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Photo on canvas: how to effectively show off your favorite motifs!

Photo on canvas universe illustration on the wall in the living room

Family photos, portrait shots and city shots: A photo on canvas gets its grand entrance as a real work of art. A canvas picture is also super suitable as a gift for different occasions. For Christmas, Valentine’s Day or a birthday: homemade photos are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of the recipient. We explain which motifs the technique is best suited for, as well as provide useful tips on how to effectively stage your favorite photos. Embellish bare walls with memories!

Photo on canvas: The substrate at a glance

Photo on canvas moon illustration on the wall in Scandinavian living room

Whether stylishly grouped in an ensemble or staged as a soloist: A photo on canvas has a particularly noble appearance. Made of a blended fabric of cotton and polyester, photo canvas is confusingly similar to the real classic canvas made of fabric. However, the carrier material offers several decisive advantages: It has a smaller weight compared to aluminum dibond or acrylic glass plates, is light-resistant and waterproof. At the same time, it impresses with a textured surface that again clearly emphasizes the painting character of the image.

In order for photos to be printed on it, the surface is first specially coated. Then the photo canvas is printed in high resolution. Then a stretcher frame is covered with the canvas image. However, most manufacturers can deliver the printed photo without a frame.

Photo on canvas: Which edge?

Photo on canvas in living room flowers in vintage style

Who decides to buy a canvas picture, should first choose a suitable motif. Particularly beautiful look abstract motifs, family pictures in the middle of nature or city shots with a high resolution. Depending on what the image represents, you can choose a wraparound, mirrored, jagged or colored edge. The mirrored edge is the perfect choice for images where the subject doesn’t have enough flesh. For subjects that are centered against a colored background, the wraparound edge is a good choice. With the ragged edge, the border is pixelated. It is ideal for abstract motifs. Black and white images are usually provided with an edge in black or in white.

Photo on canvas: What do you have to pay attention to when ordering?

Print photo on canvas images with high resolution

Nowadays, numerous digital printing factories offer their services on the web. But how can you recognize reputable online photo labs and what should you pay attention to when ordering?

1. the resolution of the photos: basically, the rule of thumb is that the shorter the viewing distance, the higher the image resolution should be. However, in case of doubt, you can always seek advice. In addition, the renowned photo labs can process your images professionally.

2. choose the appropriate format for your photos. If you choose a 40 x 40 format, then you can create a thematic photo wall. A panoramic photo, on the other hand, you can hang in the hallway as a soloist.

3. check the visible area after covering before ordering. Otherwise, there may be unpleasant surprises upon delivery, for example, you find that important elements of your picture are cut off.

Canvas prints are real works of art: these motifs can be effectively staged

Painting in the dining room in modern country style

Landscape photographs and art prints are made for canvas, their matte surface brings out colors and contrasts particularly effectively. Since they are real eye-catchers, they are usually staged as soloists in furnishings in purist or country house style.

Panoramic images and city skyline cut a good figure above the sofa in the living room and can spice up minimalist interiors. Here, high-resolution printing plays an important role, as it makes every single detail clear.

Family portraits blend particularly harmoniously into vintage interiors. The substrate with its textured surface has just the old-fashioned charm that makes the home style so appealing.