name and table number. This way, conversation between guests is also guaranteed while they search for the right glass together.

Is the Champagne Wall only suitable for weddings?

Decoration for 30th birthday balloons and wall with champagne glasses

Whether it’s a wedding, bachelor party, christening, birthday or anniversary, any party can benefit from a wall of appropriately sized champagne glasses. This can be wonderfully integrated into the party decor and combined with other elements. Together with a Donut Wall, for example, the champagne glasses come out even better.

Mini champagne wall for the house party

Mini Champagne Wall for parties at home design

Since we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, big parties are out of the question almost everywhere right now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your birthday with your best friends at home or in the garden when the weather is nice. And in this case, a champagne or prosecco wall in small format will certainly attract all eyes.

Can you build such a wall yourself?

green wall with champagne glasses as guest reception for wedding

Skilled craftsmen can build a Prosecco Wall themselves without much effort. However, depending on how big the wall should be and what kind of decoration is planned, this can usually take a lot of time. Therefore, it would be easier to rent a Champagne Wall. Just ask your wedding planner if they offer such a decoration or look for it at other wedding supply stores.

DIY Champagne Wall made from wooden pallets

If you still want to try building the wall yourself, then you can consider, for example, this idea made of pallets. It is not so complicated to recreate, looks super elegant and is wonderful for a rustic wedding .

Tips and design ideas for the Champagne Wall

Champagne Wall on boxwood background decorated with roses

Do you like the idea of a Champagne or Prosecco Wall for your next event? Then take a look at the following ideas to get inspired for decorating the wall. And don’t forget that there are no limits to your imagination. If you have a custom idea for your wedding, share it with your wedding planner. He or she will surely do everything possible to make it a reality.

Classic green champagne walls with place cards on each glass.

Champagne Wall at the wedding is stylish and elegant

Medium Champagne and Prosecco Wall decorated with balloon arches

Champagne and Prosecco Wall with balloon arch

White Champagne Wall decorated with flowering branches and petals

Champagne or Prosecco Wall decorated with flower petals

Pampas grass for a boho chic look wall

Champagne Wall for wedding decorated with pampas grass

So guests can mix your sparkling wine with berries and lemon slices

champagne reception champagne wall idea with fresh fruit

Dark blue wall with the names of the bride and groom and acrylic holders for the glasses

idea for champagne reception for wedding champagne wall

Wooden prosecco wall next to small donut bar

small prosecco wall is the highlight of every party

Mr & Mrs lettering for the champagne wall

Mr and Mrs Champagne Wall made of artificial boxwood

With a neon lettering the wall immediately becomes an eye-catcher

Neon lettering and champagne glasses for champagne reception

White Prosecco Wall as a stylish party decoration

white prosecco wall for parties and special occasions

Small acrylic stand for champagne glasses decorated with flower deco

Acrylic stand for champagne glasses great addition to wedding decorations