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Easy Halloween makeup ideas 2022: You can copy these cool makeup ideas effortlessly!

Good, simple Halloween makeup ideas, a reliable black eyeliner, a face paint kit and a steady hand are really all you need to conjure up a spooky or cute makeup look. Whether you want to make up as a joker or hold back with a little vampire blood, we’ve put together a great selection of Halloween makeup to suit every need and level. Here you’ll find the coolest, scariest and trendiest Halloween makeup ideas for your 2022 celebrations.

Easy and quick Halloween make-up ideas 2022: Werewolf

Easy quick Halloween makeup ideas 2022 - Werewolf

Countless makeup artists have created their own version of werewolf makeup looks with special effects makeup, but you can also easily transform yourself into a werewolf with products from your own collection. A great tip to achieve the look is to use a combination of concealer and eye shadow to create the furry contours of your face.

Cool Halloween makeup: cute ghosts.

Cool Halloween makeup - cute ghosts

To recreate this cheerful and oh-so adorable ghost look, you should first apply your foundation, concealer and eyebrow gel as usual. Then, grab an eyeliner and white makeup color. Start with small ghosts near the corner of your mouth and gradually add more shapes and sizes to your face. Remember: have fun with these ghosts! This look is not about perfection.

Once the white makeup color has dried, pick up your black eyeliner to paint on the ghosts’ eyes and mouth. Finally, apply a black lipstick on the lips to complete your look.

Make up beautiful, red sugar skull yourself for Halloween

Beautiful red sugar skull make up yourself for Halloween

Sugar skulls are a significant part of Mexican culture. For this look, it’s best to start with the eyes. Use black and gray eyeshadow to create a dark, smoky base, followed by black eyeliner. Paint two red circles around each eye, filling them in with color and being careful not to smudge your black eyeshadow. Use the black makeup color from the set to create the nose, the patterns and the mouth. Finally, outline the red circles with red self-adhesive rhinestones to give them a touch of glamour.

Halloween Makeup Ideas 2022: Pennywise the Clown

Halloween Makeup Ideas 2022 - Pennywise the Clown

Stephen King’s creepy character Pennywise the Clown has been instilling fear in youth (and probably adults) since the 1980s. Although the killer clown didn’t make his thrilling cinematic comeback until 2017, Pennywise hasn’t been out of our heads since the debut of the original film. For the creepy clown makeup that this look focuses on, you should use red eyeshadow instead of face paint. With eyeshadow, you can blur and fade the edges of the bold lines on your face, which leaves much less room for mistakes.

Quick Halloween makeup – Tinkerbell

Quick Halloween makeup - Tinkerbell

You don’t have to be sprinkled with a little fairy dust to look like Tinkerbell . You can transform into one of your favorite Disney characters with just a simple eye makeup look. A Halloween look that can be achieved in three steps is what we call magic. Use a white eyeshadow primer under green eyeshadow to make it stand out. Use a white kohl to outline the wings first and then fill them in with white makeup color. Add glitter eyeshadow to make it pop and sparkle.

Scary and beautiful make-up idea: 3-D spider.

Scary and beautiful idea - 3D spider

You can paint scary realistic spider on your face with clever eyeshadow techniques. You can make it look like it’s coming out of your eye or even from your lips. If you have black lipstick, kohl or eyeshadow in your collection – along with some glitter and highlighter – you can definitely master this task. Just make sure you pay special attention to the shadows, as they are the key to making this look as realistic (and unsettling) as possible.

Weeping heart as one of the easy Halloween makeup ideas 2022.

Weeping heart as one of the easy Halloween makeup ideas 2022

For this heartbreakingly beautiful facial expression, use creamy makeup pencils (or any other pigments you have in your arsenal) to draw a large heart in the center of your face. Then, simply shade it and add the other effects, like the winged eyeliner and white lip accents.

Make up sunflower scarecrow

Halloween make-up ideas 2022 - sunflower scarecrow make-up yourself

This Halloween makeup look has nothing to do with the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, but it’s still stunning. We know you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to pull out your favorite straw hat from summer and dungarees from your closet. Do the look yourself by dampening the eyeshadow before applying.

Light makeup – do it yourself vampire look.

Easy makeup - do it yourself vampire look

Get out the fake blood. You don’t have to be a pro to pull off this vampire look. You can also use red lipstick. After all, it wouldn’t be Halloween without a classic vampire costume. Make it a bit more glamorous by recreating this vampire makeup idea with smoky eyes and red lips.

The creepy Joker as a makeup idea for Halloween.

The creepy joker as a makeup idea for Halloween

There are several ways to make up the Joker. The DC Comics character has a look all his own, but this version is kind of creepy and beautiful at the same time. The addition of green temporary hair dye is an affordable but effective addition.