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Trend colors Christmas 2021: This year is decorated modern with the classics

Christmas always shines in the colors gold, red and / or green? Not at all! For a long time now, the classics have no longer been the rule and fancier hues have been decorating homes and apartments to give a more modern interpretation to the traditional and provide variety. And since the trends are always changing, you may be wondering what will be the trend colors Christmas 2021? You’ll find out from us, of course! But now let’s go, because you should start decorating for Christmas no later than the first Advent.

Trend colors Christmas 2021 - classics interpreted in a modern way

The Advent wreath, the table decoration for Christmas, the door wreath and, and, and… There are so many elements that you need to think about and coordinate with each other. To be fully on trend in this, read through the following lines and learn what are the trend colors Christmas 2021. Of course, our tips are only meant to inspire you. But in the end, the most important thing is to decorate in a way that suits your taste!

Trend colors Christmas 2021 – Muted colors

Trend colors Christmas 2021 - Scandinavian naturalness and minimalism

Natural and muted it should be – cream, brown, taupe and beige create a certain neutrality. But also the Christmas classic green is not missing in the trend colors Christmas 2021. So, if you value classic elements in Christmas decorations, you can opt for this color – but in the form of softer shades of green, perfect for some delicate accents. Dark green, how could it be otherwise considering the Christmas tree, also remains in vogue.

Naturalness plays the leading role

Gold and green in untypical nuances for Christmas tree decorations

Natural colors are logically found in natural materials. Therefore, you can decorate specifically with wood, linen, natural yarn and similar materials. Also, do not forget about the simple paper. Whether window pictures, decorative fir trees made of paper cones or paper poinsettias , illuminated or not – this material fits beautifully into the natural Christmas decoration, exuding a pleasant lightness. When it comes to implementing a Christmas decoration with natural colors, you can take inspiration from Scandinavian minimalism. Hardly any other interior style combines coziness, elegance and naturalness in such a wonderful and perfect way.

Noble accents

Trend colors Christmas 2021 - green and gold for elegance

These trend colors Christmas 2021 are not only advantageous when it comes to creating a cozy atmosphere. They can also be combined perfectly with other colors. Do you want it to be glamorous? Choose glittery colors. Do you want a touch of elegance? Combine with shiny silver or gold. However, these should then really remain the highlight and be combined with plain colors, otherwise they will steal the show.

Warm elegance – red and gold stay!

The classics red and gold for traditional Christmas decoration traditionally staged

Remember our first sentence? Well, red and gold also happen to be among the trend colors for Christmas 2021. What luck for those who are looking for variety, but still don’t want to miss out on a few classics. So all traditionalists can consider themselves lucky, because the three classics red, gold and green, are not only allowed this year, but even desired. It is best to reach for dark tones.

Tablecloth in taupe, dinnerware in white and and decorative accents in gold and red

A modern and unusual touch gets the Christmas decoration but this year nevertheless: combined the red and green tones namely not only with gold and silver , but gladly also with black metal, if you strive for a bit of variety. Also, don’t forget about the already mentioned natural shades and create a rustic background for your classic Christmas colors.

Trend colors Christmas 2021 - table decoration idea in red, with natural colors and wood

As mentioned earlier, dark reds are a particularly good choice if you want to stick to the Christmas 2021 trend colors. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with Bordeaux, for example. On the contrary, in fact: in front of this color, golden accents simply come into their own wonderfully – so it’s a perfect color combination! You could hardly achieve a warm elegance better. It still does not sparkle and shine enough for you? Use crystal for table decorations or as pendants. Opulent flower arrangements or Advent wreaths also provide the finishing touch.

Trend colors Christmas 2021 – Cool elegance in blue and silver

Trend colors Christmas 2021 - dark blue and gold combine for extravagance

You like the icy flair of winter with its frosty ice crystals, snow sparkling in the sun and frozen lakes? You’re welcome to reflect that in your Christmas decorations, too. How convenient that silver and blue are also among the trend colors for Christmas 2021! However, don’t imagine the bright blue like from “The Ice Queen”. As with red and green, the shade of blue should be chosen nice and dark – the darker, the more refined the color arrangement looks. In front of it, the silver can shine wonderfully and conjure up a winter wonderland in your four walls.

Dark blue and white paper for lightness in the Christmas decoration

You can lighten up the strict and cold atmosphere a bit by using a backdrop of the above-mentioned natural shades here as well. Wood and beige and cream textiles set the necessary warm accents, and it becomes more elegant again with velvet.

Blue, white and silver as an elegant color combination for the Christmas tree

Velvet for a noble touch

Use blue in textiles like velvet for modern fir trees made of cones

Simple elegance in natural tones

Trend colors Christmas 2021 - Natural beauty in cream, beige, taupe and brown

The Christmas classic “red” remains trendy

Red Christmas decorations and green fir branches with white accents

Timeless elegance from Scandinavia

Taupe for neutral beauty during the Christmas season

Trend colors Christmas 2021 based on nature

Trend colors Christmas 2021 - dark green, red berries and natural tones

Lush flower arrangement in natural tones

Opulent flower arrangement in the trend colors Christmas 2021 to hang up

Black candlestick as an accent

Accent with black metal for modern, industrial flair

Blue in various shades and crystal

Blue as background for golden tableware and blue crystal or glass for the baubles

Metallic for shine

Simple Christmas decorations in soft nuances

Subtle shades for the Christmas tree

Scandinavian minimalism influences the Christmas decoration this year