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Garden party in winter – Helpful tips for a successful outdoor celebration.

In summer temperatures, a celebration in the countryside is simply part of it. It’s different in autumn and winter: As soon as it gets rainy and uncomfortable outside, a barbecue party with friends and family doesn’t seem very appealing. But why not use the beautiful winter flair for a successful day? The following tips reveal how to host a memorable celebration in cooler temperatures.

Garden party in winter – make the right preparations

Garden party in winter invite friends and celebrate outside

Even more so than in the summer, it seems important to comprehensively prepare a winter outdoor celebration when temperatures are cold. It is crucial to still create a feel-good ambiance for guests that encourages them to stay.

1. First of all, it is important to pay attention to the right lighting for a garden party. Since it tends to be dusk in the winter months, it’s nice to provide atmospheric lighting. Solar lamps as well as LED spotlights spread a cozy and warm mood in the greenery. Completely without electricity, brightness can be created with atmospheric torches or tea lights.

Garden party in winter tips around the organization

2. to defy the cold, different methods come into consideration. If the garden is small in area, natural fire columns and fire bowls can be used as heat sources. In larger gardens, electric radiant heaters are suitable, especially for the patio area. These mobile heaters are advantageous because they can be moved quickly if necessary. 3.

3. because some guests spend a lot of time sitting at an atmospheric garden party, they start to shiver more quickly. So even with the heaters set up, having several wool blankets ready is essential. Here, the blankets not only protect from the cold, but also contribute to the cozy mood.

Garden party in winter: Colorful decorating

Garden party in winter lighting with lanterns and fairy lights

According to a garden study published by the Monheim Institute, the willingness to decorate the outdoor area attractively increases in spring. Not rarely on the other hand in the winter due to the cold one proceeds to neglect garden decoration. Thereby colorful tablecloths and other decorations brighten up dreary minds immediately. A quick way to redecorate is, for example, with the help of ideas from jubeli’s magazine Oilcloth DIY.

Choose a theme for the winter garden party and dress appropriately

Because in addition to being used as a weatherproof tablecloth, oilcloths bring with them other versatile uses. For example, a child-friendly pennant chain, which can be attached as a weatherproof alternative to the fabric chain in winter. Here, the triangles are to be sewn together with a sewing machine according to a pattern. Then it is convenient to interlace the finished triangles in the bias tape and hang them. Hanging in frosty temperatures, such a chain can delight children playing. In addition to this creative decoration idea, coated cotton fabrics can be used to make weatherproof seat cushions. Such cushions, together with cheerful-looking garden tablecloths, act as visual eye-catchers in outdoor areas. To add special touches, beautiful patterns such as plants and flowers automatically bring spring feelings. Their serene, positive vibe helps make it cozy with a glass of wine outside during a winter celebration.

However, it is important to make sure to purchase water-resistant decorations from the very beginning. In an emergency, this does not need to be replaced. Furthermore, fairy lights or lanterns can also be used as garden decorations regardless of the season.

Equipping the garden for winter

Garden party in winter barbecue and prepare coffee for guests

Even in winter, more and more people have a profound need to spend time in nature, according to the forecast of the Future Institute. Therefore, it should be remembered to equip the garden for winter when staying for a long time. In order to be prepared for all weather-related eventualities, a covered seating area is suitable. Here, the first thing to consider is whether a sun awning or gazebo would be better for your own party. How comfortable or uncomfortable the guests feel is strongly related to the size of the covered area.

Garden party in winter prepare and serve mulled wine

Sometimes a rich buffet must also fit under the protective roof. In any case, the area should be large enough to have room to walk by. Those who like to use an open pavilion should pay attention to a water-repellent material. As an alternative, a sun sail can be erected. Although it serves first and foremost to protect from the sun, it can also be water-repellent. To allow rain to run off, one corner of the awning should be lower than the other.

No less important than a canopy seems to protect the garden furniture from severe weather conditions. For this purpose, it is appropriate to appropriately cover the garden furniture with a protective cover. Simple drizzle in winter is not problematic for most furniture created from aluminum, plastic or stainless steel. The case is different as soon as heavy frost is to be expected for weeks. Then it can be useful to put the furniture under cover or protect it with a cover until the next party.

Garden party in winter: What catering should not be missing in the cold season

Garden party in winter arrange the garden table appropriately

Every good winter party needs the right food. After all, everyone involved can’t get into a festive mood without being satiated. While light fare is preferred in the summer months, it can be a bit more sumptuous in winter. Many guests swear by delicious turkey breast with pasta salad or roast crust with sauerkraut. But hunger can also be satisfied with simpler meals such as bratwurst. Those who want to make little effort and eat sociably with friends, throw on the grill. Because the winter barbecue is considered quite hip and creates a casual atmosphere. If you don’t eat meat, reach for tasty vegetarian alternatives like a grilled cheese or halloumi. Due to the colder temperatures, it is recommended to serve the meals promptly.

Garden party in winter: Set a heartwarming theme

Garden party in winter offer tasty drinks

The party mood increases significantly with a self-chosen motto. For this purpose, an attractive invitation card can be designed and sent in advance. A few lines should inform the guests in the card which dress code is desired. In rainy weather, rain jackets and rubber boots fit perfectly to the party. In ice and snow, for example, weatherproof clothing in blue or white can be worn. Allowed here is what pleases and sweeten the evening for the visitors.

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