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Grow roses: make the flowers last long with candle remnants and conjure up beautiful decorations with wax roses!

Its delicate, fragrant flowers are the reason why it is called the queen of flowers. The rose has become a symbol of eternal love. Whether given as a gift in a bouquet or as a cut flower from your own garden, everyone looks forward to a bouquet of roses and naturally wants to marvel at it for longer. A good way to make the flowers last for a long time is to use candle wax. We explain how to wax the roses and what you should consider when covering them.

Growing roses: instructions for beautiful wax flowers

DIY decoration ideas with wax roses

You want to admire the fresh cut flowers for a long time or preserve the romantic bridal bouquet? We explain how you can grow roses and preserve them for a long time. You will need the following materials:

  • Candle wax or candle remnants (but not colored wax).
  • an empty tin or jam jar
  • an old pot that you can use for melting wax
  • the cut flowers
  • empty disposable bottles (one bottle per flower)
  • wooden shish kebabs

Make your own wax roses: step-by-step instructions

melt the wax on a water bath

1. lay out the work surface

First, line the work surface with plastic wrap. This will help prevent the hot wax from dripping off the flowers and damaging the work surface.

2. trim the stems of the cut flowers, remove leaves just below the flowers.

The roses should have long stems, so by all means do not cut off the flowers. However, you should remove all the leaves directly under the flowers. Use only fresh cut flowers , you can not cover withered roses with wax – the flowers will simply fall off.

3. melt the candle wax in a water bath.

Now you can put the wax in the can. Fill the pot to a third with water and heat it. Then carefully place the tin in the pot and let the candle wax melt in the water bath. While doing this, reduce the heat, because the wax begins to melt already at 40 degrees Celsius. However, its temperature must not exceed 60 degrees Celsius in any case, otherwise there is a risk of fire. It is best to measure the temperature and when the thermometer indicates 50 degrees Celsius, remove the container from the pot. Stir the wax well with a shish kebab, it should have a liquid consistency. The jar or jam jar should be 75% full of liquefied wax.

put roses in wax and then let them pot up

4. color the wax (if desired) and decorate the roses as desired.

If you want to spice up the color of the cut flowers a bit, you can add a few drops of food coloring to the liquefied wax. Of course, then quickly mix the whole thing with a shish kebab. This idea is quite suitable for Halloween: then you can spice up red roses with about black food coloring.

Now is the right time to separate stuck rose petals with the shish kebab skewer and sprinkle with glitter beads or sugar sprinkles if desired. This way you will have beautifully decorated roses (not edible).

How to preserve roses with wax for a long time

5. cover the roses with wax.

Then dip the roses into the melted wax, turning slowly so the flowers are well coated. Then quickly remove and put the stem in a bottle. It is best to let the wax roses drain and harden overnight. Choose a place in the shade, so do not put the bottles directly on the windowsill. A cool room is best.

Preserving flowers with wax: Common mistakes

Putting roses in hot wax will wither them

A common mistake when preserving fresh cut flowers is allowing the melted wax to reach too high a temperature. If you don’t have a candy thermometer, you can test with a rose. If it crumples and deforms, then the wax is too hot.

Another mistake is to leave the wilted leaves on the stem. Remove wilted, because it will fall off after dipping anyway.

Whether you remove the rose stems after canning or not doesn’t really matter. The wax roses can’t evaporate water and will stay fresh longer. Even if they start to wilt after about three weeks, the leaves will not fall off. First, the petals in the center wither.

Preserving roses: What is the shelf life of cut flowers?

display preserved roses with succulents

Wax roses are ready and great for staging along with other natural materials. They look like fresh flowers. But then the question arises, “How long does a wax rose last?” Unfortunately, wax flowers are not made to last forever. They usually last around a month, but retain their beautiful colors all the time. So if you want to make the bouquet last for a long time, it is better to dry it.

Safety measures when handling wax roses: never place the roses near the heater, oven, fireplace and other sources of heat. Wax is highly flammable material. Also, when melting from the candle wax, you should pay great attention and be very careful.