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Carving pumpkins for Halloween with templates: free carving templates and tips for cool jack-o’-lanterns

October 31 is approaching and it’s already time to start the great pumpkin carving. The glowing jack-o’-lanterns are the symbol of the spooky holiday and are supposed to drive away the evil spirits on Halloween. If you have already bought the pumpkins, then maybe the only thing missing is the right idea. With our templates you can carve a cool or scary pumpkin and create your own decoration for the festival. What do you want it to be?

So easy you can carve pumpkin with templates

How to carve Halloween pumpkin with template instructions

Whether it’s a spooky grimace, an evil witch or a fun, playful motif, you can create really great Halloween pumpkins with the right template. And for those of us who can’t paint at all, this is a great help. But how to transfer the template to the pumpkin? We summarize the simple steps, as well as a few useful bonus tips, below.

First, scroll through our image gallery and choose a template. Download the template and print it out. Then proceed as follows:

  1. Wash the pumpkin and pat dry.
  2. Remove the lid and scoop out the insides. Tip: Instead of discarding the pumpkin seeds along with the pulp, you can recycle them while trying out different recipes!
  3. Attach the template to the pumpkin with tape or carefully with pins.
  4. Poke several holes along the lines with a thick needle.
  5. Remove the template.
  6. Carve the pumpkin according to the pre-made pattern.

Note: Our templates have the black parts removed. For an even more interesting effect, you can also engrave some parts of the designs by removing only the top part of the pumpkin shell.

Free carving templates to print

Create scary pumpkin faces with free templates

On Halloween, anyone can slip into any role and be someone else for a day. But not only with the costumes, but also with the decorations you can rely on different motifs.

For pumpkin carving, scary pumpkin faces are the classic par excellence. But funny grimaces also enjoy great popularity. Spooky ghosts and evil witches and monsters would also be a good idea for decorating this year’s pumpkins.

Although Halloween is the day of fright, surely no parents want to scare their kids so much that they have nightmares. For those who want to celebrate a non-creepy Halloween, we’ve also provided some cute carving templates.

Keep scrolling and pick out one or more motifs!

Non-scary motifs are a great choice for toddlers

Disney Tinkerbell Pumpkin Template

Cute Pumpkin Carving Tinkerbell Template

Paw carving template printable

Carving template paw for non scary pumpkins for Halloween

Cat motif for Halloween pumpkin

Pumpkin carving template with cat motif

Design pumpkin as an owl

Cute Owl Eyes Template To Carve

An evil or creepy grimace always goes for Halloween

Pumpkin Evil Carving Template Printable

The American classic – Jack-o’-lantern

Classic jack-o'-lantern craft carving template for pumpkin face

Evil pumpkin face print out for carving

Free Halloween Pumpkin Face Template

Vampire jack-o’-lantern template

Pumpkin carving with vampire motif template printable

Carve pumpkin face with sewn up mouth

Pumpkin face with stitch mouth carving template

Scary pumpkin face carving template

Evil Pumpkin Face Template Print Out

Funny pumpkin faces also look really great

Pumpkin To Halloween Carving Free Template Grimace

Grin Template Printable

Funny Pumpkin Face Template Printable Halloween

Carve a smiling pumpkin with this template

Smiling face on pumpkin carving template

Spider and spider web templates for pumpkin carving

Creepy Spider Carving Template Printable

A lantern with spider web creates great light effects

Spider web template to carve on pumpkin

Pumpkin carving with witches templates

Witch on witch broom carving template for Halloween

Witch hat template

Witch hat template to carve

Cool carving templates – ghost, dragon, bat and owl

Ghost Pumpkin Template To Carve

Spooky Halloween pumpkin carving

Print out template and carve pumpkin ghost

* For this template, remove the white parts inside the circle.

Jack-o’-lantern with dragon template

Dragon Pumpkin Carving Template Printable

Bats go well with Halloween

Bat template for Halloween carving free print out

Carve the pumpkin with an evil owl

Owl carving template for Halloween pumpkins