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How to have a sustainable wedding – tips for an eco low waste celebration.

Fortunately, an ecological lifestyle has now become a trend that more and more people are following. And it can be lived sustainably in the most diverse areas and situations of life. It starts with simple reusable shopping bags and extends to a zero waste Christmas . So, of course, it’s no surprise that you can even have sustainable weddings if you value it.

Celebrate green wedding to save the environment with little waste

Low-waste weddings, however, obviously need to be planned properly to ensure that they are truly sustainable. You may not even know where exactly to start or in what ways an ecological wedding is possible. This is where we come to your rescue! We explain the ways in which you can get married sustainably. Find some great ideas and tips on how best to celebrate an alternative wedding.

Celebrate Low Waste Wedding

Celebrate a low-waste wedding - tips and ideas

Have you ever noticed how much waste is actually produced at even a simple wedding made up of just a few guests? If not, pay attention to it next time. By then at the latest, you’ll probably rethink and want something more eco-friendly for your own wedding celebration. Paper and foil for invitations and gift wrapping, rubber for balloons, and not to forget all the food that is thrown away at the end of the day because many people didn’t finish it – all these are just a few of the many examples that are harmful to the environment, but can be found at every wedding.

Celebrate eco-friendly wedding with natural materials and decorations

It’s not that difficult to plan a Green Wedding where none of the guests will miss out, and you as the bride and groom certainly not. But now we come to our tips, with which you can marry sustainably and still celebrate cheap wedding, without having to give up the desired mood. And afterwards you can start your honeymoon with a clear conscience with our tips for zero waste travel.

The outfits for an eco wedding

Second hand wedding dress and suit in brown retro style

Sure, you don’t necessarily start wedding planning with the groom’s wedding dress and suit . But since above all the wedding dress is perhaps the most important element for the bride, we simply start our list with it. You are guaranteed to be aware that the outfits, and especially the wedding dress, will probably just hang in the closet after the big day.

Wedding dress and suit

Celebrate sustainable wedding with a used or borrowed wedding dress

Much too bad, don’t you think? There are several options available for both the dress and the suit if you want to have a sustainable wedding:

  • Used wedding dresses: Although second hand has long ceased to be viewed as negatively as it was a few years ago, some do not dare. At the same time, second-hand clothes are carefully inspected, especially in Internet stores or in stores, and are therefore rarely distinguishable from new models. This applies to both the dress and the suit in the second hand store. Only with private sellers you run a certain risk.
  • Renting the outfit is another variant similar to second hand, except that you return the dress or suit afterwards. There are numerous rentals, so you are sure to find something suitable.
  • If second hand of all things wedding outfit is still not for you, trust an eco wedding dress and more specifically brands that produce clothing sustainably.
  • Clothing that you can continue to wear afterwards is also an option. A white summer dress (or why not another color), for example, is super suitable or opt for a two-piece of pants or skirt and bustier, which you can also wear later with jeans and normal blouse. The suit doesn’t have to be special either.
  • If all four ideas do not appeal to you and you would rather wear a new dress or suit, then there is still the possibility of reselling it after the wedding. That way, someone else will enjoy it just as much and it won’t gather dust and yellow in your closet.

Of course, the same tips apply to shoes and all other accessories. Whether they’re borrowed, used, or made from vegan leather for everyday wear, either way, the result is that you’ll be celebrating a sustainable wedding and doing something good for nature.

The make-up for the bride

Choose makeup for the bride naturally so that it can be used later on

We bet you wouldn’t have thought of the bride’s makeup. What is there to choose sustainable? Maybe you didn’t know or just haven’t thought about it until now that makeup also contains mostly animal products. Not very ecological, is it? Therefore, when choosing products, we recommend:

  • make-up certified as vegan
  • exclusively natural cosmetics
  • to compose bridal make-up from make-up that you already have at home or can borrow from a friend
  • To choose new makeup so that you can use it after the wedding as well

Electronically and online instead of on paper

Planning the wedding online and on the PC instead of with magazines and notepads

In the age of computers, smartphones and the Internet, it is simply no longer necessary to use paper for everything. This starts when planning the wedding , when instead of buying masses of magazines for inspiration, you simply search online for ideas and inspiration. Whether it’s Google, Pinterest, Facebook or Instragram, social networks and search engines will simplify your search, multiply it and save you time in the process.

Zero-waste wedding celebration - electronic planning

To compile wedding guest list in Excel or Word and other lists.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with taking notes and making lists on a piece of paper or in a notebook, but you could just as easily do that on your phone or computer. Word and Excel have been a constant companion for many people for many years for a reason. Use them to compile the guest list and plan the seating arrangements. A wedding checklist in Excel is also very handy. It’s much clearer than having umpteen sheets of paper spread around your home.

Tip:It is not uncommon for bridal couples to want to do without the planning stress or at least reduce it and therefore hire a wedding planner. If this is also the case for you, you should know that there are planners who have specialized exactly in such low-waste weddings and can thus better accommodate your wishes and ideas.

Celebrating a wedding – save-the-date and invitation cards

Forgo the trendy save the date or craft from recycled or natural materials

A relatively new trend are the so-called Save the Date cards , which are sent some time before the actual invitation cards and serve to inform the guests about the date, so that they have the opportunity to keep the day free. The difference with the invitation card is that at this point only the date is certain and known, but not loation, time, and the like.

Whether such cards are now really so necessary is contradictory, especially since also the location must be booked usually already a year in advance. But if you want to celebrate a sustainable and green wedding, you should rather do without it or consider an electronic alternative instead (e.g. email, SMS or a message via Facebook, WhatsApp etc.). There are great programs that allow you to design electronic cards for this purpose.

The wedding invitations of an Eco Wedding

Design and send wedding invitation online

Wedding invitation cards are, of course, inevitable. After all, everyone needs to know when and where the wedding will take place and what the theme of the celebration will be (mention in them that it is a Green Wedding, that is, a sustainable wedding). But even here you can save on resources and here’s how:

  • You can craft the invitation card for the wedding and use recycled and natural materials for it (e.g. self-picked and -dried flowers and grasses, fabric scraps and leftover craft materials from friends’ weddings).
  • If you are expecting a lot of guests, which makes DIY difficult, or you just don’t have the talent for it, you can also contact a sustainable printing company for this purpose.
  • Electronic we get married cards are also possible here. You can also design these yourself online and then send them by e-mail or other means. Only the older generation, which does not use the Internet, should be informed about the traditional way.

Celebrate sustainable wedding – location

A nearby and easily accessible location reduces travel time and exhaust fumes

Yes, even the location for the wedding celebration can be chosen environmentally conscious and sustainable. So, where to celebrate wedding? Organic hotels or farms, for example, which in themselves emphasize sustainability, are ideal wedding ideas for the celebration. If the catering is also offered on site and you do not have to hire another company (additional travel and expenses), all the better! So if you want to celebrate a wedding times differently, such a location is really super and original. It is also important

  • that the wedding ceremony and the celebration take place in one place or at least close to each other, in order to avoid unnecessary trips.
  • that the journey is comfortable for as many of the guests as possible. Long journeys also mean more exhaust fumes!
  • Locations that are easily accessible by public transportation are a plus.

Celebrating a green wedding – eco-style wedding decorations

Decorate with books from your own shelf and seasonal flowers for sustainability at the wedding reception

The many decorations are probably that part of the whole wedding that is the most harmful to the environment and where the most waste is generated. If you want to celebrate sustainably, it is this part of the planning and design that can prove to be the most difficult. To comply with a low-waste wedding, you have the following options, for example:

  • Choose wedding decor second hand (from friends, online, thrift stores or flea markets).
  • Borrow wedding decorations
  • DIY wedding decorations from recycled and natural materials (e.g. seasonal flowers or potted plants, homemade garlands from fabric scraps, leaves or wood instead of paper for table numbers, place cards, etc.)

Label leaves instead of paper - a beautiful and environmentally friendly solution

Wedding decoration flowers – ideas and tips

Flowers and plants that are seasonal and not flown in specially are particularly sustainable. Local meadow flowers, which are popular for hippie wedding decorations, are super suitable. If you are having a small wedding, you can even use flowers from your own garden. Bouquets and other flower decorations should also not be wrapped in foil or paper. Potted plants instead of cut flowers can be given to guests after the ceremony.

Choose biodegradable balloons for the wedding decoration

To the wedding bubbles, balloons and confetti or not?

Balloons, along with flowers, are among those decorations that many do not want to do without. Unfortunately, however, they are also particularly harmful to the environment. Great news is that there are now ecological, biodegradable balloons for the wedding. Just use such eco balloons for the wedding .

Make your own confetti from dried leaves with a hole punch

Confetti is also available in eco-variety, so you are welcome to make a confetti bomb yourself. How about confetti made from dried flowers? A confetti rain looks when you leave the registry office or the church, on the wedding photos especially pretty . You can also dry leaves and punch confetti yourself with a hole punch.

If you also attach importance to soap bubbles for wedding, reach for special environmentally friendly variants. These are made of biodegradable surfactants. Especially if you celebrate in nature wedding is recommended.

Vegan wedding menu or just organic quality

Create the wedding menu vegan or at least from organic products

Catering, as mentioned above, is best provided by the selected location. If not, hire a regional one like that. Vegan food is probably the best option, but not for everyone. Especially with the many guests, there could be dissatisfaction in relation to this, although there are now numerous dishes that would probably not leave anyone wanting. Alternatively, simply pay attention to organic quality in fruits, vegetables, meat and all other products, which should also be chosen seasonal and regional, of course.

Eco wedding gift

Sustainable wedding favors or monetary gifts in a box

If you celebrate a wedding times differently and have chosen for this low-waste as a motto, of course, the guests must adhere to it. Among other things, this also applies to the gifts. What should be considered there?

  • Choose only gifts that you are sure will be used.
  • If you can’t think of anything original or useful, give money instead – in a recycled or natural envelope, of course (How about a homemade envelope made from a leaf?).
  • Refrain from using packaging.

The wedding rings

Choose heirloom instead of new wedding rings or an alternative to wedding rings

The rings are the symbol of marriage and to imagine a wedding ceremony, not to say the complete marriage, without them is already a bit strange for most. If you want to celebrate an ecological wedding, but still do not want to do without them, you can do the following:

  • Instead of buying new rings, use heirloom pieces as is or have them melted down at a jeweler and made into a new piece of jewelry.
  • When buying new rings, make sure to choose a jeweler whose materials provenance is safe.

Instead of buying wedding rings, the bride and groom can plant a tree

Wedding without rings – alternative

If you want to go all out, you can do without the rings completely. Some people don’t like wearing jewelry anyway and then alternatives can be chosen. For example, you can plant a tree in your garden or some other place that connects the two of you. Or how about investing the money you saved in a piece of art that can be just as much a symbol of your love and marriage?