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How to keep your beautiful Advent wreath fresh with these easy tips & tricks!

You have bought or even made yourself a beautiful Advent wreath from fresh natural materials for Advent 2021? Or would you like to make one like it? So far, so good. But how can you subsequently keep this Advent wreath fresh so that it really looks good until Christmas? Of course, a wreath made from real natural material looks especially pretty, but artificial ones like this came about for a reason. After all, they last far longer. But this should not keep you from your happiness. We’ll give you the tips you need!

Keeping Advent wreath fresh – The fir greenery

Keeping Advent wreath fresh - tips and tricks for long-lasting natural materials

First of all, it is recommended to tie the wreath yourself instead of buying it. After all, with a purchased model, you do not know how much time has passed since the branches were cut from the tree. With a homemade model, it looks different again. In fact, the drying of the evergreen branches begins as soon as they are cut, which sooner or later leads to the fact that the needles fall off. If you buy real fresh branches, you can also ask how long they have been standing. Of course, it would be even better if you cut branches yourself. Perhaps you have a suitable little tree in your garden that could use pruning anyway?

Protect Advent wreaths from heat and drafts for a longer shelf life

In addition, each type of branch dries out at a different rate. For this reason, it is also advisable to pay attention to the type of tree if you want to keep your Advent wreath fresh for as long as possible. Which one is the most suitable? Choose the Nordmann fir or noble fir (Nobilis fir). For one thing, these are species that naturally have very little needling. Also, even when dry, they still look relatively fresh. So you don’t have to fret if, despite your best efforts, you still can’t keep your Advent wreath fresh.

What about hairspray?

Which fir trees are best for advent wreaths

By the way, many people who want to preserve fir branches use hairspray for this purpose, but this is not recommended – firstly, because it increases the risk of fire, as hairspray is flammable. On the other hand, the spray actually has the opposite effect, because it dries out the branches. The only thing the spray does is stick the needles to the branch, keeping them from falling off.

Advent wreath keep fresh with the right base

Advent wreath keep fresh with a base of straw or plug foam

If you use a straw wreath as a base, on which you then arrange the branches, you can also keep the Advent wreath fresh longer. How? Straw absorbs moisture and then releases it quite automatically to the fir branches. By the way, you can also keep a purchased Advent wreath fresh this way. Just make sure that the purchased model has a straw base. In principle, the whole thing works like plug-in foam, only with less absorbency. But that’s all you need. You can then place the wreath on a plate with a little water every now and then, which will then be absorbed by the straw. But not too much water!

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By the way, a plug-in foam ring is also very suitable for making Advent wreaths from fresh materials.

Set up only on the 1st Advent and store it properly.

DIY wreaths or store-bought properly care for a long shelf life until Christmas

You will of course not craft your Advent wreath on the 1st of Advent of all days , but probably a few days before. Instead of placing it right away in its future location, where it is usually quite warm, store it in a cooler place. For this purpose, not only the cellar is suitable, but also the terrace or balcony.

Keeping Advent wreath fresh - How to delay the drying of fir branches and evergreens

By the way, you could also store the wreath in this way between the Sundays of Advent, if you do not care about it being indoors on the table during the entire Advent season. If you don’t want to or it’s impossible, at least keep it away from warming sources like the heater, fireplace or stove.

Keep Advent wreath fresh by storing it outside

Or how about just letting the wreath spend the nights outdoors? This is another way you can keep the Advent wreath fresh and preserve the fir branches. However, it is important that you choose a location without drafts when placing the Advent wreath outside, because these also dry out the branches. In addition, in sub-zero temperatures, you should remove delicate decorative elements and leave them inside.

Do not forget to moisten!

Don't use hairspray, as it dries out branches and increases fire risk

We have already mentioned that you can keep the Advent wreath fresh by moisturizing it with the help of a straw base. But this is not the only option. In addition to that, but especially if your wreath doesn’t have a straw base, it’s a good idea to moisturize it with a spray bottle. It is best to use an atomizer that sprays fine droplets. By the way, this will also reduce the risk of the wreath catching fire on contact with the burning candles later, when the branches are already drier. Do you have a humidifier that sprays cold mist? Why not place the wreath near it when the candles are not burning!

Keeping Advent wreath fresh longer with a homemade model

We wish you a magical Advent season!

Keep fresh natural materials moisturized with the help of a spray bottle