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Theme party idea for summer: choose from our suggestions & get tips on food, outfit & co.

Summertime is party time and after 2 years of pandemic even more so! With the warm and sunny weather, you are surely already in the mood to celebrate – all that’s missing is the right theme. When it comes to summer, there are a number of suitable theme ideas that are best suited to finally ring in the summer and get even the last of your friends into the summer mood. We have listed a few ideas for you on what theme you could use for your summer party. Pick a theme party idea and start planning your favorite right away.

Theme party idea for summer – These themes are fun!

Hawaii theme party

Organize your own theme party with Hawaiian theme

Let’s face it, who doesn’t dream of a vacation in Hawaii? Well, unfortunately, this is not possible for everyone, but that does not mean that you can not still get into the right mood. The right decoration and music, suitable outfits and drinks and Hawaii fever breaks out . Plan the Hawaii party best as follows:

Motto party idea for summer - Hawaii party design

Outfit: Hawaiian skirt, flower necklace, Hawaiian shirt with floral motifs, bikini top (also possible from coconut shells), tiki masks, flower dress (e.g. wrap dress).
Decoration: hibiscus blossoms, leaves of exotic plants, straw decorations (dry palm leaves), garlands/pennant chains with hibiscus blossoms as motifs or inscription “Aloha”, tiki motifs, other tropical motifs such as palm trees or flamingos
Music: Hawaiian music
Food/drinks: snacks and drinks with pineapple, coconut, e.g. pineapple cake, Pizza Hawaii, Hawaiian toast, fruit skewers, fruity cocktails/summer drinks

Caribbean Party

Caribbean party plan with bar for cocktails and lemonade

If we are already talking about exotic islands, then the Caribbean ones should not be missing. Dreamlike beaches they all have in common, but unlike the Hawaiian islands, Latino is the order of the day here. You can choose the following decorations, outfits and music styles to organize the perfect Caribbean party in your own backyard:

Fruit and vegetables sweet and sour grill for Hawaii motto

Outfit: swimwear, floral dresses.
Decor: improvised beach bar (e.g. made of pallets or a repurposed table), palm leaves, shells, glass beads, sand, hammocks, nautical and tropical colors and color combinations, fruits such as melon and/or exotic fruits, tiki motifs and torches, bamboo mats
Music: Depending on which island you want to imitate, reggae (Jamaica) is suitable, but also salsa or merengue (Dominican Republic, Cuba)
Food/drinks: fruits (papaya, coconut, pineapple, mango), cocktails (alcoholic or virgin – Blue Curacao, Caipi punch or Mojito), spicy (sweet and sour) dishes with pineapple, potatoes and chicken, barbecue dishes

Ballermann party

Theme party idea - Casual Mallorca party with tips for drinks, outfit and decoration

Summer vacation feeling, only with European flair you get with a Ballermann party as a motto for parties. Who always wanted to make party vacation on Mallorca, but has never made it there, can get the atmosphere even in the garden – summery colorful and not too fancy it should be, decoration and outfits are colorfully mixed – in principle, everything is allowed. If the garden also has a pool, all the better! You could implement the following theme party ideas for adults:

Party like at the Ballermann in Spain - How to make your summer party a success

Outfit: flower necklaces, cowboy hats, stand-up hats, bikini and swimsuit, summer dresses, dressier outfits like shirt and pants/jeans, cloth pants and blouse for ladies.
Decoration: inflatable paddling pool (if there is no pool), bar tables and also a few lounge areas, paper tablecloth, wild decoration mix of streamers, cocktail stir sticks and picks, paper napkins
Music: Ballermann music
Food/drinks: Sangria, but also cocktails, beer, sparkling wine and any other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks; any party idea for the food, but not too fancy and fancy

Mexican Fiesta

Motto party idea with summer flair - Mexican fiesta with cacti

A theme party whose name already reveals what is meant. This theme is particularly cheerful and is guaranteed to bring a good mood, if you follow a few simple rules to create the right mood. Here’s how you should plan this theme party idea:

Mexican costume as an outfit for women at the fiesta

Outfit: sombrero, colorful poncho, guns and mustache as accessories, Mexican traditional costume for women or frilly dress, flowers as hair decoration, strict chignon hairstyle is also typically Mexican
Decoration: llamas/alpacas, cactus motifs or real cacti, sombrero, maracas and banjos, pom-poms and tassels, mariachi mustache, strong colors like orange, pink, green, yellow, pink, blue, combined with pastel shades, piñata
Music: Mexican/Spanish music
Food/drinks: tacos, echiladas, cocadas, dishes with jalapeño or other spicy snacks, burritos, tamales; to drink tequila, pulques and/or agua fresca (water mixed with juice (e.g. watermelon, lime, orange, lemon)

More cool ideas for summer theme parties

Theme party idea - Sunglasses party with fancy glasses frames

Sunglasses party: each guest should bring an original pair of sunglasses (or provide some yourself) and wear them (or several models if you like) and with that you have your outfit right away. It should be colorful, funny and original. In terms of snacks and drinks, music and decoration, you basically have free choice and do not have to follow any rules. However, you could also use sunglasses for decorating the location – either real ones, oversized ones, or ones you made yourself out of cardboard. The result is a fancy theme party.

Midsummer Night’s Dream party: either based on Shakespeare’s comedy, whose action takes place in Athens (so Greek motifs are suitable, as well as fairies and elves). Or you can make up your own Midsummer Night’s Dream, such as a scene from 1001 Nights, if you want something oriental with lanterns, lanterns, belly dancer outfit and suitable music.

Bikini party with tips for party decorations matching the theme

Bikini party: well, this is of course about everyone showing up in their swimwear. It doesn’t have to be the bikini either. If some ladies feel more comfortable in a swimsuit, it should of course be allowed as well. Perfect both with occasion (for example, for a birthday), but also without occasion a great celebration.

Cocktail party: Here the focus is not the outfit or the decoration, but the drinks, as the name already suggests. Make sure there is a wide selection of different cocktail varieties for your guests to choose from. Whether you prepare them yourself or hire a bartender is up to you. Everything else like outfits, party decorations and music can be chosen by you or the guests themselves.

Theme party idea with Hawaiian atmosphere - serve pineapple and other fruits