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Weather forecast promises sunshine for the Easter holidays: these are the best activities for Easter 2022

Easter holidays should be spent with family, because Easter is a family celebration. But what can you do this year at the time? The weather forecast looks good so far. It’s almost certain that you’ll manage to hide the Easter eggs outside and maybe go for an outing. Since there will be more sun and little rain, you can spend more time outdoors with your favorite people instead of just staying in your nice living room. That’s why we’ll tell you what activities you can take up for Easter 2022.

Spend time with the family

On Easter holidays you can spend a lot of time with your family

Weather forecasts promise us that on Good Friday there will still be a lot of clouds, but after that it will be sunnier. In the south you can expect temperatures up to 20 degrees, so perfect for pretty much all indoor and outdoor activities. Above all, you should visit your family, whether they live far away or in the same city. You will have enough time to go there. You are always happy when the whole family gathers. Interesting stories are told, good movies are watched and different games are played. Of course, the best thing is when mom cooked numerous goodies that you missed for a long time.

Bake a delicious Easter bread

Bake an Easter bread for the Easter holiday

According to the weather forecast, on Good Friday it will be cloudy and on top of that a few showers are possible. That’s why you could bake a pastry. Easter bread can actually be any of your favorite breads, but with a touch of Easter in the mix. For example, you can make it in the shape of a bunny. But if you want your Easter activities to include traditional Easter bread, here’s a great recipe for it.

Painting Easter eggs when it’s cloudy

Easter 2022 celebration activities - painting and decorating eggs.

Decorating and painting Easter eggs is one of the things you can do on Easter, whether you are an adult or a child. You can simply paint the eggs with your favorite colors, or you can try to decorate them in addition.

Activities for Easter: make decorations

Craft decorations for Easter celebration

For Easter, decorate your house with pastel colors, bunnies, chicks, grass, decorated eggs and much more. It’s always fun to craft with the kids, but there are also some great Easter craft ideas for adults that you’re sure to love.

Read Easter book when it rains

Read an Easter book for relaxation during the Easter holidays

No Easter is complete without a holiday-inspired story. Luckily, there are many great Easter books to choose from. You can relax with a nice book and a cup of coffee in hand when the weather outside isn’t so nice.

Plant flowers in the sun

At Easter you can plant flowers

Spring should start no later than Holy Saturday, because the weather forecasts promise us a lot of sun. And no spring is perfect if our surroundings are not littered with blooming flowers. Whether you only have pots in your house or plenty of space in your garden, the Easter holidays are a great time to plant some beautiful flowers that you’ll soon see blooming.

If you don’t mind getting a little dirty, trade in your sport coat for a pair of blue jeans and have the whole family help plant this year’s garden. Alternatively, give each guest small seedlings to plant and take home.

Go on an Easter egg hunt

What can you do on Easter? Hold an Easter egg hunt

It can be a lot of fun if you host an Easter egg hunt at home, both indoors and out. Hide the decorated eggs and also some chocolate eggs and then watch with pleasure as your children and friends search for them.

Host a dinner or brunch

What can you do for Easter? Organize dinner or brunch

To get together with friends on Easter, you can organize a dinner or brunch. Especially if you couldn’t host the last Christmas dinner, now it’s your turn to shine with an Easter feast. If you want to get a little more creative with your feast, you can check out the many worldwide Easter dinner traditions.

Easter walk as one of the activities for Easter.

What to do for Easter - go for a walk with the family

According to weather forecasts, Easter Sunday should be the best sunny day. Therefore, take time to admire the spring blossoms, whether it is in your street, Easter walk with family or friends, or a walk in the colorful gardens.

Organize activities for Easter – Trip

Weekend trip for Easter is good idea

You can spontaneously organize a small trip and visit, for example, a city that you have never visited until now. Easter holidays are perfect for a nice weekend trip.

Outdoor sports when the sun is shining

In the nice weather on Easter jog in the park

Easter holidays are a time of really good food, that’s why you need a balance. With the nice weather, you can go jogging in the park or go for a bike ride with the whole family.

Activities for Easter – excursions in nice weather

Activities for Easter 2022 - visit zoo

At Easter you can find special programs of many excursion places: for example, in a fun pool, climbing park or planetarium. In many places Easter bonfires are held or you can simply take up a classic activity for Easter: Namely, visit the zoo, because it’s always a good idea and fun for the whole family. Besides, the weather forecasts promise that there will continue to be a lot of sunshine on Easter Monday.

Go to church

On Easter you should go to church

Next to Christmas, Easter is the second holiday on which you should go to church, even if you are not otherwise an active churchgoer. It is an important religious holiday and the services are usually beautiful and full of inspiration for life.