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Sporty fashion from 60: Cool and casual outfits for older women for a comfortable everyday look!

Whether we are 30, 40 or 60 years old – fashion should be fun in the first place. Especially after a certain age, it’s no longer about being trendy, but about feeling comfortable in our outfits. Chic boots, trendy dresses, leather pants and co. – the fashion trends in autumn and winter are more versatile than they have been for a long time. Without a doubt, the trendy pieces look chic, but sometimes we want to be a little more comfortable and casual. Fortunately, hoodies in oversized look and sporty sweatpants are now absolutely socially acceptable and can be worn for any occasion. Whether it’s for the office or for a relaxed everyday look, today we’d like to show you how cool 60+ sporty fashion can be! Give the high heels a little break and get inspired by our outfits and styling tips for older women!

Sporty fashion from 60: What is athleisure wear as a fashion trend?

workout outfits older women sporty fashion from 60 tips

“Anyone who wears jogging pants has lost control of his life” – a few years ago we might have agreed with Karl Lagerfeld’s statement, but today it looks very different. A rethink has taken place in the fashion world and we even wear our hoodies and sports pants to the office or when going out. Numerous designers have also recognized our love for comfort and sporty garments have been all over the runways.

Athletic fashion from 60 how to combine leggings in winter

The fashion trend is still known as “athleisure wear” and is very popular. The term is a combination of the English words “Athletic” and “Leisure Wear” and that pretty much explains it all. What we’ve only worn for sports up to now now looks perfect in everyday life as well. Whether sporty from head to toe or in a style break with slightly more elegant pieces such as dresses and skirts – sporty fashion from 60 is not only super comfortable, but also really fun and offers us a lot of scope in terms of styling.

Combining sneakers for women over 60

Styling tips for older women sporty fashion from 60

Sporty fashion from 60 does not mean that you have to wear only hoodies and sweatpants from now on. If you want to approach the trend slowly, you can also wear the sporty look through sneakers for a lighter version. Sometimes monochrome, colorful or even as wedge sneakers – sneakers can now be found in every conceivable variation and have won a permanent place in our shoe closets. Probably the most classic way to combine sneakers is with jeans. But also in a style break to feminine dresses and skirts, the sneakers make a great figure and the style break looks really great.

Sweatpants for a comfortable look

Jogging pants combine older women chic sporty fashion from 60

What we used to wear only at home or during sports has now become an absolute fashion must-have. Super comfortable and super chic – sweatpants are on trend and have taken the hearts of all fashionistas by storm. Combined correctly, the casual pants look super great and can be worn to any affair. Which top you wear with them depends on the occasion. Logically, other sporty parts such as sneakers and hoodies are the most popular styling partners of sweatpants, but also elegant with blouses and cozy sweaters can be combined sweatpants. So do not be afraid to experiment with the most diverse looks.

Sweatpants combine in everyday life coat trends autumn winter 2022

Sweatpants come in all sorts of colors and shapes and have become an indispensable part of 60+ sporty fashion. And the best part? Due to the rather loose cut, the pants are not only super comfortable, but fit absolutely every figure perfectly.

sporty fashion from 60 outfits what is athleisure fashion trend

For a casually elegant look, however, not every model works and those who want to wear the sweatpants to go out or to the office should invest in high-quality pants made of not too thick fabric. A classy and modern coat adds a more elegant touch to an otherwise casual outfit and the style break makes for a real trendy look. The cut is also of great importance for a well-groomed appearance and the pants should not be cut too loose or too wide.

Sporty fashion from 60: casual hoodies and sports jackets

sporty fashion from 60 athleisure fashion trend outfits

Sporty fashion from 60 is anything but boring and a great way to experiment with our outfits and step out of our comfort zone. Combining casual sports pieces and looking chic is in itself true art. Hoodies in oversized look or sweat jacket provide the ultimate conditions to try out the athleisure look. The casual tops keep us nice and warm in the cold winter months and are also super comfortable.

which jeans for older women sporty fashion from 60

Again, you can choose from a wide variety of models and there is guaranteed to be something for every taste and style. What can you combine sweatshirts and hoodies with? Very simple – with absolutely everything you feel like. For everyday wear, you can wear them with jeans and sneakers. If you like it a little bolder, you can also combine the sporty tops in a style break with feminine skirts or elegant fabric pants. The style mix is what makes it! So that you do not look like a couch potato, preferably reach for figure-hugging and tighter cut models.

Combining leggings in everyday life

Athletic fashion from 60 how to combine leggings in winter

After leggings were considered an absolute fashion no-go for a long time, they are celebrating a big comeback this fall and come across much more chic. After all, leggings are an excellent and much more comfortable alternative to jeans and can be combined both casually and elegantly at will. And no – you’re never too old for leggings! Which top you wear with them is basically a matter of taste. Longer tops, such as oversized shirt blouses or sweaters look very flattering and are perfect for a casually elegant outfit for women over 60.

Sporty fashion from 60: More chic outfits for older women

which shoes to leggings in winter sporty fashion from 60 outfits

The athleisure look from head to toe looks surprisingly good

Adidas Superstar shoe trends winter 2022 athletic fashion from 60

Combine sweatpants and sweatshirt for a comfortable look

Athleisure trend in everyday life sporty fashion from 60

Hoodies and sweatshirts can also be perfectly combined with jeans

Sweatshirt and jeans combine sporty fashion from 60

Combine leggings and oversized shirt blouse

Oversized shirt and jeans combine sporty fashion from 60

Sporty fashion from 60 is anything but boring and looks very modern

casual outfits older women athletic fashion from 60 pictures

Do not be afraid to experiment with a variety of styles

how to combine leggings in autumn and winter athletic fashion from 60 outfits

Sweatpants, sneakers and sweat jacket for the ultimate everyday look

how to combine sneakers older women sporty fashion from 60