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Last Minute Valentine’s Day – How to plan a wonderful day of lovers in a hurry!

You thought you had enough time to organize something nice for Valentine’s Day. But with all the stress you have completely forgotten the time and now it’s almost time… and you are empty-handed! Don’t panic, because you still have the whole weekend and you can save the day of lovers (and yourself). That’s because we’ve come up with some wonderful ideas for the perfect last minute Valentine’s Day. What could you organize as a last minute venture, what gifts can be made quickly and what loving gestures could you still plan on the fly?

Last minute Valentine’s Day – What quick gifts are suitable?

Last minute Valentine’s Day gift for men and women – Nice in a jar.

Last minute Valentine's Day gift for men or women - messages and coupons.

Finding the right gift for men is a big challenge in itself. If then there is also no time for something fancy, it seems simply impossible. Then make a forward-thinking Valentine’s Day gift for the boyfriend or girlfriend! You will need a jar , small, colorful slips of paper and a pen. Then label the little slips of paper with coupons. You can label 365 slips of paper for each day of the year, or you can label slips of paper for each month or week – depending on what you are gifting:

Ideas for last minute Valentine’s gifts in the form of coupons:

  • one outing for each month (amusement park, indoor swimming pool, climbing forest, weekend getaway, etc.)
  • one activity for each weekend (walking, picnic, rollerblading or cycling together, going to a lake, cinema, etc.)
  • complimentary gestures for each day (facial massage, body massage, cook something, bake a cake, love messages, etc.)

Last minute Valentine's Day gift idea with candy or DIY pastry

You can also put a mix of delicious chocolates or other sweets or homemade cookies or muffins in a larger jar and give them as a gift. After all, who doesn’t like to snack? Your friend works out frequently? Why not make such delicious protein bars for last minute Valentine’s Day! So easy you made a Valentine’s Day gift for the man himself, taking into account his preferences. Your girlfriend loves chocolates? Then make some yourself !

Craft a little something

Last minute Valentine's Day gift idea - make a card or write a love letter

Even a little something shows your love and is therefore perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift with last minute character. Just craft a greeting card and add a beautiful love message or letter. If you want to make such a Valentine’s Day gift yourself, you can use our Valentine’s Day sayings as inspiration for beautiful texts.


Flowers as a Valentine's gift always go down well with women

As a suitable Valentine’s Day gift for a girlfriend, good old flowers still prove to be perfect – whether planned and ordered long in advance or for a last minute Valentine’s Day. The big day falls on a Monday this year. So you can conveniently stop by a flower store before meeting your sweetheart. Does your wife or girlfriend not like cut flowers? Then get a flower in a pot! For example, the beautiful orchids are very popular.

What could you do without much planning?

Cook for yourself

For last minute Valentine's Day cook or bake yourself

And what can you do on Valentine’s Day if you missed to book something in time? Cook for yourself! Even the biggest cooks can prepare something delicious with the right recipe. Such an idea for Valentine’s Day will please both men and women. Also, do not forget the appropriate table decorations and a nice bouquet of flowers, if this Valentine’s surprise is intended for women! Then, as a finishing touch, you can also serve a homemade dessert.

Last minute Valentine’s Day vacation

Give a short trip or vacation gift for a later date

You may not have time to book a hotel until Valentine’s Day, but since February 14 falls on a Monday anyway, your better half might not have had the day off anyway. Instead, book the coming weekend or in a few weeks and catch up on all the romance. A spa hotel or even a short trip to one of our neighboring countries or even a city break is a great idea after all.

And what do you do during the day itself?

Plan a romantic TV or movie night to celebrate the day of lovers

What hobbies do you have? Do you like to take pictures? Then take a walk to a place where there are beautiful things to photograph (e.g. a waterfall or a castle). Cinemas were closed for a long time because of Corona. Did your partner perhaps miss a movie due to this that he would have liked to see? Maybe you can find a DVD in a hurry or it is available at a streaming provider in the meantime. Then you could host a movie night at home.

The perfect last minute Valentine’s Day – Nice gestures on the holiday.

Romantic bath

Prepare a romantic bath with Valentine's decorations and champagne

If you want to make short-term gifts yourself, you can also opt for nice gestures and surprise your sweetheart with a little something for Valentine’s Day. In the evening, decorate the bathroom with candles, rose petals and other things, provide a bottle of champagne or wine and glasses, provide pleasant music and prepare a bath. This, of course, you can enjoy together. However, you could also decorate the bedroom .

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift DIY Character: Charcuterie Board

Sweet or savory charcuterie board for breakfast, lunch or snacks

With the so-called Charcuterie Board you create a really sweet Valentine’s Day gift – literally! Put together on a board all sweet treats for breakfast in bed or but with sausage and cheese. You’re free to choose and you can go all out according to your sweetheart’s preferences. How you could put together a charcuterie board for Valentine’s Day, we will show you in tomorrow’s article.

Put on a seductive outfit or give it as a gift

Last minute Valentine's Day celebration in new lingerie as a gift idea

For the evening, new lingerie is recommended – either the woman surprises her man in such an outfit or vice versa – the man gives it to his beloved. Either way, both will benefit from it, we promise!