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Lantern winter decoration and create a cozy flair at home in the winter season!

It can be a bit difficult to find activities to do in the winter. We have a solution: DIY winter decorating projects. Instead of staying home because it’s just too cold to go outside, you can start one of these projects! You can decorate a lantern in winter and create shiny flair at home!

Lantern winter decorating for your mantelpiece

Decorate lantern winter and create a cozy flair at home in the winter season

Craft projects of all shapes and sizes look their best when there is a focal point. Decorated lanterns for your mantel can look cute and make the room cozy!

What you need to make lantern posts for your mantel:

  • Lanterns or sconces of your choice
  • Wood – you can use reclaimed wood for a rustic farmhouse look
  • Battery puck lights
  • Wood screws
  • Saw
  • Wire cutters
  • Drill and bits
  • Sanding of your choice
  • Pine cone

You can decorate yourlantern in a winter way and have a lot of fun with your family

DIY instructions:

  • Cut two pieces of wood per post. Determine the height you want your lampposts to be. Now determine the length of the base of your lamppost. The foot needs to be long enough to support the post, but not so wide that it interferes with the rest of the display.
  • Assemble your posts. The vertical piece should rest against the wall with the foot facing forward. Hold the boards at a right angle and drive two or three wood screws through the upright piece into the base.
  • Attach the light fixture to your “old” lamp post.
  • Now comes the powering of the lights with batteries. Instead of incandescent bulbs, you’ll need a pair of battery-powered LED puck lights, preferably with remote controls. Attach the puck lights to the base of the socket.
  • Decorate your lanterns by attaching bows to the top and adding some greenery. Place some pine cones on the mantel for a wintry look!

Craft a winter wonderland in a lantern

Try to make a winter wonderland in a lantern by yourself

This year we want to make a cute lantern decoration and not just put a candle in the lantern. Here’s how you can decorate a DIY winter lantern.

Materials needed:

  • Lantern
  • Artificial snow
  • Bottle brush trees and bushes (basically, any small winter figurine will do. You can decorate the inside of the lantern wintry as you like, that’s what makes it fun and creative).
  • Battery operated LED lights
  • Glue dots (to attach the batteries).

This is how easy and quick you can decorate a DIY winter lantern

Crafting Instructions:

  • First, you can fill the bottom of the lantern with fake snow. Then add your bottle brush trees. Place a large one in the center to center the scene, and then fill the surrounding areas with smaller trees and bushes.
  • Last, attach the string of lights battery to the very top of the lantern with glue dots.
  • Then just bring the fairy lights around the tree and let them hang the way they wanted.
  • So ta-da! That’s the homemade winter wonderland lantern!

Winter Terrarium Lantern Decoration

Make a winter terrarium lantern decoration yourself and have lots of fun with the kids

A very fun idea that your little ones would enjoy too!

Materials needed:

  • Lantern
  • Spruce tree figurine
  • Ornaments
  • LED fairy lights
  • Miniature snowflake garland
  • Wickerwork
  • Artificial snow glitter
  • Greenery
  • Pine Cone Bird Ornament
  • Let It Snow” pendant
  • Styrofoam


  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or dowel

Cover the entire bottom of the lantern with absorbent cotton

DIY instructions:

  • Fill the bottom of the lantern by cutting out a square piece of Styrofoam to fit inside. Use hot glue to adhere the deer and tree figures to the Styrofoam.
  • Cover the entire bottom of the lantern with absorbent cotton. Use a small wooden dowel (or pen) to push the absorbent cotton under the deer and into the corners.
  • Add the string of LED lights. First, slide the batteries through the lantern and through the top opening on the back of the lantern. If your lantern is not open at the top, place the battery pack behind it and thread the wire under the door.
  • Cut the snowflake garland into different lengths. Cut the garland into 3 longer strands and about 4 shorter strands.
  • Put hot glue on the end of one strand and press it onto the top of the lantern. Continue until you have glued on all the strands of the snowflake garland.
  • Sprinkle a few pinches of artificial frost snow on the batting.
  • Make two bundles of greenery. Place the greenery on top of each other, then wrap one of the stems around all of the stems to hold the bundle together.
  • Hot glue the two bundles to the top of the lantern. The bundles will be facing in opposite directions with the stems overlapping in the middle.
  • Glue the pinecone bird ornament (or another ornament of your choice) in the center area between the two greenery bundles.
  • Hang another ornament on one side of the lantern by gluing the hanger under one of the greenery bundles.
  • Turn the string of lights on and off.

Canning jars with lace doilies and candles.

Make canning jars with lace doilies and candles as lanterns for winter

Canning jars make great candle holders for winter decorations. But you don’t want to just put a candle in the jar and move on! Well, you could, but let’s add a little finesse. For safety and to prevent the candle from flying around in the jar, surround it with a layer of sand or decorative stones or colored gems.

The great thing about canning jars is that they were invented to withstand the heat of canning, so the heat of the candle won’t harm them. Bring some romance into your home this winter with a canning jar and lace lantern. Spray a lace doily with glue and stick it to a clean canning jar. Wrap the rim with burlap, ribbon or twine. With a lit tea light or votive candle inside, it’s quite enchanting.