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Costume cat for girls – Easy tutorial for a cute children’s costume cat.

fancy dress costume cat girl top face mask ears do it yourself

If you are looking for a suitable Halloween or carnival costume for your little girl, then you have landed on the right place. Children like to dress up as animals for different occasions. Small, cute kittens are especially popular with girls. That’s why adolescents like to slip into a beautiful cat costume. Below we will show you how easy you can create a cute costume cat for girls.

Children’s costume cat for carnival or Halloween make yourself.

costume cat girl parts top face mask ears

The costume cat for girls consists of the following three parts:

Long sleeve shirt with tail
Face mask
Hairband with ears

For this carnival cat costume you need the following materials:

Long sleeve shirt
Felt wool
Pillow filling
White clay paper
Glittery rhinestones for gluing on
White sewing thread
Rubber band
Template cat mask
Ballpoint pen

Instructions for the costume cat for girls

costume cat girl children make top tail face mask ears hair hoop

Here’s how to put together the cute animal disguise:

For the homemade cute costume cat for girls, you first need a long-sleeved shirt. This can be an old and unusable top. Preferable colors are white, black, gray, brown, orange or beige.

costume cat girl long sleeve shirt felt pink diy carnival

Combine the selected long-sleeved shirt with a piece of felt in a matching color, which will serve as fur for the cat’s tummy.

long sleeve shirt felt oval sew on cat costumes for kids

Cut out the felt in the shape of an oval.

Use sewing thread and needle to sew the felt piece to the top.

carnival costume cat felt long sleeve blouse sleeves sew on

To make the sleeves fit and imitate the fur on the cat’s paws, use felt wool or a fluffy scarf. Attach the felt wool to the hem of the sleeves.

Cut two strips of the material and sew them together.

sock felt tail carnival costume cat girl diy instructions

Use an old and unusable sock to make the tail out of it. Sew some felt wool to the tip.

Fill the sock with pillow stuffing.

costume cat girl tail sock stuffing absorbent cotton

Then sew the finished tail in the lower part to the back of the top.

kids cat costume self make stencil create cat face

Paint a stencil cat face mask and cut it out.

Draw the outline of the mask on white clay paper and cut out the cat face.

Glue the template on the clay paper and reshape the edges if necessary.

costume cat girl make yourself cat face cut out decorate

Using a ballpoint pen, make two holes in the eyes and two on both sides of the mask for the rubber band.

cat costume girl make face mask cut out template

Then cut out the eyes.

mask cat face make clay paper stencil rubber band costume cat girl

Attach glittery rhinestones around the eyes, or wherever else you like.

Thread the elastic through the holes and knot it closed.

ears draw cut out hair hoop cat costume girl halloween carnival

Draw elongated ears on the white clay paper and cut them out.

paper cut out ears shape hair hoop costume cat girl

Cut off the bottom corners of the little ears so that you can attach them to the headband more easily later.

cat costume carnival halloween hair hoop ears felt paper

Now cut out small triangles from the pink felt and glue onto the ears.

costume cat girl hairband ears paper

Then glue the ears to the headband by attaching the excess paper to the back of the ears.

skirt craft fabric strips rubber band costume cat girl

Now tear a pink fabric into strips for the skirt.

cat costume for kids girl longsleeve skirt tail leggings

Finally, tie one end of the fabric strips to the elastic band.