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Mother’s Day cake make yourself as a sweet surprise for the best mom

Our mothers are the real heroes who always help and support us. And for that, they deserve to be pampered and showered with love every day. This is even more true on Mother’s Day. On this special day of the year, we say “thank you” to our moms and show them how important they are to us. If a gift and a greeting card are not enough for you, you can also bake a delicious Mother’s Day cake for mom. Choose her favorite recipe, bake the cake yourself and decorate it accordingly for the occasion. Such a gesture will surely make any mom overjoyed.

Whether it’s for Mother’s Day brunch or afternoon coffee, a cake always goes. Surprise your mom (or your child’s mom) with a beautifully decorated Mother’s Day cake. We have collected many ideas for the cake including beautiful decorating tips that you can use as inspiration.

Mother’s Day cake heart – 3 variants

Mother's day cake heart with chocolate

The heart is the symbol of love and lends itself as the best motif for the Mother’s Day cake. There are a few variants to decorate the cake with a heart, which we will look at a little closer below.

Bake a simple heart cake

Mother's day cake heart how to bake heart shape baking tray

A Mother’s Day cake heart is most easily achieved with a suitable baking pan. You can choose between a heart springform pan, a silicone baking pan for hearts or a heart pan with non-stick coating. Alternatively, you can bake a regular large sheet cake with a round or rectangular shape and then cut out a heart from a sheet of paper using a template.

Mother’s Day cake heart without heart shape

Mother's Day cake heart without heart shape baking tray make yourself

With this simple trick, the heart shape can be made from two regular cakes. One square cake and one round cake are needed. The round one is cut in half and then the halves are glued with the cut side to two adjoining sides of the square with cream. This creates the heart shape. If the cake is then covered with buttercream or ganache, no one can see that it is two cakes put together.

Ladyfinger heart cake for mom with strawberries

Ladyfingers cake for Mother's Day simple with chocolate strawberries

For this recipe, you will first need a round and a square cake. For example, you can prepare your favorite cake recipe, buy a ready-made cake mix or even use ready-made cake layers. Furthermore, you will need strawberries, whipped cream, powdered sugar, ladyfingers and dark chocolate.

Mother's day cake recipes heart cake with ladyfingers

First, puree half of the strawberries with the powdered sugar and strain off the excess liquid. Then whip the cream until soft and fluffy and fold the strawberry puree into the whipped cream. The cream is now ready. Use it to stick the pieces of the heart together and frost the Mother’s Day cake. Then arrange the ladyfingers around the cake. Decorate with strawberries, dipped first in melted dark chocolate, if desired. Finally, tie the heart cake with a wide bow and you’re done.

Make your own chocolate strawberries instructions

Box cake with heart inside

Chocolate box cake for Mother's Day with heart inside

The cake with a heart inside is another wonderful option for Mother’s Day. It is not at all complicated to make yourself and looks very original and cool. To make such a cake with surprise, you first need to bake a colored sheet cake and cut out from it the desired shape (in this case a heart) several times. Then arrange the mini cakes in the center of a loaf pan and pour the second cake batter over them. For best results, the colors of both cakes should contrast with each other.

How to bake box cake with heart for mother's day

We have collected many tips, recipes and ideas for the cake with heart inside in this article.

Decorate Mother’s Day Gugelhupf

Gugelhupf cake for Mother's Day with icing and flower petals

For a Gugelhupf, the right baking dish is essential. If you already have it in the kitchen, then the Mother’s Day cake will definitely succeed. For this you can use any cake recipe – it’s just a matter of taste. As for the decoration, for Mother’s Day there are many wonderful ways to turn the simple Gugelhupf into something special.

Mother's day cake Gugelhupf with icing and real flowers as decoration

To make the cake even more delicious and look even more beautiful, it is recommended to first cover it with a glaze. Whether you choose the classic white icing or go for a chocolate icing, for example, is up to you. Furthermore, you can decorate the Mother’s Day cake with edible flowers, berries or grated lemon or orange peel to make it even more festive. Another nice idea would be to place a glass vase in the hole in the center of the cake and arrange some spring flowers in it.

Decoration for Mother's Day cake banner do it yourself

Homemade cake garlands are just as perfect as Mother’s Day cake decorations. Whether you choose a classic inscription like “Mom” or a greeting like “Happy Mother’s Day”, the smile on her face is guaranteed.

A delicious cheesecake

Classic cheesecake for Mother's Day

If you are just looking for the right recipe for Mother’s Day cake, first think about what is your mother’s favorite cake. If this is a cheesecake, then prepare a cheesecake. Here you can choose between a classic baked cheesecake and a version without baking. For the decoration, there are also no limits to your imagination. Everything is possible – fruits, berries, jam, silhouettes of powdered sugar or cocoa, nuts, flowers and many more.

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Mother’s Day cake in small format

Tartelettes with berries

Mini vanilla tartelettes with blueberries and strawberries for Mother's Day

But it does not always have to be a big cake. If it’s just you and your mom celebrating Mother’s Day, then small cakes are more appropriate. For example, you can give great pleasure to your mom with these small tartelettes. You can make the dough yourself or buy it ready-made, and the possibilities for creams and toppings are pretty much endless. With a vanilla cream and fresh berries, for example, you simply can’t go wrong. For more ideas and recipes for mini tarts and cakes, check out this post .

Mini Mother's Day cake gift tartelette with berries

If you want to surprise mom with a tartelette as a gift, then a beautiful packaging simply can not be missing. Present the homemade delicacy in a pretty box decorated with a loving greeting or choose a simple packaging of cellophane with a pretty bow to make the gift even more special.

Mini letter cake

Easy mini mother's day cake with letters

With the right cookie cutters, you can give the miniature cake any shape you like. If you have letter cutters, you can also spell out a word. For each letter, you will need two cake layers and cream or frosting as the filling and frosting. A jam is equally possible as a filling.

Mini letter cake for Mother's Day bake yourself

To make these lovely desserts yourself, first bake a sponge cake base in any baking dish and let it cool. If the cake base becomes too high, you can cut it in half horizontally with a sharp knife. Then cut out the letters, prepare the cream and create the mini cupcakes. To decorate, use small decorations, such as sugar sprinkles, sugar beads, small edible flowers or even chopped nuts.

Tip: Since the cakes are quite small, it would be difficult and messy to cover them with a knife. Instead, put the filling and frosting in a piping bag and pipe it onto the letters.

Mother’s Day cake with fondant

Mother's Day cake with fondant make and decorate yourself

Cake with fondant is not just for birthdays. Step by step instructions on how to work with fondant and many useful tips can be found in our article ” Make your own fondant cake – basic steps for a successful result “.

Mother's day cake with fondant decorate with celery stick

Here we offer you a simple yet original idea for decorating Mother’s Day cake with fondant. For this you will need a whole celery, household gums and food coloring. Roughly cut the celery in half. It should now look like a rose. Then wrap the celery with a rubber band and dip it in the food coloring. Stamp the roses onto the fondant, you can try printing on a piece of paper first until you are happy with your stamp. For the leaves, tie two small celery sticks together with a rubber band and stamp them between the roses using green food coloring.

Mille crepe or pancake cake for Mother’s Day.

Crepe cake for Mother's Day decorated with roses

Not everyone can or wants to bake and we understand that. That’s why we’re offering you a more unusual Mother’s Day cake idea here. This impressive cake is called Mille Crêpe and it is a cake made of several pancakes with filling in between. The recipe is really simple – you first bake out the pancakes, let them cool and turn them into a cake. You can use almost anything as a filling. The only important thing is to be a little more sparing with the cream, so that the cake doesn’t fall apart in the end.

Mother's Day cake from crepes with cream and berries

More decoration ideas for the Mother’s Day cake

Decorate cake for Mother's Day with writing and flowers

What makes the cake for Mother’s Day even more special is, of course, the decoration. We have already shown you some ideas that will surely please your mom. Have you still not found the right one, then also look at the following few pictures. With a lettering, for example, you can turn any simple cake into a Mother’s Day cake. Flowers are also super suitable for this occasion and can be quickly sprayed from buttercream with the right accessories. You can find a few tips and tricks in our article on decorating cakes and cupcakes with the piping bag .

Mother's Day cake decorate with piping bag idea basket with flowers

With buttercream and the right nozzles, you can also decorate cakes with very original designs, such as this flower basket. But if you want to make such a Mother’s Day cake yourself, then we recommend that you take a few days and do not prepare everything in one day. You need to bake a cake, prepare some buttercreams and spray flowers and basket.

Sheet cake for Mother's Day decorate as a flower basket with piping bag

The cake, buttercream and flowers can be prepared on the first day, while assembling the cake can be done on the second day. After all, the most beautiful things take time, but it’s worth it for mom.

Cake for Mother's Day decorate with berries cream and real flowers

If you do not have so much time, but still want to surprise your mom with a delicious and beautiful cake, berries are the right choice for the cake decoration. Berries are delicious, healthy and pretty and with them you can really decorate any cake.