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Make your own tablecloth weights: 10 DIY tablecloth weights for the garden table

Imagine you are sitting at the garden table with your favorite drink and delicious cake , when suddenly a strong wind blows the tablecloth half into the cake. Not exactly cozy. In this case, the tablecloth weights offer. We show you 10 ideas how to make beautiful tablecloth weights yourself.

Make tablecloth weights yourself: Hang buckets of flowers

Table cloth weights from bucket and flowers ideas

The first idea for a DIY tablecloth weights looks very decorative and is suitable for small, rectangular garden tables . Place a piece of plug sponge for flowers in a bucket and arrange cut flowers, ornamental grasses and decorations. For maximum effect, color coordinate the flowers with the tablecloth.

Use apples as tablecloth weights

Tablecloth weights from natural materials apple DIY ideas

You can use not only fresh flowers , but also seasonal fruit as tablecloth weights. Cut twine or sisal ribbon and tie an apple to one end and a second apple to the other. You can also use pears, grapes or other fruit of your choice.

Optionally, you can make your own table weight out of a metal ball, felt fabric and craft wire. Cut leaves out of green felt fabric and glue them to the metal wire. Using a flat brush, apply red acrylic paint to the metal ball and hang it on the craft wire. Since these tablecloth weights are small, you will need at least 4 for the long side and at least 2 for the short side of the table.

Make your own tablecloth weights from gravel and decorative beads

Tablecloth weights for picnic table do it yourself instructions

A cool idea is to thread gravel and wooden beads on a yarn one by one. These tablecloth weights are not only functional, but also have a decorative value. A tablecloth made of linen fabric in gray and anthracite effectively complements the concept. To keep the table from looking dull, you can opt for white tableware and glasses made of clear glass. The clear glass will reflect the sunlight and will add accents to the table.

Make your own tablecloth weights from concrete

tablecloth weights from concrete self casting ideas for garden

Do you want decorative and modern tablecloth weights? Then you can make them yourself from concrete. You will need 2-3 egg plastic packages (for example, from Ferrero’s surprise eggs), curtain clips, screw eyes and fine concrete from the craft store. Follow the instructions on the package and mix the concrete with water. Rub oil on the inside of the plastic packaging. Then poke a hole in each plastic egg and pour the concrete into the mold. Then quickly insert the screw eyes (one screw eye per egg) and let the concrete dry for two days. Then you can open the molds and very carefully release the tablecloth weights from them. You can embellish the tablecloth weights as you wish with waterproof paints from the craft store or leave them untreated. Finally, hang the screw eyes on the curtain clips.

Macramé and stones tablecloth weights

Tablecloth weights from macramé and stones do it yourself tutorial

Another cool idea is to repurpose a macramé flower hanging basket. You can either buy a small hanging basket or make it yourself. But instead of a plant pot, river stones go inside. Hang the finished tablecloth weights on the tablecloth with curtain clips.

Make your own tablecloth weights from felt

Tablecloth weights from fur make yourself strawberries

If you want to let your creativity run wild, then the next idea is just for you. Cut out a cone shape from red fabric, then fill it with gravel. Sew or glue the cone ends together with hot glue. Cut the leaves from green felt and fix them with the hot glue. Cut a 3 cm piece of pipe cleaner and bend it in the middle. Attach the pipe cleaner to the strawberry and use curtain clips to hang the table weights.

Make your own tablecloth weights from knitting yarn

For the next craft idea you will need the following materials: two metal rings, knitting yarn (in green and pink), a clothespin.

Make your own tablecloth weights from macramé

Cut the knitting yarn and alternately wrap the green and pink yarn around the metal ring. Then knot one end of the yarn. Tie two metal rings together and hang them with the clothespin.

Tablecloth weights made from old toys

Make your own tablecloth weights from old children's toys

A cool upcycling idea for families with kids: If you have old metal toys left over, you can repurpose them into tablecloth weights.

Make tablecloth weights yourself: Idea with rope

Tablecloth weights from rope do it yourself ideas

Another variation is to wrap a metal ball with rope. This creates a decorative table weight that brings a nautical feel to your garden.

Table cloth weights in organza bags

Make your own tablecloth weights from bags and organza ribbon

You can also fill organza bags with glass balls and use them as table weights. Choose bags in accent colors like green or yellow.

Want to make stylish tablecloth weights yourself? Let your creativity run wild and use household items and even seasonal fruit to craft the tablecloth weights. Look around the house and garden and you will surely find the necessary materials. While you’re at it, don’t forget to seal or paint all the metal details so that rust doesn’t form. So nothing will stand in the way of pleasant evenings at the garden table even on windy days!