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Halloween Deko Trends 2022: These are the scariest decoration ideas for your home and party!

Every October we look forward to decorating our homes with spooky Halloween decorations. From ghosts and pumpkins to cobwebs, decorations for this holiday always stand out. Since Halloween decorations are special and not your typical fall decorations, be sure to put them up at the right time – not too early and not too late. If you want to get some new spooky accessories this year, check out the latest Halloween decor trends 2022 before you head to the store. Add a new coat of paint to fake pumpkins that no longer fit your style, or rummage through the attic for old treasures that are back in style.

The most important Halloween decoration trends 2022

Pink is the new color for Halloween

Not everyone is a big fan of the classic horror aesthetic that takes over most homes in the fall. We’re here to say that’s okay!

Pink is the new color for Halloween

Pink pumpkins - new Halloween decoration trends 2022

There are plenty of cute options that fit perfectly with the hip barbiecore trend. Leave the traditional orange and black behind and incorporate pink hues into your seasonal decor. Pink Halloween decorations are all the rage this season, and pink accents are a great way to accent your existing pieces. Paint your old pumpkins a bright shade of pink (perfect for those who are into Barbiecore) or add dusty mauve tones for a more subtle look.

The most important Halloween decoration trends 2022 - pink decoration

Wherever you shop for your favorite Halloween decorations, it’s not impossible to find pastel Halloween pillows, pink skeleton glassware or glittery spiders that reflect the trend.

Paint your old pumpkins in a bright pink shade

However, if you can’t find the right one for your home, you can easily make pink decorations for any occasion yourself. With a little glue, pink paint and glitter, anything can become Barbiecore.

Pumpkins with plant motifs

Halloween decoration trends 2022 - spooky ideas

Get rid of the classic jack-o’-lanterns. The craze for indoor plants has found its way into Halloween decor trends 2022 in the form of plant-themed pumpkins.

Pumpkins with plant motifs

Instead of creepy faces, you can carve leaves, succulents, cacti or flowers into your pumpkins to create a beautiful decoration for your apartment or balcony – no watering required.

Pumpkin lanterns with geometric patterns.

Pumpkin lanterns with geometric patterns

Use geometry to create unexpectedly glamorous jack-o’-lanterns. Instead of the standard face pattern, try simple geometric patterns with circles or squares for an unconventional Halloween twist.

Creepy ideas for Halloween decorating trends – decorative animal skeletons.

Creepy ideas for Halloween deco trends - decorative animal skeletons

Decorating houses with human skeletons is a cliché, especially when we’ve been using them for years. It was probably time to think outside the box and do something a little creepier.

Trendy decorative animal skeletons for Halloween

This is where the decorative Halloween animal skeletons come in, which we’ve ignored for the past few years, but are now in high demand. You can place these skulls and skeletons in your garden and also behind closed doors.

Vintage Halloween decoration – the hottest trend 2022

Vintage Halloween decor is current for this year

Nostalgia has been a big holiday trend in recent years, so it’s no surprise that vintage Halloween decorations are back in style. Whether it’s glass pumpkins or classic decorations from years past, vintage Halloween decorations are all the rage right now. And chances are, you don’t even have to spend money on this trend. Rummage through your attic or basement to find forgotten, old Halloween treasures. If you don’t have any luck there, use our tips for buying vintage Halloween decor instead.

Vintage Halloween decorations - the hottest trend in 2022

Another nice touch? Put Gothic and Victorian accents everywhere. Think holographic paintings, medieval lanterns, witch hands, skulls, gargoyles and black candelabras. Incorporate spooky telephones, old radios, or flickering lights to bring your vintage decorations into the 21st century.

Halloween Trees

Halloween trends 2022 - trees

Halloween trees have achieved cult status and are now almost as common as Christmas trees. Show off your spooky Halloween decorations by adding these spooky trees to the list.

Halloween trees - trendy decorations

The trees can feature hanging pumpkins and bats on the branches or make the dark theme glow with dangling lights.

Organize the scariest Halloween party possible.

Organize the scariest Halloween party

Halloween parties are no stranger to spooky treats, drinks and food. But this year, we’re kicking it up a notch and bringing out the spooky placemats and tableware, too.

Prepare the right tableware

Prepare the right tableware

All your favorite stores and online stores are stocked with spooky serving trays, wine glasses and tablecloths. It’s up to you to decide whether to invest in the classic black and orange theme or buy something really trendy like pink glasses. Whether you prefer spooky glamour or the traditional orange pumpkin look, there are plenty of complete table settings waiting for you to jump on the design trend. For such an occasion, don’t hesitate to pull out all the stops to wow the attendees of your next spooky Halloween party.

Surprise your guests

Surprise your guests - Halloween decoration trends 2022

Greet your guests with cute mini ghost lollipops. Cover the lollipops with tissue paper for a ghost bouquet. Afterwards, use a fresh pumpkin as a vase.

Halloween decoration trends 2022 – candlesticks

Halloween decoration trends 2022 - candlesticks

These Halloween candlesticks made from real pumpkins are a must-have for your party.