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Decorate flower box for Halloween: Outdoor ideas that anyone can quickly replicate

The night before All Saints’ Day is approaching again with big steps. Now is the right time to surprise the friends and visitors with a creative, spooky or simply playful Halloween decorations. Those who are among the lucky owners of a house, decorate the entrance to the house and the garden. The others embellish the balcony. In today’s post, we will explain how to decorate your autumn planted flower box for Halloween.

Decorate flower box for Halloween with pumpkins

flower box for Halloween decorate pumpkins with mask

Jack-O’Lantern is the name given in English-speaking countries to the lantern made of carved pumpkin. On the night of All Saints’ Day, people traditionally light the candle in the lantern. The Halloween custom actually originated in Ireland, but immigrants brought it to North America. Nowadays, Jack enjoys great popularity.

Lighting a candle is out of the question, especially for outdoor areas and flower boxes – the risk of fire is simply too high. But this does not mean that you have to completely abandon a Jack figurine. A homemade carnival mask and a witch’s hat will transform the pumpkins into spooky Jack-O’Lantern silhouettes.

Halloween decoration ideas with carved pumpkins DIY

Another variation is to buy clay lanterns and paint them with the kids. This is guaranteed to increase anticipation for the holiday and then you’ll have ready-made Halloween decorations in your basement next year. Simply arrange the decorative pumpkins among the autumn plants in the flower box. A polyester spider web (inhabited by giant-sized plastic spiders, of course) will add the finishing touch to the decoration.

Witch legs as a decoration in the flower box.

witch legs in autumn flower box decorating ideas to make yourself

You do not need to fill the flower box with spooky decorations. Sometimes less is more: choose a decoration that you can attractively put in the autumn planted balcony box. Like, for example, striped witch’s legs. Fun, quick and super effective – this Halloween decoration is guaranteed to earn you compliments.

Decorate empty flower box for Halloween

quick Halloween decoration for outside with pumpkin and raven figures

If the flower box is empty, then you can let your imagination run wild when decorating. Fill the box with straw and small branches. Arrange a variety of ornamental pumpkins. Cut raven silhouettes out of black clay cardboard and make Halloween flower pins.

Halloween decoration for outside flower box with raven figures and fairy lights spooky

Alternatively, fill the balcony box with dried and fabric flowers. Drape a string of waterproof lights (should be suitable for outdoor use). Decorate the spooky ensemble with raven figurines from the craft store and a few large spiders – and the Halloween decoration is ready.

Halloween decoration with the kids

Scarecrow figure in the flower box to put Halloween

The flower box offers the perfect opportunity to craft a creative Halloween decoration with the kids. How about a scarecrow? You can fold the hat from crepe paper and decorate it with an autumn leaf. For the head, use a golf ball on which the kids can paint the scarecrow’s face. You still need a shish kebab for the body and fabric scraps for the clothes. Done!

Make your own wooden witch hat for outdoors

Or you can cut out a witch hat from wood. It is best to cut several details from wood and glue them together. Then you can paint the witch hat with the children as you like. It is best to use acrylic paints, they are quick and easy to apply. You can also use them to stamp various motifs and geometric figures on the wood. Acrylic paints have good opacity and dry very quickly. So it’s a good idea to have acrylic paints for crafts of all kinds.

A few spooky ideas for the outdoors

Halloween decoration with spider web for balcony box do it yourself

With spider web from the craft store and skulls any balcony box will look spooky. If the box is already planted, try not to cover it completely. The plants may rot otherwise. Let your creativity run wild and combine different decorative figures.

Pumpkin lantern for outside do it yourself

Or put lantern on the windowsill and drape fairy lights between them. When designing the flower box, however, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Make sure that the flower box with the decoration is not too heavy. The decorative items should not be able to slip and hurt passers-by or family members, for example, even in strong winds. If you use fairy lights or LED candles, make sure they are suitable for outdoor use.

creepy Halloween decoration with spiders and tombstones in the flower box

A spooky outdoor decoration will put you right in the “trick or treat” mood. Surprise the family with a cool flower box for Halloween. Or craft cute ghost silhouettes, “tombstones” or raven figurines together for the holiday. Hang garlic against vampires and decorate the whole thing with large spiders made of fabric. Ready is the spooky-cheerful Halloween decoration, which is guaranteed to earn you compliments from the neighbor kids. Have fun crafting – start early so that the decoration for 2022 can decorate the flower box longer.