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Last minute gifts: How to quickly conjure up a successful surprise

Sometimes you forgot an important anniversary or birthday, or the stress of everyday life did not allow to take care of a gift in time. In all these cases, it is necessary to resort to a last-minute gift. From vouchers to self-made things to flowers and events, there are many ways to make dear people happy. In addition, digital birthday greetings are becoming increasingly important. This article presents various last-minute gifts and explains what to look out for when giving them.

A voucher always goes

Vouchers belong to the classics among the last minute gifts

Gift certificates are one of the classics among last-minute gifts. This is mainly due to the fact that they can be easily and individually designed. If you’re good at handicrafts, you can design and make your own gift certificate. A little craft cardboard, crayons, glitter and stickers, and your own gift certificate is ready. If you don’t have any handicraft talent, you can send digital vouchers. These can also be individually designed and sent directly to the person who is to receive the gift. A big advantage of digital vouchers is that they cannot get lost.

Very different things lend themselves as vouchers. Some opt for a shopping voucher, others for an experience voucher. A visit to a fancy restaurant is just as suitable a gift as a travel voucher. Who would like, can give away besides individual gifts like a back massage or a common trip. With the coupon it should be made certain that the validity is as long as possible. This gives the recipient the greatest possible flexibility.

Digital greeting cards and congratulations

Digital greeting cards and congratulations for the last minute

In times of social networks and messengers, digital surprises are en vogue. Thus, there is the possibility to create and send digital greeting cards. These often offer the possibility to attach photos, voice messages and videos. This makes it possible to customize the respective greeting and give free rein to creativity. With digital congratulations, it is important to be as honest and sincere as possible. The other party has no way of knowing the intention of the well-wisher apart from the words and pictures. Facial expressions, gestures and tone of voice, which play a role in a conversation, are often omitted in such congratulations. The more sincerely the congratulations are formulated and the more precisely one’s own feelings are addressed, the better.

There are many possibilities for the design of a digital greeting card. For example, quotes from famous people that fit the recipient’s life situation are popular. It is also possible to use the status in Messenger or on social networks for congratulations. Others send sayings that are tailored to the occasion. Among friends, small jokes, anecdotes or running gags often serve as a hook to get rid of congratulations. With all these approaches, it is important to make the congratulations personal and heartfelt and to respond to the recipient.

Bake your own cake or chocolates

Home-baked goods like cupcakes and chocolates are popular as last-minute gifts

Homemade baked goods taste good and bring joy. Especially cupcakes and chocolates are popular as last-minute gifts, because they can be prepared without much effort within a very short time. Another popular gift is a delicious tiramisu in a glass. With such gifts, it’s not just the taste that counts, but also the design. Small decorations, cute figures and congratulations written with icing make a lot and give such a gift a special touch.

It is important to adapt the sweets to the taste of the recipient. Some people especially like chocolate, others a candy can not be fruity enough. Icing is available in all imaginable colors and shapes, so that the pastries can be color-matched to the preferences of the recipient. Small birthday candles for a cake or cupcake set the mood and give the gift its own unique glow.

Gifts for tech-savvy people

Last minute gifts for tech-savvy people

There are gifts that are especially suitable for people who are passionate about technology. Instead of a classic book, for example, an e-book can be given as a gift. If, on the other hand, the recipient is more likely to read magazines than books, a magazine subscription is a good idea. This is an excellent last-minute gift, as it can be organized on the day of the party itself. For those who are more into music, a subscription to a streaming service can be taken out. However, such subscriptions are long-term gifts that incur a monthly fee.

Apps have become part of our everyday lives. Some make everyday tasks easier, others are ideal for trips and travel, and still others are fun and just plain enjoyable. Giving apps as gifts makes sense, as they can be perfectly customized to the preferences of the recipient. Last but not least, online courses are good last minute gifts. These can be easily completed or given as a gift certificate. This gives the gift recipient the opportunity to learn a new language, try their hand at cooking, or try another new hobby.

Get flowers

Flowers are one of the typical last minute gifts

Flowers are one of the typical last minute gifts. On the way to the celebration can stop at a flower store and buy a beautiful bouquet. Some people are particularly pleased with creatively designed, appealing bouquets, others have a favorite flower and find, for example, a bouquet of 30 roses particularly appealing. Small flower pots can also be given as gifts instead of bouquets. For people with a green thumb, sophisticated plants are no problem. For everyone else, the flowers chosen should be as low-maintenance as possible.

Give away events

Events are becoming more popular as last minute gifts

Events are becoming increasingly popular as gifts. For example, some people dream of driving a Formula 1 car or driving an excavator. Others are interested in romantic restaurant visits with candlelight. Sports enthusiasts may enjoy a parachute jump or canyoning. For puzzle lovers, a visit to an escape room is the perfect gift, whereas others are enthusiastic about visiting a climbing park, an ice skating rink or a black light mini golf course. The beauty of such experience gifts is that they can be enjoyed with others and remain in the memory for a long time.


Last minute gifts are well received by many recipients

Last minute gifts are well received by many recipients. This is at least true if they come from the heart and are tailored to the individual interests and preferences of the recipient. Some gifts, such as home-baked goods or gift certificates, can be homemade and creatively designed. Digital gifts can be purchased online and sent directly to the recipient. Flowers and experience gifts are also extremely popular.