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Halloween crafts with toilet rolls: simple and quick DIY projects for kids!

The spooky season is here and Halloween crafts are a great way to celebrate with your kids! However, are you worried that doing an artsy activity with your kids might be too difficult? If so, rest assured that these easy Halloween craft ideas for kids that we’ve compiled for you will delight you! In this list, we focus on crafts that can be made with a discarded toilet paper roll – an item that everyone surely has at home. You can craft with toilet rolls for Halloween and delight your kids and the whole family with lots of fun DIY projects!

Bat craft for children

For Halloween craft with toilet rolls and make a fun autumn decoration with the kids

Materials needed:

Colored card stock or construction paper
Roll of toilet paper

Download and print the bat template


  • Download and print the bat template above. Cut out all the parts of the template.
  • Cut the toilet paper roll in half with the scissors.
  • Glue the back of the black rectangle to the half toilet paper roll. This is the body of the bat .
  • Then glue the fangs to the top of the red mouth with the pointy ends facing down.
  • Glue the mouth to the bottom of the black toilet paper roll.

Try this fun bat craft for kids

  • Use the stencil eyes or googly eyes and attach them to the top center of the paper roll.
  • Attach the ears to the top, inner part of the toilet paper roll.
  • Use the glue stick to add glue to the center of the bat wings, then press the wings to the back of the bat body.

Halloween crafts with toilet rolls: Yarn Monster

Crafting with toilet rolls for Halloween - easy and quick DIY projects for kids

You will need:

Toilet paper rolls
clear, drying glue
wool (or yarn)
googly eyes
feathers (optional)
other decorations (optional)


  • Coat the outside of the toilet paper roll roughly with glue.
  • Wrap wool or yarn around the outside of the toilet paper roll. (It doesn’t have to be neat.) Put an extra dab of glue on the end of the yarn to make it stick.
  • Glue on googly eyes – as many as you like!
  • Roughly coat the top inside of the roll with the glue. Glue on feathers or cut wool as hair.
  • Add any other decorations you like! This is how fun Halloween crafts can be with toilet rolls!

Make your own Frankenstein

You can make Frankenstein for Halloween with your kids

Materials needed:

Green construction paper
Black construction paper
White construction paper
Roll of toilet paper
Black marker
Glue stick


  • Cut a green paper strip the width of the toilet paper roll and glue it on.
  • Cut a strip of black paper for the hair and cut out a hair pattern on one long edge.
  • Glue the hair around the top edge of the toilet paper roll.
  • Cut two white circles for the eyes and glue them on.
    Use some of the leftover pieces of the black strip and make eyebrows out of them. Glue the eyebrows on top of the eyes.
  • Draw the eyes in the white circles, a mouth, a nose and Frankenstein’s famous scar on his forehead with the black marker.
  • Decorate a mantel with him or have him sit on your window sill!

Monster mobiles for kids from daycare

Easy DIY project for monster mobiles for kids from daycare center

What you need:

Clour rolls
Pipe cleaners
Googly eyes
Craft foam
Paint (purple, black, green, and orange are perfect for Halloween)

Monster mobiles craft:

  • First, have your children paint the toilet paper rolls. Show them how to hold the tube by sticking a few fingers inside. This way they can easily paint the whole tube without getting too much paint on their hands.
  • When the paint is dry, poke a hole in one of the two sides of the cardboard tube (with a pencil or skewer) and stick the pipe cleaner through it, creating a pair of bendable arms.
  • Have your child glue on a bunch of googly eyes. The more eyes, the sillier the monster.
  • While your child is gluing the eyes onto his monster, you can cut out the mouths from craft foam. A jagged set of teeth is easy to cut out, but you can get as creative as you like with your monster’s mouths.
  • Once the glue is dry, your kids can play with the monsters as they are, or they can string them together to make a mobile. To make our monster mobile, you can attach a loop of yarn under each pipe cleaner, run it through the inside of the toilet paper roll, and knot it there. Then attach the yarn to several monsters, gather them together and arrange them into a mobile, staggering the monsters so that they hung at different lengths.