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Funny pumpkin face carving and painting: cool ideas as an alternative to the scary pumpkin face

Traditionally, the faces on the pumpkins are scary, but time change and so for years you can find alternatives and among them funny pumpkin faces. If you too want to go more for humor this year for Halloween, you can get inspired by our funny pumpkin faces. Whether you just draw them on or take it a step further and carve them, they’re guaranteed to be the highlight of your Halloween decorations for the entryway.

Carve funny pumpkin faces – Try these ideas!

Funny pumpkin faces to make with different accessories

If you have the desire and talent, you can carve really funny pumpkin faces directly into the pumpkin. And to look interesting, it doesn’t have to be anything particularly complicated either. With the help of carving templates, for example, even beginners can easily conjure up cool faces in the pumpkin. Here are a few ideas in varying degrees of difficulty.

Craft fancy eyes for funny pumpkin faces

Cool ideas for creative and funny eyes for the pumpkin for Halloween

Cut out funny mouths from any pumpkins you like. You can add teeth or not as you like. In fact, what makes these pumpkin carvings so funny are more the eyes. Hollow them out and put, for example, white lids on which you have previously painted pupils, or take mini decorative pumpkins instead. The crazier the look, the better! Or how about star anise as eyes and a mustache made from maple seeds and pumpkin stems as horns?

Artificial fingernails as teeth

Butternut with teeth from artificial fingernails

You can use a wide variety of tools to create funny pumpkin faces. For example, if carving teeth is too cumbersome, you can stick artificial fingernails into the edge of the cut-out mouth, as in this example. Crooked and crooked it may be, of course! And you can also design the mouth shape as you wish. The pupils of the eyes here are made of black sequins.

Make funny pumpkin faces yourself – Friendly look with funny hairstyle

Cute face for the pumpkin and hair from lollies

Carve a simple, smiling face (as in the example with only one tooth, for example) and as a finishing touch, add lots of lollipops to serve as hair. For this purpose, just stick them through the pumpkin. If this is too difficult because the shell is so hard, you can also pre-punch holes. The kids can then take the lollipops with them on their Halloween outing.

Punker do it yourself with lollipops and piercing

Or how about this cool punk made from elongated lollipops for a mohawk? Wire can be used to form piercings.

Choose a pumpkin motif from an animated movie

Funny pumpkin faces - cut Mickey Mouse out of artificial pumpkins

So, it doesn’t always have to be scary. Therefore, any cartoon characters are also perfectly suitable. For example, the heroes from Frozen are very popular, but simpler variants like Mickey Mouse are also super suitable. In the example you can see an artificial pumpkin, but even with a real one Mickey’s face can be carved wonderfully. Especially original are the ears: they are made of smaller pumpkins, for which you can use either artificial (just glue them) or small decorative pumpkins . Real pumpkins you can pin, for example, with skewers of shish kebab.

Funny pumpkin faces carve instead of carving

Funny pumpkin faces carving without template for Halloween

A simpler alternative to carving is carving. Here you just scrape the upper, darker layer from the pumpkin to get the desired motif. There are special tool sets for pumpkin carving, which should include a suitable tool. You can also draw the grimace you want on the surface beforehand to make scraping easier.

Three cool pumpkin face ideas to make for beginners

Ideas for funny pumpkin faces - Dracula, face mask paint and fallen face

For Count Dracula, choose an oblong pumpkin and carve out the mouth, eye sockets and eyebrows. From the cut out flesh, cut out two circles for the eyes and add any pupils. The teeth can again be made of fingernails or cardboard. It’s also interesting to make Dracula’s hood out of another pumpkin in a darker color.

A really fun and simple idea for funny pumpkin faces is also this one with the face mask, for which you don’t even necessarily have to carve. Paint a circle with acrylic paint, leaving out the areas for the mouth and nose. Instead of eyes, use cucumber slices that you can pin with toothpicks, for example. A great addition is also a bandana or alternatively a shower cap.

The third idea is also really original and fun. For this, hollow out the pumpkin and cut out the front part, so to speak, the face (leave a few teeth if you like). To this face you then add any grimace. The funny part comes now: hang artificial eyeballs inside the pumpkin and lean the “fallen off” face against the pumpkin head so that it is also visible.

Add humorous elements to pumpkin face.

Creepy and funny at the same time - fill the mouth or create a tongue

If you make the mouth a little bigger, you can clamp a small pumpkin or a tangerine between them, as if the pumpkin would bite. You can also shape a large tongue from the shell and place it in the open mouth.

Put decorative pumpkin in the mouth of the carved pumpkin

For Halloween make jack-o’-lanterns in the shape of owls

Funny pumpkin faces without carving templates - owls easy to make yourself