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Effectively аbose weight with mock fasting – All the facts you need to know about the calorie reduction diet, plus guidance.

Effective weight loss is a topic that we are increasingly concerned with, especially in the spring. After all, we want to cut a good figure in the upcoming summer season. A look at the possibilities for weight loss quickly reveals that there are endless choices and new concepts are appearing all the time. We have taken a look for you at a calorie reduction diet from America, which we would like to introduce to you – the mock fasting – or in English – Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD). What exactly this is and whether losing weight effectively with mock fasting is possible, read for yourself.

Lose weight effectively with mock fasting

Mock fasting the calorie reduction diet

Fasting is an ancient health and diet concept, which in many variations, even today, again and again comes into the spotlight. For example, interval fasting has been frequently studied and discussed in recent years. Also known is the water fasting, where only liquid is allowed. However, this rather extreme type of fasting appears in many respects in the modern world, impractical, as it can also become dangerous to health without medical supervision, carried out alone. Mock fasting is the idea of taking advantage of the benefits of fasting for the metabolism, without completely giving up food and risking a yo-yo effect.

How does mimicking fasting work

Effectively lose weight with mock fasting avocado snack

The Fasting Mimicking Diet is a 5-day calorie reduction diet that is repeated periodically, once a month for 3 to 5 months. In this process, certain nutrient amounts of micro and macro nutrients are allowed during these 5 days. The body is thus led to believe that there is no “famine” and therefore the metabolism does not need to slow down, which is a natural physical emergency program in humans.

Instructions for mock fasting

Water always on the menu

Effectively lose weight with mock fasting: the amounts of nutrients to be ingested.

  • On day 1 of the diet 1100 kcal are allowed, the macronutrients should be divided as follows: 11% of calories should be proteins, 46% of calories from fat and 47% of calories from carbohydrates.
  • On days 2 – 5, the calorie limit is 725 calories per day.  The calorie percentages should be 9% protein, 44% fat and 47% carbohydrates.
  • This 5-day diet is repeated every month for 3 to 5 months.
  • It is important to consume a minimum of 2 liters of water on each diet day.
  • During the fasting days you should avoid coffee and caffeinated teas and drinks.

What should you keep in mind?

If you are considering this diet for yourself, it is advisable to consult with your doctor first. For people taking medications, this diet could interfere with the medication. It is important to ensure sufficient fluid intake. If you feel unsure about calculating nutrient proportions, you can consult your doctor, a nutritionist or personal trainer for specific help.

Which foods are allowed for the Fasting Mimicking Diet to be effective?

Mock fasting vegetable soup with herbs

What foods, are allowed within the stated calorie limits? And which foods should you rather avoid? We have compiled a list of examples to help you get an idea of what foods you could combine during the diet days.

Allowed foods

The allowed foods during the fasting phase are vegan, of plant origin and wholesome, that is, not industrially processed, in their pure form. Thus, this diet is also suitable for vegans.

  • Nuts: Macadamia butter, almonds, pumpkin seeds, coconut, flaxseed.
  • vegetable soup: tomato soup, mushroom soup, vegetable soup, and fresh herbs
  • decaffeinated tea: herbal tea, peppermint tea, rosehip tea
  • honey to sweeten sparingly
  • vegetables: kale, olives, spinach
  • food supplements: algae oil for omega-3 fat supply, magnesium and vitamin supplements
  • Plenty of water

Not Allowed

  • industrially processed sugar
  • animal protein
  • gluten
  • lactose
  • Coffee or caffeinated beverages
  • Alcohol

How effective is mock fasting for weight loss and who is it for?

Always provide water

The mock fasting diet was developed and researched by Dr. Valter Longo, a biogerontologist and cell biologist at the University of Southern California. The research results indicate that the mock fasting diet is similar in effectiveness to other fasting diets in many ways. It leads to weight loss, reduces belly fat, lowers cholesterol levels, lowers blood sugar levels and lowers inflammatory processes in the body. It is also said to slow the aging process and boost cell repair. During a study conducted by Dr. Longo, the group that sham fasted for 5 days each for 3 consecutive months lost an average of 3 kg, with the subjects losing proportionally more belly fat. So if you can stick with it consistently and apply this concept for a series of at least 3 consecutive months, you can lose weight effectively with mock fasting.

Fresh herbal tea is allowed mock fasting

Lose weight effectively with mock fasting: Who is it suitable for?

  • This diet is suitable for those who are healthy, want to reduce weight and can handle the model well.

For whom mock fasting is not suitable

  • Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding. In these circumstances, women tend to need more calories, not less.
  • Underweight people and people with nutrient deficiencies can worsen their health, in any case endanger it, by further reducing calories.
  • People with past or existing eating disorders should refrain from this diet, as the food restrictions may trigger an eating disorder again.
  • People with health restrictions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, liver disease, or other chronic conditions should absolutely consult with their physician in advance.
  • Children are in the growth phase and should not be subjected to fasting diets, as this may jeopardize their physical and mental development.

Scheinfasten do not forget to drink

This diet is best suited for people who do not fall into the risk group and can handle this concept well and disciplined. This promises the best possible stamina, the required discipline and therefore the best chance of success. After all, in all weight reduction attempts, you should not give up the joy of life. The most important once again in conclusion: Please do not forget to drink enough water during a fasting diet.