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If you make these costumes for outdoors yourself, you are guaranteed not to get cold

Everyone knows that it is still cold in Germany during the carnival season. And this, of course, affects the choice of costume. Especially if the carnival party takes place in a fresh hall or even outside, a DIY carnival costume that keeps warm is in demand. Or maybe you are looking for warm costumes for the parade? Especially if you want to make the costumes for outside yourself, is actually quite quickly found the right thing.

Make your own costumes for outdoors - Fun ideas that keep you warm

But for this creativity is needed and who does not have it, is happy about a few suggestions and ideas. Such we would like to show you today. We have compiled a few great suggestions for warm costumes for outdoors, among which there may be something suitable for you. Look how easy you can make costumes for outside yourself for children and adults !

Make your own costumes for outside – animal costumes for cold carnival in Germany

Make your own costumes for outside - animals from overalls are warm outfits

Homemade animal costumes are therefore a great idea if you want to make costumes for outside yourself, because for most of them you can simply wear a jumpsuit over normal clothes (alternatively, a two-piece or sweater). The rest is made up of the right accessories. For example, if you want to dress up as a lion, get a beige or tan plush jumpsuit. For an elephant use a gray one, for a polar bear a white one, for the panther a black one and so on.

DIY costumes for outdoors with thick sweatshirts for animal costumes

A hood is advantageous in many cases, because you can use it right away to attach ears, horns, antlers or other elements to it. And besides, the hood will also keep your head warm at the same time. Get inspired by our instructions for animal costumes. There are some really fun costumes included!

Carnival costume ideas – last minute costume for a lion.

Make your own costumes for outdoors - lion made of yellow clothes and brown balloons for mane

How about this lion costume, which is also suitable for outdoor carnival costumes? All you need, besides yellow clothes, is some beige, yellow and brown felt and small, oblong balloons in brown color if you want to make this kind of costumes for outside by yourself. You will also need a longer yellow balloon for the tail.

Funny lion costumes for outside do it yourself with balloons

Blow up several balloons. For the tail, tie a short brown one to the long yellow one. Cut two larger yellow and two smaller brown circles from the felt, glue the brown ones to the yellow ones and fold them to the middle. Fix the fold with hot glue. This crease will create a 3D look. Along the outer edge of the hood stick double-sided tape, to which you then attach the brown balloons.

Make your own outdoor costumes for kids and adults - elephant and cheetah with velvet suit

For this, first provide the balloons on the side without knots each with a double-sided adhesive dot and then on the adhesive tape. Finally, you also attach the lion ears. You can also use hot glue for this. From the beige/light brown felt, cut out an elyph, cut it once in the middle and glue it to both sides of the belly with hot glue or textile glue. Using a safety pin, still attach the tail to the back by poking it through the balloon knot.

Make your own costumes for outdoors – Mary Poppins

Costumes for outside do it yourself with coat - Mary Poppins with hat

Since Mary Poppins wears different outfits in the movie, you have quite a wide variety to choose from: Just a long-sleeved white blouse with a black skirt and black tights for an indoor costume, or with any coat for outdoors. Moreover, the coat can be of any color, but it should look elegant and, if possible, retro. However, there are a few accessories that should not be missing in any case, so that the character you want to represent is immediately recognizable:

  • an umbrella
  • red bow tie/scarf
  • hat
  • handbag or small suitcase

Coats keep you warm and are the perfect outfit for carnival in winter

Feel free to play with the clothes if you want to use something you already have in your closet. For example, instead of a coat and midi skirt, a long skirt with a blazer is also suitable. You are still not sure? Then you have a reason right away to take a look at the remake and find your favorite outfit, which you can then make yourself for outdoor costumes!

Carnival costume idea with blazer and long skirt for Mary Poppins

Carnival costume ideas – Willy Wonka as a warm carnival costume

Willy Wonka with velvet blazer or coat in purple, crimson or pink

Whether you choose Willy Wonka from the original film version or rather from the remake with Johnny Depp for this doesn’t matter, because in both versions Wonka wears a velvet coat that keeps you warm. So it’s the perfect idea if you want to make your own outdoor costumes. You will also need:

  • Hat
  • Bow tie
  • walking stick
  • colorful men’s vest
  • optional: gloves and sunglasses (for the Johnny Depp version)

Willy Wonka from the old movie version with walking stick, hat and coat

The coat can also be replaced by a blazer. A wig can be useful, but is not mandatory. You can wear any other clothes under the vest, depending on the outside temperature, to keep you warm. It will not be visible because of the coat.

Make your own astronaut costumes for outdoors

Carnival costume idea for kids and adults - astronaut with jumpsuit and tape

  • Overall (preferably larger than usual)
  • Rubber boots
  • Gloves made of rubber or imitation leather
  • spray paint in silver
  • gray adhesive tape
  • optional: big plastic balls and foam for the helmet, sandpaper, spray glue

Cosmonaut suit craft for carnival with silver tape

Spray paint the boots and gloves in silver (outdoors if possible) and set aside to dry. You will then cover the jumpsuit with the tape. If you want to create some texture, you can also glue wool threads under the tape. This way, the astronaut suit won’t be too smooth. Work your way piece by piece, but don’t tape over the zipper so the jumpsuit can still be opened.

Tip:Keep in mind that the jumpsuit will really keep you very warm because of the tape. Furthermore, it will also be a little tighter, so a larger size is recommended. To allow the air to circulate better in the jumpsuit, you can also add a few slits in the area of the arms and legs.

Make your own helmet for carnival costumes

Crafting carnival accessories - idea and instructions for the cosmonaut helmet

If you want to use a helmet, it does not necessarily have to be put on. It can also be worn simply under the arm as an accessory for the costume. This is especially beneficial if you want to make a last minute costume yourself. To put it on, you first need to enlarge the opening (large enough so that enough air can get inside when you wear it) and sand the edge well, as it will become sharp after cutting. Also, with a drill, drill holes all over it.

From foam then craft the collar, taking the circumference of the opening as a measure. First spray the finished elements with the silver spray paint and then fix them to each other and then to the ball with the spray adhesive. Until the glue dries, tape can be used to hold them in place.

Make your own crazy costumes for outdoors – A scarecrow

Funny scarecrows made of jeans and plaid shirt - disguise with normal clothes

A pair of denim pants and a shirt are the basics for this costume. Add to that, of course, a straw or other hat. What you wear underneath is up to you, so scarecrows are perfect as street carnival costumes. In fact, the look will be even more authentic if you wear, for example, a thick sweater under the shirt, because scarecrows are, after all, also abundantly filled with straw.

Thick clothes for the scarecrow and tips for make-up

If the jeans have rips, holes or patches, all the better. Even better is a pair of dungarees. If you like, you can add some straws to the sleeves and trouser legs (or woolen threads that imitate straw). Makeup is also important. Lengthen the mouth with painted seams and paint long eyelashes on the lower eyelid with black makeup. Red cheeks and nose are also part of it if you want to make scarecrows as outdoor costumes yourself.

Carnival costume DIY – Frodo from “The Lord of the Rings”.

Frodo costume with DIY cape made of felt

  • green felt
  • wooden ring (e.g. for curtains or napkins)
  • golden spray paint
  • golden chain or ribbon
  • brooch in leaf shape
  • vest, shirt, cloth trousers

Simple Hobbit carnival costume with matching accessories

From the felt fabric, sew a short cape. Online there are many patterns and DIY instructions that you can use and are super easy to sew. Spray the wooden ring with the golden paint. And with that, you are done with the preparations. Put on the shirt, vest and pants and over it the cape that will keep you nice and warm. The perfect idea if you want to make costumes for outdoors by yourself! Wear the ring around your neck and decorate the cape with the brooch.

Ideas for creative costumes with cape or cloak

Costume ideas with cape or cloak that keep warm - Little Red Riding Hood, Batman, Knight

By the way, for cold days is suitable any kind of costume that requires a cape. After all, this one will keep you warmer than you might think. The same applies to fur and other coats. A few classics, but also more original ideas that you can choose if you want to make costumes for outdoors yourself, we have once compiled in the following list:

  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Batman
  • Witch
  • Wizard (e.g. Harry Potter)
  • Cruella de Vil
  • Vampire
  • Viking
  • King/Queen
  • Knight
  • Magneto from X-Man
  • Fairy godmother from Cinderella

Make your own children’s costumes – warm carnival costumes for ladies and girls

Dress up as a unicorn with this tutorial for warm carnival costumes for street carnival

The unicorn is a very popular mystical animal, which is very popular not only with children , but also with women. So if you are looking for a warm carnival costume for ladies or kids, you can consider it and make the animals yourself as outdoor costumes. In the video below we have a super tutorial for you without sewing, which even beginners can easily follow.

In order for the costume to really keep you warm, it’s best to use a suit that is either extra thick or that you wear thick clothing underneath. Furthermore, you will need a large feather boa for the mane and tail and a small one for the horn, white and pink felt, safety pins, scissors and hot glue. Instead of feather boas, you can also use colorful woolen threads or tulle strips and glue them to the white clothes.

Make fun carnival costumes yourself – Oreo for a partner costume.

Costume idea for carnival or Halloween - Oreo for friends and lovers

White sweaters or sweaters, white hats and black pants (or equally white) are the clothes you will need if you want to make the simple black and white outdoor costumes yourself. Furthermore, get:

  • Cardboard
  • Cutter
  • paper
  • black spray paint
  • double-sided tape or hot glue
  • white marker

Creative partner costume in black and white - DIY Oreo cookies

First, cut out a large, round template from the paper. For example, take a bowl as a template. You then use this template to transfer two circles of the same size onto the cardboard, which you then cut out with the cutter on a suitable surface. Outdoors, you then spray the circles with the spray paint and let them dry.

Oreo cookies craft from cardboard, foam or styrofoam and white sweater

After that, a little creativity is required, because you now have to transfer the typical Oreo patterns onto the now black cardboard with the white marker. It doesn’t have to be perfect, though. You then glue the finished “cookies” onto the sweaters. Once you hug, both cookies will find each other and form the popular double cookie. And as we all know, cuddling keeps you warm. Really fun costumes, aren’t they?

Tip:You can also make the cookies out of foam or Styrofoam. But since they are heavier then, you should provide them with ribbons and put them on with their help.