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Valentine’s Day gift crafting with the kids: playful ideas with heart motifs.

For many couples, Valentine’s Day is one of the most beautiful celebrations of all. Because on February 14, love is writ large. But not only newly in love have a lot of fun on this day, it can also become something very special for families with young children. We offer creative ideas on how to craft a Valentine’s Day gift with the kids. Whether a gift for mom or dad or maybe homemade for friends in kindergarten, with these ideas you have something for everyone.

Valentine’s Day gift to make with the kids: Bouquet of flowers from origami hearts

Valentine's Day gifts from kids origami heart craft ideas

Whether for the favorite teacher at school, for mom or for the best friend : flowers are always well received, especially for Valentine’s Day. The “flowers” of the next bouquet are made of paper and have a heart shape. These origami hearts are ready in six easy steps and are therefore perfect as an introduction to the topic of “origami folding” for children from 4 years. Folding origami motifs promotes fine motor skills and the ability to concentrate.

Valentine's Day gifts from kids simple craft ideas origami heart folding

Fold several hearts together with the children, then cut craft wire and glue one heart to each piece of wire. Place a piece of plug-in sponge in a canning jar and arrange the origami flowers . If desired, you can add real spring flowers like snowdrops.

Crafting for Valentine’s Day with children: cute glasses with frames in the shape of a heart.

Valentine's Day gifts for kids craft glasses with heart frame

The next craft idea is perfect for kids of kindergarten age. Craft a pair of glasses together using clay cardboard and transparent colored foil. You will need a template for the frame of the glasses, paint colors, brushes, pipe cleaners and scissors. First draw the eyeglass frame, which is made of two hearts. Let the kids cut out the frame and paint it any way they want. Then cut out two hearts from the transparent paint foil and glue them to the frame. Poke two holes in the frame and tie two pieces of pipe cleaners of the same length to it. The sweet glasses for Valentine’s Day are ready.

Crafting for Valentine's Day with kids heart -make your own glasses

Try different patterns and variations. If the child has problems with the eyes, you can simply omit the transparent color foil. If you use color foil for the “glasses”, then the child should not wear the glasses for more than 30 minutes.

Valentine's Day gift for kids crafting glasses with heart frame

You can use watercolors to paint the frame of the glasses. You can then draw certain designs with crayons or a fineliner. Let the kids choose and mix the colors to their heart’s content.

Make Valentine’s Day gift for kids yourself: Robot from candy

Valentine's Day gift for kindergarten craft robots made up of candy

If you want to make a Valentine’s Day gift for the kids yourself, then you can go for the next idea. You will need double-sided tape and wrapped candy to make a sugar-sweet robot. You can additionally wrap the candy with wrapping paper, spray it with glitter spray or embellish it with stickers.  In any case, make sure that the candy is well wrapped and that the paints, glitter spray, etc. do not come into contact with the food.

Valentine’s Day gift: craft idea for kids in elementary school.

Valentine's Day craft ideas heart stamps make with kids

Craft a stamp using clothespins and a plastic heart. Then use the stamp to stamp textiles with hearts. For example, fabric shopping bags, fabric beach bags, or sneakers work well.

Craft ideas for Valentine's Day for kids stamp sneakers

Buy special fabric paints, because they are guaranteed to last. Most fabric paints then need to be fixed with an iron – just follow the manufacturer’s instructions. But to be safe, check first if the textiles are suitable for ironing.

10-Minute Valentine’s Day Craft: A Heart Bookmark

Crafting heart with kids for Valentine's Day gift ideas

Making a heart bookmark out of clay cardstock is really easy as pie. Draw a large heart on red clay cardstock and a small heart on colored paper. Kids can cut out the two hearts and then glue them together.

Valentine’s Day gift for kids from clothespins

Valentine's Day craft ideas for kids gift from colored paper

For the next craft idea, you will need a clothespin, clay cardstock in pink and white, white pipe cleaners, pink paint, a paintbrush, scissors and self-adhesive wiggle eyes. For the butterfly wings, line up two heart templates, transfer them to pink clay cardstock and cut them out. For the small white hearts, you can punch out the designs with a die or make a new stencil. Paint the clothespin pink, draw the mouth with a fineliner and glue on the wiggle eyes. Cut the pipe cleaner into two 5 cm long pieces and glue them to the clothespin. Attach the clothespin to the center of the butterfly wings.

Ideas for a sugary sweet Valentine’s Day gift for kids.

Crafting for Valentine's Day with children animals from candy

Do you want to surprise several children for Valentine’s Day? Then the next idea is just for you. Transform candy like lollipops, candies and individually wrapped chocolates into cute animals and beautiful flowers.

  • For the sugary sweet flower you need a lollipop and four pink foam rubber stickers in the shape of hearts. Place all the hearts on top of each other and use a hole punch to poke a hole at the top. Put the lollipop through all the holes and push the hearts apart.
  • To make a cute dog, you will need four individually wrapped chocolates, a chocolate ball, a candy stick, two wiggle eyes, two foam rubber ears, a small self-adhesive pom-pom and a 3 cm piece of pipe cleaner. Glue all the pieces together with double-sided tape.
  • To make a beautiful butterfly, you will need a sherbet candy cane, two pink sponge rubber hearts, two 4 cm pieces of pipe cleaner, a pink pom pom and two self-adhesive wiggle eyes. Stick all the pieces together with double-sided tape.

Valentine’s Day gifts for children under 5 years: Decorate dominoes with hearts

Valentine's Day gift for kids craft ideas dominoes

Dominoes are one of the most popular children’s games. Children over 5 years old easily manage to count the dots on the dominoes and can play with their parents. However, the game is too complicated for younger children. We offer you an idea how to simplify it so that the whole family can have fun together. You will need wooden dominoes, self-adhesive square pink and pink stickers and a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Use the cookie cutter to cut out small hearts from self-adhesive paper. Then stick the pink square stickers on one half of the dominoes and the pink square stickers on the other half. Then have the kids combine the dominoes by color. The tedious counting is eliminated and the whole family can play together.

Valentine’s Day gifts from children for parents: decorate matchbox with Washi Tape.

Valentine's Day gift for kindergarten matchstick decorating with children

A loving gift for mom, dad and the siblings: A lovingly decorated matchbox filled with candy is guaranteed to please young and old alike. To make this craft idea with the little enthusiasts, you will need several matchboxes, washi tape, self-adhesive hearts with glitter, small clothespins, rhinestones and other decorations from the craft store. You will also need glue and a pack of M&M’s. Alternatively, you can forgo the washi tape and instead wrap the wooden boxes with self-adhesive paper in pink. The kids can then paint the boxes any way they like and decorate them with hearts. Of course, you can also label the box.

Valentine’s Day gift craft with the kids: Cute monsters

Cute love monster craft with kids for Valentine's Day

Craft cute monsters for Valentine’s Day together with the kids. For this purpose, first make a pom-pom and then decorate it with wiggle eyes. For the antennae, wrap two-tone pipe cleaners around a pencil and then stick them into the pom-poms. Use a cookie cutter to cut out hearts from colored paper and glue them to the antennae.

DIY Valentine’s Day gift: craft instructions for magnets made of salt dough.

Valentine's Day gift making with kids magnets from salt dough

Another cool idea is to make refrigerator magnets with your kids. You will need salt dough or modeling clay, fineliners and cookie cutters in the shape of hearts. Roll out the modeling clay or salt dough on the work surface and let the kids cut out several hearts. Then you can paint the hearts in pink, peach or pink and let them dry. At the end, you can draw human or animal faces with the fineliner. Attach a magnet to the back of each heart with double-sided tape.

Craft ideas for Valentine’s Day: make gifts for elementary school

Crafting for Valentine's Day with kids make your own flowers from origami heart and drinking straws

With the help of parents, children of elementary school age can easily master even somewhat more complicated craft ideas. This includes, for example, making paper flowers in the shape of a heart. For this purpose, first make a template for the flower. The template consists of four hearts, which are connected to each other at the top. Glue a yellow circle in the center of the flower and write a nice love message on it. Then fold the flower into a heart.

Valentine's Day gift craft ideas for kids in kindergarten

Attach the flower to a green drinking straw with the help of a tape and decorate the flower with a paper bee. The finished flower is the perfect gift for the teacher, for other children or for mom for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day crafts with kids paper airplane folding

Of course, a greeting card for Valentine’s Day is something special. However, if you want to show creativity, you can opt for a love or thank you letter. Print out the template and have the kids write a loving message on it. Then fold the letter into a paper airplane. The child can give it to a classmate.

Crafting for Valentine's Day with kids gift idea paper airplane template

If you’re looking for ideas for creative Valentine’s Day gifts, you’ve come to the right place. From origami hearts, to cute animals made from candy, to creative games:  There are many craft ideas that you can do with your kids for February 14. Let your creativity run wild and craft a gift that is sure to please the recipient.

Valentine's Day gift crafting with kids