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Orchids table decoration – charming eye-catcher for wedding and everyday life

orchids table decoration glass-shell-deco-stone-branch-flowers-buds-tablecloth-cocktail-table

Are you looking for a charming table decoration for your wedding or any other special occasion for you? What do you think about decorating the table festively with beautiful flowers only? In this article we will give you some great ideas for inspiration, how to create the wow effect with an orchid table decoration with your guests even as they enter the premises.

Orchids table decoration – exclusive flower decoration

orchids table decoration white-glasses-tablecloth-candleholder-candles-garden-plates

The wonderful orchids are in the table decoration quite high in the course and not accidentally. They inspire with their true, delicate beauty, elegance and unique appearance. As a table decoration, the orchid flower is frugal and gives rise to fantastically beautiful creations. The leaves of the orchid look very different depending on the species and the flowers bloom in different colors.

Orchid table decoration – elegance with special symbolism.

orchids table decoration vase-ceramic-white-branches-pink-fuchsia-flowers-coffee-cup

From pale pink and fuchsia, through orange and yellow, to white and black, the orchid is a real work of art and attracts all eyes. Orchids can also be combined with many other flowers in the bouquet. They symbolize beauty, devotion, passion and desire, which is why they are also selected for a coherent table decoration for occasions such as wedding, birthday or baptism.

Orchids table decoration for wedding – beautiful splash of color on the table


Are you planning an outdoor wedding with many guests? This long table at a summer wedding is decorated exclusively with beautiful orchids. The brightly colored flowers in fuchsia are without a doubt a real eye-catcher. The vases placed in the center of the table make a great colorful accent. The individual flowers placed on the plates skillfully pick up the theme of the table decoration.

Spring table decoration with bouquet of flowers


What do you think about such a spring, sunny table decoration? Even without any occasion at all, you can design your table with a flowery decoration. If you often spend time in the garden and enjoy your lunch in the fresh air, a great bouquet of flowers with peonies and orchids will brighten up the table and put you in a good mood.

Fancy table decoration with orchid flowers and grapes


If you are looking for an interesting table decoration that looks rustic and creative at the same time, you can arrange wooden boxes with flowers of your choice and place them in the center of the table. Single orchid flowers in purple pick up the color theme and grapes make the pretty bouquet unique.

Romantic and classy table decoration for wedding


Dreaming of a fairytale wedding with a personalized table decoration? You are welcome to decorate the centerpiece of the table with delicate orchids in lilac, which will stand out like a waterfall from the elegant glass vase. The beautiful tall flower decoration on the guest table will perfectly harmonize with the decoration of the vase and with the small spherical bowls in which white orchid flowers float.

Tall flower vases for a noble look


If you choose tall vases made of glass for your flower decoration, you will surely create excitement among your guests. The enchanting blooms will float above their heads, conjuring up a romantic and festive atmosphere. To allow undisturbed eye contact among the guests, you should either arrange the flower decoration well above their heads or opt for low vases. This way, nothing will stand in the way of an entertaining conversation.

Orchids table decoration – floral charm beautifully presented


Not only the beautiful flowers create a fantastic decoration, but also the vases placed in front of the guests’ eyes can be a unique eye-catcher and complete the whole table decoration. This spherical vase, which goes out to the top quite narrowly, presents in an elegant way only one orchid panicle at a time.

Candles for a romantic flair


A fascinating orchid table decoration, especially at a wedding, cannot do without warm candlelight.  Choose candles that match your overall table decor. Whether you choose tea light jars, pillar candles or shaped candles, candles in all variations simply belong to the wedding celebration.

Noble and simple look in silver


A vase in silver look and some shiny tea light holders enhance the entire table decoration and make the overall look of the festively decorated table uniform. The shiny cutlery completes the harmonious, classy decoration. If you want to have more shine, but keep the decoration simple, you can scatter transparent decorative stones around the vase.

Underwater orchid for a stunning decoration.


This decoration is a good example of how just a single panicle of the orchid, can offer a magical table decoration. The panicles of orchids are slightly longer than other flowers and have several evenly spaced, beautiful flowers. If you want to showcase this natural beauty, you can fill a glass tube with water for your orchid table decoration and present elegant floating orchids.

Orchid table decoration with floating candles


The water will make the delicate flowers look bigger and your color will stand out even better. If you want, you can spice up the flower decoration with a floating candle and create a romantic atmosphere. Feel free to put a lower vase with other flowers for contrast.

Table decoration in shades of pink


Want to add color to your wedding day? If the flower decoration has your wedding color, you can also combine different flowers in only one color or flowers with similar shades.  This way you will avoid the table looking chaotic and cluttered.

Playful table decoration with small orchids


If you have chosen lower vases, you can also create an attractive composition by positioning several vases next to each other at different heights. Your table decoration will appear more lively as a result.

Rustic charm and elegance in one


If you want a table decoration that looks absolutely natural and brings a rustic flair, you can combine elegant white or cream flowers with driftwood or twigs. This piece of nature emphasizes even more the unadulterated beauty of the noble flowers.

Table decoration with natural materials and orchid flowers


This wonderful table decoration is completely inspired by nature and represents a successful combination of natural materials with their unique design and the almost unrealistically perfect appearance of the delicate flowers. The colorful flowers freshen up the decoration and stand out.

Spice up napkin ring with flowers


You can also add variety to your everyday table decorations with orchids. It doesn’t have to be bouquets of flowers on the table. Feel free to decorate the napkin rings with a small orchid panicle or simply place individual flowers on the plate.

Stunning floral beauty on the table


If you want to beautify your table at home with a flowery, chic decoration, you can also effectively arrange orchids in a flower pot. Create a colorful contrast between the room furnishings and the flower pot.

Orchids in a flower pot


If you want to admire the intense colors and beauty of the orchid longer, you can use a flower pot instead of a flower vase as a table decoration. This is the optimal variant for all flower lovers who do not want to give up the magnificent beauty.