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Herbal decoration: 50 ideas for a romantic wedding in country style

fresh summer wedding castle puristic decorate

Are you planning a romantic wedding in the countryside and looking for purist decoration ideas? We show you 50 examples of how you can set accents with herb decorations and tell you what meaning the different herbs have. Learn how to make the beautiful flower arrangements, wreaths, napkin rings and giveaways for the guests yourself. The ideas are suitable not only for a wedding celebration, but also for family gatherings and cocktail parties.

Herbs decoration: stylish decoration ideas for romantic outdoor wedding.

menu wedding tables white green natural decorate

Ornamental grasses, ferns , grain ears and moss are traditionally among the most popular materials for flower arrangements and floral decorations. But herbs can also be used to make a colorful and effective table decoration. Green, fresh and fragrant presents the wedding table decorated with lavender, rosemary and co. By the way, they can be combined with fresh flowers from your own garden. White roses, petunias, lilies of the valley and tulips create a cheerful mood at the table.

By the way, herbs not only taste great, they also exude a pleasant scent and can drive away mosquitoes and wasps. Lavender, lemon balm, rosemary, basil and lemongrass keep pests away during the summer months.

Herbs decoration in a pot

kettle table decoration family celebration garden party ideas

If you are planning a wedding party with close family and friends, then the next idea is just for you. Invite guests to a garden party and decorate the table only with edibles. You can find a mix of herbs in stores that you can plant in a clay pot. Place a pair of scissors on each napkin. Guests can use them to cut the herbs directly onto the plate and taste the dishes.

Herb decorations for the bride and groom.

herbs as decoration lavender bridal bouquet butonniere

With their vibrant purple color, the lavender flowers are real eye-catchers. The groom can wear them as a pin in the buttonhole of the jacket lapel, the bride can use them to spice up the bridal bouquet. Lavender blends particularly harmoniously into a maritime color scheme. Dark blue, white and sand color create the perfect background for the accents in purple.

Puristic herb decoration at the festive table

Thanksgiving decoration ideas purist herbs napkin cotton white

Airy, light and very natural look of the purist table in white and green. The vintage tableware with traces of use underlines the country house character of the table decoration. This idea looks very elegant and at the same time can be implemented quickly and easily. You can make “napkin rings” from herbs and twine. In doing so, you can choose a herb that can be wrapped, such as cress or thyme. Simply loop a sprig of herbs around the napkin and tie its ends together with twine. There is another variation: you can wrap twine around the napkin and then simply stick a sprig of herbs inside.

Tie wreath from vines and herbs

Rosemary wreath tie place cards willow branches

A vine wreath with herbs is the icing on the cake of festive table decoration in modern country style. Made only from natural materials, the mini wreaths can serve as stylish place cards for guests in combination with purist place cards. Simply shape the vine branches into a wreath and incorporate herbs or small flowers in the process. Cut out the place cards from white cardstock and label them. Place the vine wreaths on the plates and place the place cards on top. Done!

Floating candles with herbs decoration

floating candles fragrant herbs lavender lily of the valley rosemary twigs do it yourself

The next decoration idea will be the highlight on the festive table. Fill glasses with water and add fresh herbs, citrus peel, a pink flower and lily of the valley. Place floating candles on top. The stylish arrangement not only looks very romantic, but also gives off a lovely scent when you light the candles.

Flavor cocktails with fresh herbs

drinks mint leaves cocktails rosemary seasoning

A wedding celebration in summer without cocktails? Unthinkable! To make the refreshing drinks taste even better, you can garnish them with herbs.  Mint, basil and co. will bring vacation feeling into your own garden and make the guests dream of exotic islands.

Hanging spring decoration with ferns, ornamental grasses and herbs.

herbs room decoration wreath birds paper craft ideas

We have already told you how to make mini wreaths from vines and herbs. Similarly, you can also tie large wicker wreaths and decorate them with fresh ferns, seasonal herbs and ornamental grasses. Hang the wreaths directly above the wedding tables and decorate them with paper bird silhouettes.

Make your own wedding favors

wedding gift salt rosemary bottle tinker

Thank your guests for coming by giving them small gifts. Of course, you can buy chocolate bars or candies and give them to your friends. However, the guest gifts look much more personal if you make them yourself. Buy small glass bottles and fill them with a mixture of herbs and salt.

wedding favors guests craft ideas purist

If you have invited less than 40 guests, then the gifts may also be larger. In this case, you can invest in folding boxes made of brown kraft paper and fill them with flower seeds, soap dispensers or sweets. Decorate the boxes with fresh sprigs of herbs.

Creatively design the table numbers and seating plan.

Herbs as decoration wedding flower pots table number

Preparations for the wedding are in full swing and you realize you haven’t budgeted for table numbers? A little imagination can quickly solve the problem. Plant several pots with fast-growing seasonal herbs. Use acrylic paints to paint table numbers on the clay pots and let them dry. Write guests’ names on wooden plant labels and stick them in the pots. This way, each guest will know where to sit.

Herbs and their meaning

bridal bouquet voluminous spring herbs white roses petunias

Few people know that herbs also have a hidden meaning. We have summarized for you the most important herbs that can be considered as wedding decorations.

  • The lemon balm stands for compassion.
  • The dill stands for cheerful mood.
  • The fennel stands for a strong relationship.
  • The lavender stands for love and is supposed to bring happiness to the bride and groom.
  • The mint stands for strength and security.
  • The oregano is supposed to symbolize the joy of life.
  • The rosemary stands for fidelity.
  • The thyme for energy and strength.

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Cheerful, stylish and in a trendy style are also the other ideas in the photo gallery below. Take a look at the suggestions and get inspired!

Herbs as decoration wedding table ivy ferns combine

way altar lavender mint pot

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bridal bouquet self-tie white roses ornamental grasses fragrant herbs lily of the valley white roses

fresh flowers rosemary scent summer wedding white green

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wedding eco friendly guests giveaway ladder arrange

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