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Ideas for wedding outfit guest man in summer or spring: so gentlemen can look casual and stylish

If you are not sure what wedding outfit guest man will look optimal on warm days, here are some styling tips. Whether you are the best man or simply one of the wedding guests, your summer look can catch everyone’s eyes. Moreover, there is no better time to upgrade your style than a summer wedding. For example, do justice to the occasion in double-breasted suits, pastel shades and rising lapels. Discover casual and elegant styles to draw inspiration from when choosing your attire.

How a wedding outfit can turn guest man into style icon

light suit with matching pocket square for summer wedding outfit guest man

If you are invited to the wedding, the first thing you should know is what kind of dress code is in the invitation. Thus, you can get a sense of whether you can look semi-formal, elegant or casual. With that being said, it is almost always nice to see two different types of patterns and color combinations being used. Depending on the dress code, this could be a shirt with a stylish accessory like cufflinks or a jacket with a statement tie, for example.

cufflinks as an important and stylish accessory for a summer weddingcufflinks as an important and stylish accessory for a summer wedding

However, if you don’t differentiate your wool blend pocket square, it can lead to quite a sweaty dilemma. However, the most important rule is not to steal the groom’s (or bride’s) attention. Still, you can master the dress code, add personal style and be the best dressed guest at the wedding.

elegant wedding outfit guest man summer or spring in gray shades

Aside from being the most popular time for weddings, the heat seems to be a challenge when it comes to dress selection for summer weddings. These are far from ideal conditions to wrap yourself in a dark, three-piece suit and a heavy cotton shirt. Attending a summer wedding, looking stylish and not melting into a puddle before the speeches begin is something of an art. In fact, to the uninitiated, it can seem like witchcraft. But supernatural it is not. Moreover, with the right know-how, anyone can manage to be a wedding outfit guest-man on hot days.

Wear a linen suit

italian fashion trend wedding 2022 stylish linen suit in khaki for wedding outfit guest man

Tailoring traditions may be snarky, and it’s true, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. However, linen in all its rumpled glory is the perfect fabric that can take you from church to wedding reception without sweating and feeling fresh. For the inexperienced, navy blue is the safest option. Wear such a wedding outfit with a white shirt, black men’s loafers and from a distance no one would know the difference. If you like to try something different and the dress code allows it, a beige or sand tone is the classic color for linen suits. Opt for a white or light blue shirt, although chambray would be an excellent choice in this case. Combine the outfit with brown leather loafers.

Choose casual clothes in the absence of a dress code

combine elegant dark suit for formal occasions with eye-catching pocket square

Dressing casually for a wedding is really just a nice way for the bride and groom to give permission to wear your suit or blazer without having to buy something new or something you don’t already own, like a tuxedo with tails. This usually requires a suit and shirt, but you can also get away with a blazer or jacket. This is where the bride and groom trust you to look your best without dictating a particular look for their ceremony. Take note of where the wedding will be held – a public park or the oldest church in town, as well as the time of day. A look that includes a tie and a blazer is recommended. Wear a pair of dark jeans if it’s a casual affair.

wedding guest with navy blue suit and white shirt for summer wedding

If it’s a warm summer or spring day, choose color with accessories like a flashy bow tie or pocket square and wear a lighter suit. If the day is reminiscent of winter, opt for a darker suit like gray or navy blue, but not black. Bring spring into your wedding outfit with accent pieces.

combine white suit for summer wedding on the beach with bathing slippers and look elegant

Summer weddings are known for clear skies, high temperatures and great photos thanks to cloudless weather. However, they are also known for sweating like crazy if you are not dressed appropriately. Stick to a bright suit and a splash of color through your bow tie, tie, or pocket square. Also, don’t forget your sleeve garters if the temperature becomes unbearable.

Go guest-man with a contrasting wedding outfit

contrasting wedding outfit guest man with leather loafers and striped shirt

A contrasting combination of dark and light pieces is a sure winner all year round. Consider a lighter shade for your stone, white or beige pants and a darker shade for the jacket during the warmer months. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to pairing shoes with separates. In general, most traditional sporty elegant looks work . From a practical standpoint, warm weather weddings call for a lighter construction. So look for a top with softer shoulders and minimal internal lining. The beauty of seersucker, for example, is that the fabric is already wrinkled for summer weather. The linen fabric is also super light and airy, but has just enough structure to keep you looking elegant at any upcoming casual wedding.

More tips on how to dress as a wedding guest

stylishly combine a black bow tie with blue suit as groom or wedding guest

As a guest at a wedding, you should play the role of a devoted friend. Some foolproof tips will help you get your look in order. At a wedding, original prints or gaudy patterns are more rarely appropriate. A dark tie along with a matching suit is always a winner. Another safe option is gray or silver tones. For casual weddings, you can wear with a silk, polyester or microfiber as a safe choice. When it comes to breathable fabrics, shirts made of chambray fabric are an excellent choice. However, if your shirt comes out after the wedding toast, it can mess up your look. Hold it in place with a pair of shirt stays. This may look a little odd to men, but the joy that comes from keeping a shirt tucked in throughout the wedding day is worth the effort.

choose matching colors and accessories like tie pin and rings for wedding dress arrangement

If you want to add more color, check the invitation or ask the groom about the wedding colors. Some weddings have a select color palette and matching it will make the bride and photographer very happy. Also, keep in mind that ties and pocket squares wrinkle easily. Be careful and hang or roll them before the wedding and when traveling to the ceremony. The more casual a wedding is, the more creative you may be with your wedding outfit guest-man. The edges of a bow tie should match between the edge of your eyes and the edge of your face. If you choose to wear a bow tie, practice tying it before the wedding day. The same goes for a tie knot that you are not familiar with.