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Halloween window decorations for indoors and outdoors – creative, spooky and easy DIY ideas

You still have a few days left to think about your Halloween decorations. To create great effects not only indoors, but also to surprise passers-by, you can make the windows spooky. However, if you still lack inspiration, we will be happy to come to your rescue. The following ideas for Halloween window decorations are made simple, but still look interesting and can be made last minute.

Make silhouettes from motifs to print out

Halloween window decorations - ghosts from black paper as window pictures

From simple black construction paper you can cut out so some motifs and then use them as window pictures. You can print out motifs and then use them as templates to make it easier for you. You then tape the pictures to the window. You can even create entire scenarios. For example, add tombstones and all around some ghosts for a graveyard. Or how about a (crescent) moon and bats window picture? Pumpkins, skulls, witch hats and other appropriate symbols are also suitable, of course.

Cut out motifs from paper and stick them on the windows

Especially if you have larger windows, you can use them especially impressive design ideas. Stick each window section with an element to get a whole, big picture.

Halloween window decorations – Draw motifs with chalk markers.

Halloween window decoration paint on the window pane with chalk markers - idea for kids

Instead of cutting and pasting motifs, you can draw them on the window pane if you have a talent for drawing. Of course, ghosts are the most suitable because of the white color. But if you want, you can also get colored pens and draw a green witch’s cauldron, orange pumpkins or blood drops.

You can also stick a design on the outside of the window pane and then trace it inside with chalk markers or special window paint.

Spider webs and creepy figures on the window

Large spiders and spider webs for the house wall and windows

Don’t forget to decorate the windows from the outside as well. A great and, above all, really simple Halloween window decorations are artificial spider webs, which you can even stretch over the entire facade. And an extravagant creepy effect has also the figure at the window above in this example. Such a doll you can even discreetly illuminate in the evening hours, so that even in the dark the creepy factor is maintained. Such a figure on the window also looks very effective with glass blocks or frosted glass, where only a silhouette will be visible.

Halloween window decorations – curtains made of black tulle or cheesecloth

Halloween window decoration made of cheesecloth - make spooky curtains yourself for a haunted house

Indoors, you can craft a simple Halloween window decoration by hanging cheesecloth as curtains on the windows. These look like they are tattered and you can also knot them together in some places or even tear them a bit. If you use the cloth in white color, you will get the effect of spider webs. Another idea we would recommend is to dye the cloths dark. This will look even more mystical and as if the once white curtains of an abandoned house have been dusted over time.

Barricade windows for Halloween

Boards on the window for a zombie apocalypse make from cardboard

Whether you use real wooden boards or make some out of cardboard, this Halloween window decoration is guaranteed to be the highlight of your neighborhood. If you use cardboard, remember to cut the strips jagged on the short sides as if the wooden boards were broken. Then paint the cardboard strips with brown paint, after which you can imitate the grain with black lines.

If you wish, you can additionally decorate the boards by adding spider webs and/or spiders to them.

Garland as Halloween window decoration

Halloween window decoration with garlands tinker - hang pumpkins or other motifs

Whether made of pumpkins as in the example or with other spooky motifs, garlands will promptly spruce up windows and look wonderful from both inside and outside. As with silhouettes, you can simply cut out motifs from black paper and glue them to string. The garlands can be attached to the window vertically, like a curtain, or in a classic horizontal way.

The variant with pumpkins is also made quickly and easily. Cut several strips of orange construction paper and punch holes in both ends, all strips in the same place. Then thread green pipe cleaners through the holes, the strips forming the letter “C” as you do so. Knot the pipe cleaner on both sides and then move the paper strips to make a ball shape.

Window sill design with lights and autumn decorations

Halloween window decoration - decorate the windowsill with carved pumpkin

Would you rather have it fancy instead of spooky? That’s your right. Use the windowsill and place any decorations you like there. However, a small carved pumpkin (artificial if you like) should still not be missing to match the holiday. A vase with a bouquet of grasses is perfect for height, while a few lanterns, lanterns or fairy lights still bring a little light into the darkness, so that the Halloween window decorations can stand out and act even in the evening hours.

Creepy silhouettes on the window with opaque glass

Green light and silhouettes to design the windows in an interesting way.

Halloween window decorations with silhouettes - tombstones, bats and pumpkins.

Idea for children: stick motifs as a stencil on the window and paint them after

Print out stencils and glue them to the window for painting