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Make New Year’s Eve decorations yourself: These cute DIY ideas are sure to delight young and old alike!

These easy DIY New Year’s Eve decorations with lots of glitter and sparkle will make sure you ring in the new year the right way! Get ready to shine! Because you can easily make New Year’s Eve decorations yourself with our great ideas! Let’s get started!

New Year’s Eve decorations: DIY confetti dipped balloons

We all know those beautiful transparent balloons filled with confetti

We all know about those beautiful transparent confetti filled balloons that have become a trend, but what if you don’t want just transparent balloons? Well, then of course you put the confetti on the outside!


Gold foil confetti
Decoupage glue or mod podge
Paintbrush or foam brush

When you fill the balloons with helium to make them float, you have to be careful not to put too much confetti on the balloons or they won’t stay up! It’s best to sacrifice one balloon as a test balloon so you can see how much confetti it can handle. If you’re just filling the balloons with air and bouncing them around on the floor, the more confetti the better!

Take the inflated balloon and spread the decoupage glue on the bottom side

How to make glittery balloons yourself:

  • Take the inflated balloon and spread decoupage glue on the bottom of the balloon. You need a thin but even layer. You can either paint a straight line so you have a very defined “confetti hollow”, or you can make the top edge of the decoupage surface rough so it looks a little less perfect.
  • Either way, once you’ve applied the glue, you can start dipping and sprinkling the confetti. It’s best to hold a balloon over a large bowl of confetti and take a handful at a time and press it onto the balloon. Shake the balloon so the excess confetti falls off, and then let it dry.
  • The confetti will stick pretty well with these steps, but for extra security you can also add another layer of decoupage glue over the confetti and let it dry. (The glue will dry clear.) If you do this, be sure to allow for the extra waiting time for the second layer so the balloons don’t get too heavy!

DIY glitter jars for the best party ever.

With Mod Podge you can make beautiful glitter glasses as New Year's Eve decorations yourself

With Mod Podge, you can make beautiful glitter jars as New Year’s Eve decorations yourself. So you can have a glittery party with family and friends and impress your gesture!

Materials needed:

Wine glasses – two
Glitter – colors of your choice
Dishwasher safe Mod Podge
Painter’s tape (optional)

Coat each jar with an even layer of Mod Podge


  • Clean each jar with mild soap and water; allow to dry completely.
  • Coat each jar with an even layer of Mod Podge. Optional: use painter’s tape to cover areas where you don’t want glitter.
  • While the glue is still wet, spread an even amount of glitter over the jar. For an ombre look, apply the gold glitter first, then the silver.
  • Allow the glasses to dry completely for at least two hours after applying the glitter. If the glitter is very thick, you can wait overnight.
  • When the glasses are dry, apply a generous coat of Mod Podge Gloss over the glitter. Allow it to dry completely. Be sure to read the curing instructions on the label.

Make your own New Year’s Eve decorations: Topiary

Make your own New Year's Eve decorations - these cute DIY ideas are sure to delight young and old alike

This one is a fun idea that you’ll enjoy making. Both adults and kids will be fascinated to make this New Year’s Eve Topiary!

What you need:

Leftover ornaments from the Christmas tree
Styrofoam ball
Hot glue gun
1 dowel

Instructions for crafting:

  • Take some leftover ornaments (or you can just buy them very cheaply!), take off the tips and glue them to a styrofoam ball with a hot glue gun.
  • You can put a dowel in one end, attach a bow and put the ball in a pot. It looks so cute!

Make great gold fringe party hats

Make your own New Year's Eve decorations - Here's a fun idea that you'll have a lot of fun making

Party hats are a fitting accessory for any party. And for Силжестер they should glitter and reflect your festive mood!

Materials needed:

gold metallic tissue paper
Fringe scissors
Rubber band
Glue or tape (depending on your preference)

You can easily craft gold fringe New Year's Eve party hats

How to craft the party hats:

  • Craft the party hats using the printable we provide. After downloading, print out on cardstock, cut out the shape and fold!
  • Cut two slits in each side of the hat and tie a rubber band through it. Knot it together on the inside.
  • Cut the tissue paper with the fringe scissors. This particular type of metallic paper is quite delicate, so we found that very quick cuts worked best.
  • Attach short strips so that they fit comfortably around the round shape of the hat. Start at the bottom of the hat and go around the hat. Attach the fringe with tape, it will be less messy that way – but of course you can use craft glue. On top of this first layer, attach another layer and work your way all the way up! There’s plenty of room for error, so don’t worry about bad fringe or overlap!

The party hats are made with the printable we provided