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Horror nun makeup for Halloween – step-by-step instructions for a scary look.

nun make up make up woman halloween ideas tshirt headband face color

Do you want to turn into a zombie nun for Halloween and spread fear and terror thanks to the amazing transformation of a nun? Learn below how you can make a scary nun makeup for Halloween by yourself. With the help of this great makeup you will manage to turn into a sinister figure for a night in just a few minutes.

Horror Nun Make-up for Halloween – The Materials

nun make up halloween dark grey white headgear

These materials are necessary for the transformation:

White headband
Plain black t-shirt, at least on one side
White face paint
Black face paint
Makeup sponge
Black eye shadow
Black eyeliner
Big fluffy brush

Nun makeup explained step by step – A simple tutorial

headband tshirt headgear nun make up halloween diy

Put a white wide headband on your forehead so that it covers your hair completely.

Take a black t-shirt and push your head through the neckline. The t-shirt should line your face.

halloween nun make up instruction white face paint headgear

Now apply white face paint on the face.

It is best to use a makeup sponge for this so that you can spread the color evenly.

halloween make up ideas easy nun face make up black eyeshadow

Then apply black face paint to the eyes and mouth.

horror nun make up sponge face paint spread headband tshirt

Use the sponge to smudge the black color.

face nun make up black tshirt headband white

If necessary, you can spread more white color on your face. Make sure that the color is evenly distributed and that there are no streaks.

creepy nun make up ideas halloween eye shadow black

Once you are satisfied with the result, take a fluffy brush and use it to apply black eye shadow to the eye area. This is how you fix the black face color.

horror nun make up halloween black eyeliner woman

You can make the black color on the mouth look even more effective by spreading black eyeliner criss-cross over it.

If you wish, you can complete the nun look with a necklace with a cross.