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Organize a garden party: Success is guaranteed with these tips!

Anyone who enjoys the benefits of a large garden with a terrace, certainly from time to time thought about having a nice summer party with lots of guests. But how do you actually start something like this properly? Planning is especially important here, so that no unforeseen problems can arise. With a few steps, your party will surely remain in the minds of your visitors for a long time!

Organize a garden party: Step 1. write invitations

Organize garden party Write invitations

It may sound old-fashioned, but handwritten or at least printed invitations will add that special flair to your party! Feel free to color-code these to match the theme. The advantage is that guests feel more directly addressed and the invitation can’t get lost as quickly as an email or text message in today’s flood of news waves. So chances are higher that more guests will show up! The invitation should include all the important information about the location and time, and also include a deadline to RSVP. If needed, also create a table order directly for better organization of larger groups.

Organize a garden party: Step 2. food and drink

Garden party organize food and drinks

What would a garden party be without the right food? Find out about your guests and their eating habits in advance to make sure there is something for everyone. For example, you can serve the meal on beautiful handmade stoneware tableware . This comes in a variety of patterns and colors, and is made of high-quality material that will survive a bump or two. Not only does it create a unique atmosphere, but it also sets you apart from other hosts and is a much more sustainable alternative than paper plates.

Garden party organize serving drinks

For a large group, salads and finger foods work especially well. Also, put enough drinks on the table to choose from so that none of the guests suffer from thirst. If you have the opportunity, you can also use a grill to prepare juicy meat or healthy vegetable skewers. In addition, sauces and dips should not be missing.

Organize garden party: Step 3. the right ambience

Garden party candles on table and flowers in vases

The place where you celebrate should be suitable for the party. It must be large enough to set up tables and seating for everyone present. Furthermore, you can also impress your visitors with your plants in the garden. For this, they should be well-maintained and weeds should be removed. Shorten lawns to an appropriate length with the help of a lawn mower.
In the course of the evening, it is possible that mosquitoes or other insects will disturb your party. Control it, for example, by placing special candles, the smell of which will deter the pesky creatures. Some plants also have a similar effect.

Garden party organizing decoration ideas with lanterns

You can buy the decorations or make them yourself. When crafting lanterns, garlands and table decorations, fun and creativity is guaranteed! Just look for something that fits your theme and stick to a certain color scheme.

What else to consider when organizing

Garden party with friends tips for preparation

Inform your neighbors about the party beforehand so they don’t feel disturbed or invite them directly. Apart from that, it is important to keep an eye on the weather forecast and have an emergency solution ready in case of rain.