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Craft lucky charms: Ideas for cute little figurines that you can give as gifts on New Year’s Eve

You want to surprise someone with a cool gift for New Year’s Eve? Then you can make a lucky charm. We give you several ideas for small figures.

Make lucky charms: Lucky mushrooms from modeling clay

Make mushrooms from modeling clay yourself instruction

In the 19th century, the term “lucky mushroom” became popular. At that time there were more and more people who quickly became successful and rich. They were called lucky mushrooms because, like mushrooms, they shoot out of the ground at lightning speed. Nowadays, the term tends to be used only for people who are lucky.

You will need air-drying modeling clay and paints to make cute lucky mushrooms. In addition to that, you can add a D-ring or carabiner to the lucky mushrooms to use them as hangers.

Lucky mushroom from modeling clay itself make instruction

Craft the individual parts of the mushrooms and put them together. Then let them air dry preferably overnight and then you can paint the eyes. The lucky mushrooms can then be used as keychains, for example.

Did you know that the custom of giving lucky charms on New Year’s Eve dates back to Roman times. In the 17th century, the Pope had officially designated December 31 as the end of the year. Accordingly, even then it was very important for people to find out whether the next year will be happy. However, a lucky charm should not only bring prosperity, but also be able to protect its wearer.

Make a lucky charm: Horseshoes from modeling clay

Make your own horseshoes as small lucky charms

Horseshoes were still in the Middle Ages a symbol of wealth and luck. This is because at that time the iron was very cheap. Only a few could afford to have their horses shod. Once you found a horseshoe, you were overjoyed. A horseshoe should always be hung with the opening facing upwards. Nowadays, the symbol stands for strength and can protect the house and family.

You can also make horseshoes from modeling clay. You need a suitable cookie cutter and you are ready to go. The advantage of this method is that you can make as many pendants as you want. It’s super quick and super easy. Also a nice giveaway for the New Year’s Eve party, if you have invited many guests. In addition, of course, you can also label the horseshoes with the names of the recipient if desired.

Make lucky pig from plastic egg and felt

Lucky pig from felt and plastic egg tinker

Pigs were sacred to the Germanic peoples. Since that time, the animals are considered a symbol of fertility and prosperity. If you wear a lucky pig pendant on New Year’s Eve, you will have good luck in the next year.

If you have more free time, then you can make lucky pigs from plastic eggs. By the way, you can also take a wooden egg. You will need a button for the nose, two details of felt for the ears and drinking straws for the legs. By the way, you can also cut pipe cleaners and use them for the legs.

Small four-leaf clover pendant to give as a gift on New Year’s Eve.

Shamrock four-leaf happiness send Anleitungu

The four-leaf clover has also been a well-known and popular good luck charm for centuries. However, unlike other good luck symbols, it represents the cross. Moreover, Christians at that time believed that even the first woman – Eve – carried a four-leaf clover as a reminder of paradise.

Another variant is to sew the lucky charm. To do this, proceed as follows to make a four-leaf clover from felt. First, make a template from clay cardboard, and then cut out two shamrocks from green felt. Then take a golden or yellow sewing thread and sew the two clovers together.

You want to surprise the family and friends with a nice gift for New Year’s Eve? Then you should choose a small lucky charm. It should fit in the hand and the presentee should always have it with him. This way he will be lucky in the next year and guaranteed to be successful in his career life.

Therefore, a good idea is to make a pendant. You can cut it out of felt and sew it or make it yourself from modeling clay. Choose a decorative figure that symbolizes luck and success.