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Window pictures for the spring tinker with children: Beautiful ideas and tips for atmospheric window decoration

Spring has come and the sun is shining again. If you want to bring home some spring mood even on a rainy afternoon, then you can make a beautiful window decoration with the kids themselves. Here we give you a few ideas on how to make colorful window pictures for spring and decorate the window panes with them.

Colorful window pictures for spring with window paints

Window decoration for spring craft with Plusterfarbe

One of the most beautiful and easiest variants for a colorful window decoration are window paints. With them, you can paint any pictures and improve the view. Even a few hours in the afternoon is quite enough to give the windows a completely new look. And the kids will certainly have a lot of fun in the process.

What you need

Colorful window pictures craft spring motifs

All you need to create colorful pictures for the window panes is Window Color and foil. You can either use mobile foil and paint the picture directly on it, or paint the designs on a clear sleeve and then carefully peel it off. Window paints come in convenient bottles that allow you to paint the desired motif without brushes or other tools.

Select the motif, paint the picture and decorate the window.

Spring decoration do it yourself with children flowers and insects stickers

What motifs are suitable for the window pictures for spring? From beautiful spring flowers to small cute insects to colorful butterflies in different sizes, everything is allowed. Just let the imagination run wild and help the kids paint different spring or Easter motifs.

For a better result, you can use a matching template. Simply place it under the foil and first trace the outline with an outline paint. Let the paint dry and then paint with any window paints. The finished pictures will make beautiful decorations for the windows in your child’s room.

Homemade window pictures for spring made of paper.

Window decorations from paper butterflies for spring

Windows are like a blank canvas when you want to decorate them with beautiful pictures. No special stickers or window paints are needed to turn the glass into a colorful picture. Even some small paper crafts are perfect for this. How about these colorful 3D butterflies flying out of the pages of a book? All you need to make these butterflies is a suitable template and some colored paper. Each butterfly consists of two templates, which are glued in the middle and slightly bent. Then it remains only to glue the beautiful butterflies to the window. But what can you use for this?

Flowers with child tinker as window pictures from paper

With the help of double-sided tape, you can stick any paper picture to the windows. Even better is a special window glue, which you can find in any craft store. It leaves no adhesive residue and has a really easy handling.

As for the possible motifs for the pictures, there are no limits to your imagination. For example, you can turn the lower part of the window into a pretty flower meadow, while the upper part can be decorated with flying butterflies, birds and the shining sun.

Craft butterflies from coffee filters as window decorations

How to make coffee filter butterflies tutorial

Things from the household like the commercial coffee filters are just as super suitable for making beautiful window pictures. For this craft project with the kids, you’ll need pipe cleaners cut in half, paper coffee filters, watercolors, paintbrushes and water.

How to make butterflies from coffee filters for colorful window decorations

Here’s how:

  • First, flatten the coffee filter and place it on a plate or newspaper so the paint and water can penetrate.
  • Paint as you like and set aside on paper towels to dry.
  • Fold the halved pipe cleaner in half and fold the coffee filter like an accordion.
  • Then twist the pipe cleaner around the filter to hold it in place (you can use a clothespin instead ).
  • Bend the tips of the pipe cleaners over slightly to form the antennae.
  • Fan out the butterfly wings and attach the butterflies to the window pane.

You can either glue these butterflies directly to the window pane or hang them from the window using fishing line so they float in the air.

Making spring window pictures with transparent paper

Window pictures butterflies with template tinker in the spring

Next to Window Color, tracing paper is perhaps the most popular option for homemade window pictures for spring. It can be decorated in any way and after the finished pictures are placed on the window, they create colorful light effects. How exactly it works, we explain below.

Colorful butterflies from tissue paper as window decoration

For this craft idea you will need extra thick white tracing paper, a template, glue, scissors and colorful trasparent or tissue paper. Alternatively, you can use acrylic paints to paint the white paper.

First, transfer the outer outline of your template to the white tracing paper. Cut or tear off small snippets of different colors from the colored tracing paper. Then coat the inside surface of the design with glue and let the child glue the paper snippets to it. Then let dry briefly and the simple window pictures are ready.

Window pictures for spring craft with transparent paper

Instead of gluing the transparent paper, you can also decorate it with a brush and paint. Then stick it directly to the window to invite spring into the room.

Even if it’s raining outside, these pictures will create more spring atmosphere in your house. Don’t forget to clean your windows before you put the window pictures for spring.