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Make winter decorations yourself: How to decorate the home between Christmas and spring with natural materials!

In January we redecorate our home and create a great winter decoration from natural materials. We offer you several simple ideas how to decorate the house, apartment and garden discreetly and stylishly at the same time. So you can make a beautiful winter decoration yourself with cones, twigs and fresh flowers and spread a cozy feeling after Christmas.

Make winter decorations yourself: Simple DIY ideas with natural materials

Make your own table decorations in winter from natural materials

Especially after Christmas, everyone surely has a few fir or pine branches left at home. And even if you have already cleaned up the Christmas decorations – often a walk in nature is enough to collect materials for winter decoration. You will need several slices of wood, in which you will drill holes with a diameter of 1 cm. For this purpose, it is best to use a wooden drill. Then insert the branches into the holes. If they wiggle, you can fix them with glue.

For the garland in the living room : dissolve fabric paints in water and put a piece of cotton rope in the water (do not press the rope under water, but let it float). Leave rope in water for about 24 hours, then take out, wrap around and tie two tips of pine branches at the end.

Make your own natural table decoration after Christmas with spruce cones

Make your own table decoration in winter with natural materials

A table decoration does not have to be complicated. You just need natural materials such as pine cones, cypress branches and dried seed pods or dried flowers from florist supplies to conjure up a creative, stylish and fresh winter decoration. Fill small glass vases with gravel and stick candles inside. Plant old tea cups with moss or grass and arrange the natural materials in the center of the table.

Winter decoration in January with amaryllis flowers

Winter decoration 2023 with fresh flowers make yourself

Amaryllis form flowers between 5 and 10 inches in size. They make great cut flowers, as long as you cut them off when they are still closed. Cut flowers can stay fresh for up to 14 days, as long as you cut the stems at an angle every two-three days. This allows the flowers to absorb water. Display the flowers in tall glass bottles. Place the bottles on coasters made of moss slabs or drape moss between the bottles. Several LED candles will further accentuate the decor.

Skandi-style table decoration: bleach cones.

Bleach cones and use as decoration

Cones offer many advantages: they are very durable and look good in combination with coniferous tree branches and berries as well as with fresh flowers. If you want a purist decoration in Scandinavian style, go for bleached cones. You just need to get a bleaching agent – usually hydrogen peroxide (3.5%) from the drugstore, and then dissolve about 2 tablespoons in 3 liters of water. Use a plastic bucket and wear rubber gloves. Place the cones in the water so that they do not touch and leave them there for about 20 minutes. Then take them out and let them dry on paper towels. The next day you can arrange them as you like with other natural materials in bowls.

Decoration after Christmas: Craft garland for the living room

cone garland as winter decoration from natural materials do it yourself

What is the charm of winter decoration is that you can use the natural materials that are left after Christmas, but then stage them differently. Spring motifs like birds and flowers are present and are an important part of winter decor. The color palette is simple and restrained – white, light blue, gray, green and brown round it out. This creates the perfect ensemble for the transitional period after Christmas and before spring.

Example: garland made of driftwood. A bird figurine is glued to the driftwood. Pine cones are dyed ice blue and hung on the driftwood with white yarn. Ready is the winter decoration, which can decorate the entrance to the house or the living room wall.

“Winter wonderland” decoration with various cones and wine corks.

Painting cones with wine corks decorating ideas

The next beautiful decoration in the style of “Winter Wonderland” can be made by anyone at home. You will need pine, pine and pine cones in different sizes. Spray paint two cones in ice blue or silver, two cones in gold or brass, two in sky blue and one in pink. Glue the cones to wine corks and the beautiful decoration is ready. Arrange the cones in front of a decorative wooden birdhouse and line the area between the cones with cotton.

Make winter decorations for the balcony and garden yourself.

Winter decoration for outside with natural materials do it yourself

In sub-zero temperatures, you can “freeze” a beautiful decoration from natural materials. You can use large silicone ice molds. Put the natural materials in the mold and fill it with water. Then put them in the freezer. The next day, release the ice from the mold and display the decorative element outdoors.

Make a bouquet of flowers from cones

Winter decoration for outside do it yourself instruction

You can decorate the garden and the house with beautiful “bouquets” of cones. For small decorations, glue the cones to an old Christmas tree ball. For larger arrangements, you can use a plug-in foam ball from florist supplies. We already have instructions on how to make flowers from the pine cones.