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Charcuterie boards for Valentine’s Day as a breakfast or lunch snack – ideas for romantically designed plates.

You have probably already heard of the so-called charcuterie boards. In principle, they are nothing more than a nicely designed cheese board on which, in addition to cheese, you can usually find sausage and also nuts and crackers. But there are also those with sweets, for those who want to sweeten their day. And which day is better suited for this than Valentine’s Day! Surprise your sweetheart for breakfast, lunch or a romantic movie night with one of our Valentine’s Day ideas with charcuterie boards. Decide for yourself whether it should be sweet or savory. And if you want to make it extra romantic, you can pair a cheese and sausage board with wine, or sweets like chocolate and serve it with a relaxing bubble bath for two.

Charcuterie boards as a surprise for Valentine’s Day.

Charcuterie boards for Valentine's Day with raspberries, crackers, candy and cheese

Cheese and salami platter, crackers with sausage and cheese, a simple cheese platter or would you prefer a treat of chocolates, gummies, licorice and chocolates? You are spoiled for choice. The combination of chocolate and cheese is also very interesting. No matter what you choose, it’s the arrangement that counts. After all, the charcuterie boards should pick up on the theme of “Valentine’s Day” and radiate love.

Charcuterie boards to design for Valentine's Day - idea with cheese, fruit and chocolate

For example, a Valentine’s Day idea for the charcuterie boards would be to form roses out of salami, arrange cakes and cheeses in a heart shape, or add a real rose. Likewise, you can play with colors. Red, pink and pink are typical colors of love and therefore welcome on the Valentine’s plate. The heart already mentioned can also be added with the board itself or a small bowl in the shape of a heart for dips, sauces, jams or nougat cream. There are also chocolates in this shape (keyword “Milka”), as well as cookies. And for the rest you can use a cookie cutter.

Creative snack platter or breakfast for Valentine’s Day.

Cute arrangement in the colors of love and with hearts

Whether you’re putting together the platter for a Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed or any other time of the day, we’re sure you’d love some lovely Valentine’s Day ideas for inspiration. Because we are aware of that, we have also provided a few charcuterie board ideas for you below so that you can surprise your sweetheart or loved one with the most beautiful platter.

Round platter with nibbles as a surprise for your partner for Valentine's Day or anniversary

Rubber animals in pink

Cookies. Gumdrops, jelly candies and cakes on a platter.

Strawberries and chocolate are the perfect combo

Candy in a bowl for Valentine's Day with strawberries

Hearty and sweet at the same time

Shape nuts as hearts and combine with salami, crackers, raspberries and micado sticks

Heart shaped charcuterie board with nuts, fruits, sausage and cheese

Heart shaped charcuterie boards for lovers day with cheese, grapes, blueberries, salami roses

Use cookie cutters to shape hearts from cheese and sausage

Hearty charcuterie boards for valentine's day - sausage and cheese with heart cutouts

Wooden board in heart shape as base

Heart shaped wooden board for romantic charcuterie boards full of goodies

Charcuterie boards as a Valentine’s gift for those with a sweet tooth

Serve candy on charcuterie boards in heart-shaped bowls

Popcorn for a romantic movie night

Sweet Valentine's Day gift idea with charcuterie boards with pretzels nd pig ears

Roses in the middle, popcorn, pretzels, nuts, crackers and sweets

Roses for the centerpiece - combine popcorn and other salty ingredients with sweet treats

Cool Valentine’s Day ideas for trinkets as gifts

Charcuterie boards arrange on plate with chocolates

Combine fruit and sausage

Charcuterie boards for valentine's breakfast with fruit and sausage

Sausage platter with fruits

Charcuterie boards full of snacks for Feb. 14 - chili, fruit, sausage and candy

Create romantic snack platter by yourself

Charcuterie boards for Valentine's Day in pink with pretzel sticks, candies and chocolates

Use a tray instead of wooden board

Square charcuterie board with sausages, cheeses and breads

Sweet plate with saying as a message of love

Valentine's gift for those with a sweet tooth - chocolates, gumdrops and cookies

Cheese platter combined with sausage, waffles, fruits and nuts

Delicious snack plate make your own with fruit, sausage, cheese and sweets