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Outfits 2022: With the helpful dress code tips you dress for the summer wedding very elegant as a guest!

2022 is the year of the wedding boom. Of course, a majority of these weddings will take place in the summer, as our findings also show that 80% of all weddings are held between May and October. So if you’re wondering what to wear to a summer wedding, we’re here to help. As your go-to resource for all things wedding guest attire, we’ve created this ultimate guide that breaks down what to wear to a summer wedding as a guest. Find out about the season’s best styles, fabrics, and models, and get tips on how to be the best-dressed wedding guest.

Outfit for summer wedding 2022 according to dress code

Wedding trends 2022 - trendy dresses for the guests

Fortunately, the choice of summer outfits that are very stylish for wedding guests is endless – from light linen dresses to tropical-inspired dresses. Short dresses in bright colors and patterns are always a fun and practical choice for this sunny season. Not sure if you want to wear a dress? You don’t have to! Jumpsuits or dressy pantsuits are perfect for summer celebrations and can be worn to everything from a casual ceremony to a party. For ladies who like things a little more simple, sheath dresses in solid shades, for example, are a dream and can easily be long or short, depending on the dress code.

Wedding trends 2022 - the perfect dresses for the ladies who are wedding guests

Whether the wedding takes place in a stunning seaside location or in a romantic garden, read on to find the best outfits for guests at a summer wedding, for every dress code, style and budget.

Wedding trends 2022: stylish wedding guests.

For wedding guests - beautiful, stylish dresses with floral patterns

For a summer wedding, it’s best to wear dresses that match the light, breezy mood of the season. Instead of dark colors and heavy fabrics, the most beautiful guest dresses for a summer wedding are flowy and light – think bright splashes of color, sweet pastels, airy styles and breathable materials .

Be sure to follow the dress code, but don’t be afraid to try a new trend or play with fun patterns. Florals are a tried-and-true pattern for summer wedding dresses for guests, but there’s nothing stopping you from spicing them up with a bold color, an unexpected model, or even dazzling sequins.

Summer beach wedding dresses for guests

Outfits 2022 - what to wear to the summer wedding as a guest?

Beach weddings are usually the most casual of all weddings . That’s why there’s no need to be super formal – just don’t wear jeans! For example, you can choose a beautiful maxi dress that suits this special occasion. Find a summer dress made of a lightweight material that is perfect for those warm days by the sea. The maxi dress length is good for the beach and the garment is comfortable to wear.

Outfit trends 2022 - a modern maxi dress for the wedding guests

High heels are definitely not appropriate for a beach wedding, so opt for a nice pair of sandals that looks chic and sensible. You can even choose an embellished pair if you want to spice them up a bit!

Choose a jumpsuit as an alternative to a dress for a summer wedding

As an alternative to the classic dress, you can choose a jumpsuit to look casual and beautiful.

Outfit for wedding guests: formal wear for summer wedding

Wedding trends summer 2022 - popular dresses for summer wedding

In general, you can never go wrong with a glamorous, long dress made of chiffon or satin, for example. However, nowadays the term “formal dress” can also mean a dress code that is a little less formal. This means that while a floor-length dress is not mandatory, the event is still formal enough that such a dress is appropriate.

Beautiful outfits for wedding guests - ladies

Elements like a high neckline or a one-shoulder sleeve can enhance your formal outfit for summer. Complete your outfit with accessories like eye-catching earrings or a striking headdress.

What can you wear to formal summer wedding - tips and ideas

When choosing a color, you should choose between a beautiful color and a simple pattern. You can also wear black, but it’s good to liven things up with color. After all, this is a celebration. If you are still attracted to a dark shade, opt for navy blue. It has the same, elegant effect as black without being too heavy.

Outfit trends summer 2022 - clothes for wedding guests - Summer Wedding

Unlike outdoor weddings, a classic wedding takes place indoors with a solid floor and is definitely the occasion for some appropriate stilettos. When it comes to shoes, don’t be too flashy since it’s a wedding and not a nightclub. Stick to classic pumps or sandals in neutral colors like black or nude.

Festive ladies pantsuit for summer wedding

If you don’t like dresses, buy a festive women’s pantsuit that is perfect for special occasions.

Cocktail & semi-formal summer wedding – matching dresses.

Elegant and casual keliders for the women as wedding guests - ideas

Depending on the timing of the event, you should dress between formal and casual for a semi-formal summer wedding. Wear darker, more formal colors for an evening event, choose lighter colors and fabrics for daytime weddings.

Guest outfits for summer wedding 2022 - trends and ideas

Of course, you can leave your ball gown at home, but don’t dress like you’re going to a low-key family barbecue. Breezy midi dresses in alternative colors like blue or forest green are a great choice for a summer wedding with this dress code.

Semi-formal summer wedding - outfit ideas for guests