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Halloween garland craft: Enchant your home with handmade decoration from yarn

Making a Halloween garland is fun for kids and adults and brings the family together. Want to have the spookiest decorations in the neighborhood this year or host a Halloween party for friends and family? If so, there are creative and easy DIY ideas that will wow your guests. How about a handmade garland? Not only is this decoration delightfully spooky, but it can be put together with materials and supplies you already have at home.

Pumpkins and ghosts and spiders! What a Halloween garland!

Pumpkin spider ghost garland

You will love this garland! It’s just yarn, string, and pipe cleaners, and it’s insanely cheap to boot. This craft is simple enough for even little kids to help out. Follow the instructions to make this cute Halloween garland.

You will need the following craft materials:

  • orange yarn
  • black yarn
  • white yarn
  • String
  • fishing line (for hanging)
  • chair
  • green pipe cleaners (1 per pumpkin)
  • black pipe cleaners (2 per spider)
  • Scissors

For each of the three shapes (spider, pumpkin, and ghost) wrap yarn around a chair, pull down, tie tightly, and cut to desired length.

How to make the spider for your Halloween garland?

Halloween yarn spider craft

To make three spiders, you should wrap the black yarn around the chair 75 times. Keep it loose enough so you can take it off comfortably, but not so loose that it slips down.

The more you wrap, the thicker and denser the pom-pom will be. Take the yarn off the chair and keep the loops separate.

Next, cut the black yarn into 3 equal pieces and tie the pieces together. Double knot each piece. Cut the yarn loop to the right and left of the center (knotted) yarn, as well as the loop ends.

Be sure to keep the yarn long (the part you tied to the loop to create sections). Stick to it and cut the yarn to create the spider shape.

Now make the spider legs with pipe cleaners. Cut two black pipe cleaners in half so you have 4 pieces. Place the spider upside down on a flat surface and the pipe cleaners over the thread and use the string to secure the pipe cleaners tightly to the body. Double knot the string. Using your fingers, bend the pipe cleaners to resemble legs. You can shorten the string or use it for hanging.

How do you make the pumpkin?

Make pumpkin from orange yarn

Follow the first 3 steps you did for the spider, but use the orange yarn and wrap it around the chair 150 times. Again, this is enough to make 3 pumpkins. After trimming your pumpkin using the same method as the spider, you will need to add a stem.

To make the pumpkin stem, place the center of a green pipe cleaner over the loose thread and tie it in a double knot to secure the stem. Then fold the pipe cleaner down to make a stem and some tendrils. You can do anything you feel like doing here. Keep the thread long to hang it or cut it.

Check out this article for more info on how you could also make the pom poms smaller, using pieces of cardboard instead of using a chair.

Just as quickly make the ghosts for Halloween garland

Yarn ghosts for hallowin garland crafting

Do the same as for the spiders and pumpkins and wrap the white yarn around the chair 150 times. Take the yarn from the chair and cut off one end so that you have a long bundle of yarn. Cut this piece of yarn into thirds.

Now cut six equal pieces of white yarn and set 3 aside. Tie each of the three pieces tightly around the center, keeping the yarn separate if you want to use it for hanging.

Fold the yarn bundle in half and smooth out the yarn. Tie the remaining yarn near the folded end to make a head. Trim the ghost body as desired.

Finish the garland

Use fishing line to hang the garland pieces: tie to one of the strands on the head for the spiders, tie through the stem for the pumpkins, and tie through the top of the head for the ghosts.

Halloween garland is a classic piece that brings a festive atmosphere to any room.

Hang your garland on your mantel or use it to decorate the festive dining table at your Halloween party.

Keep the trio loose. A simple slip knot around the garland will work well.

You can also make a Halloween garland using just one of the 3 characters, so just pumpkins, which fit both Halloween and fall decor, just spiders or ghosts.

Ghost garland in other popular colors

Yarn ghosts in different colors for Halloween crafting

A garland made exclusively of ghosts would look very remarkable, especially if you use different colors of yarn.

Here you can use not only the traditional Halloween colors, but also such as pink, lavender, mint or any color you like and use the garland for other festive occasions as well.