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Easy Halloween costumes for kids to make yourself: Fascinate your little ones with these great DIY ideas!

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to get creative! Of course, you can go for store-bought costumes. But when it comes to Halloween costumes for kids, we love to flex our creative muscles this time of year and come up with something unique. You can make simple Halloween costumes for kids yourself and here we show you some great ideas!

DIY Gingham Witches Halloween Costumes

Easy Halloween costumes for kids to make yourself -Fascinate your little ones with these great DIY ideas


Gingham fabric
Ribbon or string
Strips of black eyelet fabric
Witch hat

How to make the costumes:

  • Cut two 80-inch by 50-inch rectangles from black and white gingham fabric. Sew the ends together, leaving armholes at the top of the rectangle.
  • Fold the top of the fabric over and sew a channel, leaving a one-inch opening. Thread a ribbon or string through the channel. Pull on the ribbon to bundle it at the top.
  • Cut a 25 x 95-inch strip of black eyelet fabric. Sew a hand stitch along the edge of one of the long sides. Leave a knot at one end and pull the string on the other side to create a gathering. Pin the costume to the back or add a snap.
  • Finish with witch hats.

Star Wars Obi-Wan Costume

It's so easy to make a Star Wars Obi-Wan costume for Halloween


Inexpensive faux leather or knit fabric.


  • Cut the fabric into a rectangle according to the child’s measurements. Use the existing edges to make everything straight and even. For the knit vest, we recommend adding a few more inches to the width (shoulders) if you have enough fabric. It will be easier to drape and wrap.
  • Fold the rectangle in half, with the short ends together, and mark the center of the rectangle.
  • Cut a line down the center of the rectangle to the marked center, along the longest part of the garment. Cut a small oval shape for the neck at the fold of the rectangle.
  • Then cut a strip of fabric about 5 to 8 inches wide and as long as twice the circumference of your child’s waist. This is the belt.
  • You are pretty much done! You don’t need to hem, because knit and faux leather don’t fray.
  • Put the vest on your child and tie it tightly. Trim the belt as desired. You may need to play around with the placement a bit to get it to look just right. The knit vest is a little easier to work with than the leather vest.

Easy Halloween costumes for kids: rag doll.

Easy Halloween costumes for kids - cute and funny rag doll

You will need:

Yarn in the color of your choice, cut to the desired length
strips of felt (25 x 5 cm)
a pair of scissors
embroidery thread or yarn
2 hair combs per wig

Here’s how to make a simple wig from yarn with a center parting:

  • Gather the yarn and find the center. Using your felt strip as a backing, start sewing small sections with a back stitch. The area you sew together will be your center part.
  • Continue sewing small sections until you reach the end of the felt strip. Once it is finished, turn it over. Starting from the same place where you started sewing on the yarn, sew a comb on the “front” of the wig. After you’ve attached the comb, trim the ends of the wig and try it on! To complete the cute look , you can style the wig with braids, pigtails, bows and flowers! Dress your child up in a fun outfit and make sure they are overstuffed with bows, aprons, tights and cute details. Have fun!

Bride of Frankenstein

A costume of the bride of Frankenstein you can easily make yourself for a girl


60 x 75 centimeters -Black poster board.
Filling made of polyester fibers
White sheer curtain
White fleece lined long johns
Black spray paint
Spray adhesive
White cheesecloth
Hot glue gun


  • For the wig base, measure and cut a 20 x 75 centimeter piece of poster board; wrap it around the child’s head, over the ears, to measure the fit. Overlap the ends and glue them together.
  • Glue the hair made of filler cotton to the base.
  • Cut two zigzag strips of white paper; glue them to the wig with spray adhesive. Paint the entire wig with black spray paint; let dry. Remove zigzag paper strips.
  • Cut the curtain in half crosswise so that one piece is about 5 inches shorter than the other. Cut jagged edges on the undersides of both pieces.
  • Lay the two pieces on top of each other, with the longer piece on top, and fold them crosswise in half. Cut a hole in the center of the folded edge large enough for the child’s head to make a dress.
  • Dress the child in long johns, socks, and shoes. Then put the dress on the child.
  • Pull the gauze from one shoulder to the other and then across the front of the dress. Tie the dress with jagged strips of drape at each shoulder to form a gathers.
  • Tie extra pieces of gauze to the shoulder ties so they drape along the dress, and use a gauze strip to belt the dress.

DIY Peter Pan Halloween Costume

Try this DIY Peter Pan Halloween costume to make yourself


green fleece
large paper to create the pattern
sewing machine
tape measure
red feather


  • Create your pattern by tracing an existing garment. Cut out the back piece using the pattern as a guide. Set aside.
  • Cut your paper pattern in half. It’s going to be a wrap dress/tunic, so cut the front piece from half of the pattern. Add an extra 13 – 15 inches on the straight side before cutting. This way the edges will be longer and can be wrapped around the body.
  • Sew the edges together with the cutouts. Sew the shoulders together as well.
  • To make the sleeves themselves, measure the inside of the armhole. Cut a rectangle that length (as wide as you want) and sew it around the armhole. Make sure your seam is on the inside of the dress.
  • Once the sleeves are attached, cut triangles around the sleeves and the bottom of the dress.
  • For the hat, measure from the child’s forehead to the back of their head. Cut two triangles with curved bottoms from the fleece and sew them together, leaving the bottom open. Turn the right side out and cut out two notches for the feather. This is how creative you can be and make simple Halloween costumes for kids themselves that kids will love!