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Halloween decorations for house entrance: Scary and beautiful ideas to decorate hallway and stairs in the house for Halloween!

In a few days it’s finally time again – Halloween is just around the corner and we are already looking forward to the liveliest holiday of the year. But to make the spookiest night of the year a real success, the right ambience must not be missing at all. You want to throw a Halloween party this year and you have already ordered or made your costume and the outdoor area is also already decorated? Congratulations! To properly welcome guests and immediately put them in the party mood, a Halloween decoration for home entrance is also essential. Do you want something spooky that will scare people immediately? Or rather something more subtle that nevertheless properly embraces the spirit of Halloween? We’ve looked around for you, and compiled some of the coolest Halloween decor ideas to turn your home into the perfect haunted mansion!

Suitable elements for the Halloween decoration for house entrance

pumpkins painting ideas halloween decoration house entrance inside

Halloween decor in the entrance sets the tone for your home for the spooky season, and it’s time to think about how you want to welcome people. Do you prefer something more modern or want to go all out right away? Artfully carved pumpkins are a classic, but there are actually many more creative and spooky ideas that will provide some serious fun for you and your guests. For example, spider webs, skulls, zombies, skeletons or witches are other popular motifs that are perfect for Halloween decorations in the entrance area. And those who like to tinker, of course, can create numerous beautiful and spooky decorations with the family. Already a bat garland is quite enough to decorate the stairs or the hallway in the entrance area for Halloween.

Carved pumpkins are the classic for Halloween decoration.

Stairs Halloween decoration creepy pumpkin shapes carving

As we all know, autumn is pumpkin time and carving pumpkins already has a long Halloween tradition. Whether used as Halloween decorations in the front yard or for the entryway in the house, hollowed out and carved pumpkins are simply a must-have on Halloween. Plus, this is a great DIY activity and will provide tons of fun for the whole family. Whether you carve scary faces into the pumpkins or rather decorate them with funny motifs is purely a matter of taste. The Halloween decoration in the entrance area will be even more impressive if you put an electric lantern or a candle inside and light it in the evening. The dim light will create an eerie shadow play and will always create the right Halloween mood.

Pumpkin autumn decoration minimalistic elegant Halloween decoration house entrance

Orange and creepy carved pumpkins you find too kitschy and childish? For example, how about black and white pumpkins for your Halloween decorations in the front entrance? These tend to look much more sophisticated and grown-up, and add a spooky and beautiful touch to your home.

Spooky lanterns

pumpkin lanterns do it yourself halloween decoration house entrance interior

Dim and subdued lighting can’t be missing from your Halloween home entrance decor either, and creepy lanterns are just perfect for that. You can use them to decorate both the hallway and the stairs for the ultimate spooky atmosphere in the house. And the best part? If you have the time and inclination, you can decorate and decorate the spooky lanterns to your heart’s content. Add a spider web, a few decorative spiders and skulls and your Halloween decoration is ready.

Spiders as Halloween decoration for house entrance

Spider web do it yourself tutorial Halloween decoration for stairs

Spiders, bats and other scary animals are essential for a spooky and beautiful Halloween decoration in the entrance of the house. If you like crafting, you can easily make a huge spider web yourself and use it to decorate the stairs, for example, and turn your apartment into a real haunted mansion.

Make your own bat out of paper

Halloween decoration do it yourself ideas home decorate for Halloween

Just like pumpkins and ghosts, bats are also ideal for Halloween decorations in the entrance of the house. And the best part? You can easily and without much effort make bats out of paper yourself. Meanwhile, you can find various templates in all possible sizes on the Internet. All you have to do is print out the templates and cut out the bats. Now you can either tie them together as a garland or stick them directly on the wall.

Decorate the stairs with witches hats

Halloween decoration house entrance in black and white elegant autumn decoration hallway

Looking for a quick way to decorate the front entrance and stairs for Halloween? Then make a quick trip to the decoration store and just buy some witch hats. Attach them to a thin string and hang them with suitable hooks either on the ceiling or the stairs. Add a broom, some spider web and your house is ready for the spookiest night of the year.

Elegant Halloween decorations in seasonal colors.

autumn flowers decoration ideas pictures halloween decoration house entrance

The right seasonal colors are also ideal to quickly put us in a spooky mood. A strong orange or warm brown tones belong in autumn and are perfect for an elegant and scary Halloween decoration in the entrance of the house. To top it off, gather some twigs and branches from your garden and make a beautiful autumn bouquet on them as a centerpiece for the table in the hallway.

Halloween decoration for house entrance: more scary and beautiful decoration ideas

Halloween decoration house entrance inside staircase decorating in autumn

Bats as a decoration always create a great atmosphere

elegant Halloween decoration house entrance inside autumn decoration ideas

Pumpkins are the classic for Halloween decorations in the hallway

pumpkin decoration halloween ideas home decorating in autumn

Halloween decorations in black and white also look just as impressive

cheap halloween decoration house entrance inside use pumpkins as flower pot

Keep it simple and elegant with small elements and seasonal colors

spooky halloween decoration house entrance autumn flowers decoration ideas

Human-sized skeletons for a spooky atmosphere in the house

Halloween decoration house entrance hallway autumn decoration with pumpkins pictures

Or why not use the witch costume as Halloween decorations in the entryway?

pumpkin autumn decoration pictures halloween decoration house entrance inside

Elegant decoration with pumpkins in different colors

Apartment decorate in autumn ideas cheap halloween decoration home entrance