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Organize family party: Tips around the photo box, the food, the outfit & Co.

Whether it’s a round birthday, a christening, a wedding or a cozy garden party with the whole family – stress is usually pre-programmed. But that doesn’t have to be the case. With a little planning and the right tips and tricks, the next celebration will be a relaxed affair. We explain how to organize the perfect family celebration.

Organize a family celebration: Distribute invitations early

Organize family party make and distribute invitations yourself

Invite everyone to the party in good time and inform everyone you want to be there. The best way to do this is to create a guest list and then let them know by phone or in person. Or you can use invitation cards that you can design yourself online or make yourself. Be sure to order and send out the invitations in good time so that the guests can reserve the day well in advance. Nothing is more annoying than guests who have to cancel because of the short notice.

Organize family party: Dress codes and dress code for guests

amilienfeier organize tips for perfect planning for birthdays

Do you have a set color scheme for your guests’ attire? Be sure to give everyone the opportunity to think about it and find a suitable outfit. Therefore, communicate special dress codes directly with the invitation. This way, your guests can take care of an appropriate outfit in time. Especially if certain colors are specified or certain ideas already exist, the search for the right garment can take a lot of time. Fortunately, there are many online stores that offer something for almost every occasion, taste and size – from evening dresses in large sizes , eye-catching suits, chic accessories to cute floral dresses for the little ones.

Motto party to set the mood

Organize theme party popular themes at a glance

Are you planning a theme party? The mostly colorful celebrations invite you to dress up or stick to a very specific dress code. Special color schemes or themes usually create an exuberant mood. After all, the guests’ outfits already give rise to all kinds of conversations, photos and funny situations. In recent years, theme parties have become increasingly popular. The celebrations are particularly successful when the concept is lovingly planned down to the smallest detail and the decorations are also based on the theme.

Popular motto party themes are:
– All-White or All-Black parties: all guests wear exclusively white or black.
– Bad-button: The worse the outfit, the more entertaining.
– Decade party: dress in the spirit of a particular decade, such as the 80s.
– Movie: From James Bond to Lord of the Rings, there are no limits here.
– Superheroes: Also a suitable theme for children.
– Hollywood: Gossip is virtually pre-programmed here.

Organize a family celebration: Entertainment for the whole family

Planning a family party Making your own photo box and accessories

The be-all and end-all of a good party? The right entertainment. On this point, do not act only according to your own desires or preferences. Take into account the invited guests. A DJ or solo entertainer at a golden wedding anniversary party can possibly tip the mood. It is important that the whole family is well entertained and having fun. A proven means is a photo box with funny disguises. In the meantime, there are many providers where the boxes can be rented in different designs. Or you can simply build the photo box yourself – with a bit of craftsmanship and time. Afterwards you can use the box at further celebrations or even rent it out.

Plan summer garden party and invite family

But there are also other proven entertainment options:
– Bouncy castles
– magicians or artists
– singers
– dance groups
Are the guests mainly children? If so, plan the entertainment accordingly. Take into account that the occasion determines which person will be the center of attention that day. Often this is forgotten in all the euphoria and anticipation, and the real reason for the celebration is pushed into the background.

The food: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

plan family party order catering or prepare buffet yourself

Depending on how, what and where the celebration is held, the number of invited guests differs immensely. This in turn also influences the choice of food and drinks. If the party is held in a hall or event location with many guests, external catering usually has to be arranged. If a smaller celebration is planned, finger food is often sufficient. Think about what will be served beforehand and use the support of the family. If everyone contributes a little something, you save yourself a lot of effort.

The decoration: The icing on the cake

Organize a family party Make your own paper decorations

Every celebration needs decorations – from lighting, flowers and candles to balloons and garlands. Initially, there are no limits to your imagination. But beware: decorative items can quickly go into the money and provide for high costs. It is better to think in advance how much budget you want to spend on decorations. Simply involve your family, friends and other guests and tinker together on the decoration . This is not only cost-saving, but also really fun and good mood.
If you keep these tips in mind, nothing can go wrong when planning your next family celebration. Don’t be too uptight and have fun – even if you make mistakes or not everything goes smoothly. Nothing is worse than a host in a bad mood.