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Subtle Halloween makeup 2022: Check out these stylish ideas without much makeup

Halloween has looked different in recent years. The worldwide shutdown put some traditions on hold for a short time. Now that Halloween is back in full swing, check out these stylish ideas without much makeup. You probably already have most of the makeup products you need to create simple and subtle Halloween makeup like these.

Decent make-up for Halloween – Simple & stylish ideas.

Subtle makeup for Halloween - Check out these stylish ideas

All you need are the right tools and a steady hand to create incredible yet subtle Halloween makeup ideas like these at home.

Fruit inspired makeup – ripe banana.

With makeup, you can transform into anything - even inanimate objects like fruit

With makeup, you can transform into anything – even inanimate objects like fruit. Grab a yellow eyeshadow and a brown eyeliner and you’ve got this simple Halloween makeup look in the can.

Pixel look

How clever and cool is this pixelated look

How clever and cool is this pixelated look? There are a few key points to create it: Use cream eyeshadow or pigments, whatever you have on hand, to create this mesmerizing checkerboard effect. A stencil can also come in handy to make the squares super precise. Then do the same with different shades of red lipstick or liner on one side of your lips.

Subtle makeup for Halloween – 3D spider.

Discreet make-up for Halloween - 3D spider

All over Instagram, makeup artists have been painting frighteningly realistic spiders on their faces using clever eyeshadow techniques. You can make a spider look like it’s coming out of your eye or even your lips. Trust us: if you have black lipstick, kohl or eyeshadow in your collection – along with some glitter and highlighter, there’s no way you can miss this feat. Just make sure you pay special attention to the shadows, as they are the key to making this look as realistic (and unsettling) as possible.

Twiggy – the decadent goddess of the 60s.

Subtle makeup for Halloween - Twiggy, the decadent goddess of the 60s.

All you really need to look like a decadent goddess of the 60s is your black liquid eyeliner. Big eyes, full hair and bright colors were in during the 1960s and Twiggy is still an inspiration with her iconic makeup style.

To accentuate this look, use a black gel eyeliner to draw a downward eyeliner line that makes the eyes appear bigger and rounder. For an even brighter effect, outline your waterline with a white or skin-colored eye pencil.

Subtle makeup for Halloween – cow girl.

Discreet make-up for Halloween - cow girl

Not to be confused with a cowgirl costume, this farm animal-inspired makeup look is not only adorable for the Halloween season, but also shows off your graphic eyeliner skills.

Vecna from “Stranger Things.”

Vecna from Stranger Things is one of the makeup inspirations for Halloween 2022

It took over seven hours to transform Jamie Campbell Bower into Vecna for Stranger Things. But don’t worry, you don’t need that much time at all to make subtle Halloween makeup like this at home. All you need is purple-red eyeshadow to bring this look to life, adding lines along your face and neck to recreate the villain’s creepy, upturned skin.

Katniss Everdeen from “Hunger Games”.

Katniss Everdeen will forever be a major Halloween inspiration

It may have been eight years since the last Hunger Games movie hit theaters, but Katniss Everdeen will forever be a major Halloween inspiration. Here, recreate the bridal look of the heroine from “Catching Fire” with silver and black eyeshadow. Use rhinestones on your undereyes as a final touch.

Subtle makeup for Halloween – clown-tastic.

This clown look is just the right combination of creepiness and playfulness at the same time

This clown look is far from IT, but it’s exactly the kind of simple, effortless look you should go for this Halloween. Start with a clean foundation and then fill in your brows with colored eye pencils. Then apply black liquid eyeliner and draw triangles and circles under your eyes and above your brows.

Use the same liquid eyeliner to line your lips and elongate the corners of your mouth, and then apply a raspberry or purple lipstick. Use a lip brush to blend the lines between the lipstick and liner. Complete the look with an electric blue winged eyeliner.

Create devilish makeup

Opt for a graphic liner for a devilish makeup look

Opt for a graphic liner for a devilish makeup look. This is a great choice if you’re going for a Halloween look that requires little effort but still looks cute.

Subtle makeup for Halloween – Celestial Angel.

Subtle makeup for Halloween - heavenly angel

Unleash your inner goddess with this perfectly low-maintenance look for Halloween that includes glitter tears. First, apply the foundation and the beautiful rose-gold makeup. When you’re done, use a small eyeliner brush and gold eyeshadow to outline the shape of the tears flowing from the tear ducts onto your cheek. To apply the glitter, carefully spray your brush with a glitter spray. Then dip it in a glitter suitable for eyes and let the tears flow.

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