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Garden wedding decor: dream ideas how to decorate outside in romantic vintage style

The great advantage of having a wedding during the warm season is that you can celebrate it outside. And while the beach is a very popular location, not everyone has one nearby to use for the big day. Luckily, though, there are the lush green gardens! More and more people prefer a small celebration surrounded by family and friends. And a wedding celebration in your own garden is just perfect for this purpose. You can plan for yourself what to decorate with what, creating a cozy, homey atmosphere that everyone will enjoy. And every time you look out of the house into the garden in the future, you will be reminded of this wonderful day! Need some inspiration for garden wedding decor? We’re here to help! And since vintage style goes so well with this location, that’s what it’s all about.

Celebrate wedding at home in the garden – Everything about the tables

Decorating the chairs for the wedding reception

Garden wedding decorations for the chairs at the tables - fabrics and flowers

How could you decorate old chairs in the garden? With a simple fine fabric you already make a big difference. But for vintage, linen fabric or lace is also suitable and with macramé you create a touch of boho flair with the garden wedding decoration. You can additionally decorate with flowers, but also simple greenery looks classy, but at the same time simple.

The table decoration in the garden

Garden wedding decoration for the table with meadow flowers in glass vases

Meadow flowers or seasonal flowers like lavender, sunflowers and roses are best for the table design. A summer table decoration with lavender, for example, exudes a special romanticism due to the delicate purple tones and can be combined with green elements, optionally in pastel green or a stronger olive green, for example. Vases made of glass, boxes made of wood or wire baskets (e.g. made of chicken wire for rustic flair) are perfect as containers. Also feel free to decorate with wooden discs , terrariums, candles or lanterns, birdcages or glass bells.

Garden wedding decorations for the rest of the garden area.

Ideas for the trees or pergola

Hanging garden wedding decoration for the trees - vases, picture frames or lanterns

Have a few shade trees spread around the wedding tables, be sure to use them for the garden wedding decor! And what better way than hanging wedding decorations for outside? Tie vases with small bouquets on string and hang them on the branches or choose lanterns instead, which you can also fill with flowers or else with candles. Even vintage picture frames are a wonderful and effective idea.

Decorate wedding tables with glass balls while climbing vines

A pergola can also be used for this purpose. Glass balls look classy and can dangle in different shapes, sizes and heights directly above the table. We leave the choice of filling material to you.

Garden wedding decorations for trees - hang photos or wrap around trunk

Or decorate the tree trunks! Fairy lights work just as well as photos of the bride and groom from vacations together, everyday life, or parties and other moments you’ve spent together so far. They illustrate the first years of their happy relationship.

Garden wedding decoration – the wedding altar with beautiful background or arch

Outdoor wedding decorations with panels of acrylic and flowers for the wedding ceremony

One of the most important areas is the one where the wedding ceremony will take place. Therefore, you should also pay special attention to it. A beautiful background or frame and abundant flowers will make it the focal point of the wedding in the garden and rightly so – after all, that’s where you give them the important word of yes.

Use old doors as wedding decorations or planted barrels

The path to the altar can be decorated with planted barrels, a carpet, flowers and garlands and much more. Also use the guests’ chairs that have been placed to set the scene garden wedding decorations.

Vintage garden wedding ideas for the altar with curtains or garlands and ladders

Use what you have instead of spending unnecessary money on decorative elements. A large tree makes the perfect backdrop for the wedding ceremony if you decorate it with simple fabric. Even old ladders are ideal for creating an arch under which you can say “I do”. And you can use the steps to place vases, lanterns or other decorations, while rungs can be decorated with garlands, ribbons and fabrics.

Garden wedding decorations with lighting for a romantic atmosphere

Romantic lighting with hanging fairy lights or lanterns with candles

Your celebration will probably last into the night. Therefore, you should also think about optimal lighting. It should not be too bright, but rather somewhat dimmed and romantic – just suitable for the occasion! Fairy lights and lanterns create just the right combination of both, with the former even giving the appearance of fireflies visiting your garden.

Garden wedding decoration for side tables - design wooden box with gypsophila

Wooden ladder as a garden wedding decoration

Cool garden wedding decorations with wooden ladder and Mr and Mrs

Rusty accessories to use as wedding decorations

Decoration idea with metal trellis and chalkboard as sign for vintage garden wedding

Celebrate wedding outside in your own garden

Natural looking seating arrangements with tulle or other delicate fabrics and plants

Elegant vintage with gold cutlery and fresh flowers

Romantic and elegant with green and white flowers and gold cutlery

Build shelf from wine crates for decorations

Rustic garden wedding decorations with wine crates stacked as shelves

Vintage glass bottles as vases

Decorate cute in soft colors - glass bottle as a vase for pink flowers

Garden wedding decor ideas for the table with lots of greenery

Bringing the garden to the table with grass or moss and white decorations

Summer table decoration with lavender in bloom

Garden wedding decorations - summer table decorations with lavender and copper or wood

The way to the altar nicely decorated

Set up garden wedding decorations along the seating areas

Swing with roses as decoration for garden wedding

Garden wedding deco with a romantic wooden swing with roses